Best Tablets For Online Gaming This Fall

(Last Updated On: October 22, 2022)

Videogames have been mainstream since the 1980s, but mobile gaming has led to it becoming a cross-generational, global day-to-day activity.

While the US market isn’t as big as the Asia Pacific market, it generated over $15bn in 2021, and it is likely to reach half the global PC market based on the current trajectories.

That’s not surprising given around 70% of Americans play games on a mobile device.

There are areas with blurred lines between mobile and other platforms, including cross-platform titles like Minecraft and Among Us.

But the wide base, short-session touchscreen mechanics, and typical revenue combination of microtransactions and advertising in the mobile space, has given rise to some quite different types of games.

These include iGaming, gachapon-type games like Genshin Impact, and endless runners like Temple Run.

Hardware-wise, each gaming genre demands something different.

This is proven by many tech companies which innovate battle-royale games such as PUBG and Apex Legends. They require a constant connection to a human host, meaning they’ll benefit from a chip with the latest 5G and WIFI 6 standards.

A shooter like PUBG Mobile, on the other hand, will be easier with a decent-sized, high-resolution screen with the horsepower to back it up, and quality sound to help rack up some headshots.

With that in mind, here are three devices that will suit gamers this Fall.

1. Apple iPad Pro

Source: BigFireApple


When it comes to mobile tech, Apple simply takes the cake for the most capable devices.

Although the Pro is obviously their best thanks to little things like the speaker setup, truthfully any recent iPad can push out enough high-definition frames on Genshin Impact without too much trouble.

The M1 12.9-inch Pro is of course the most luxurious but might be easier played on a stand or external display than the 11-inch.

Not only is the hardware great, games are often better optimized than on an Android.

The one obvious downside of gaming on iOS is that Apple makes it very difficult to emulate classic games. But if you’re happy only playing titles in the app store or a web browser, they’ve got you covered.

2. Lenovo Legion Y700

Source: Sparrows News


Don’t let the midrange price of this gaming-forward tablet fool you, this thing is built for gaming.

Lenovo has put some real thought into the software to include PC Mode for desktop-style usage, and Beast Mode, which tweaks the graphics to get the maximum performance out of demanding games.

Even without optimizations, the hardware is more than competent enough to keep things running smoothly so you’ll never miss a roll of the roulette table. But you may wonder whether Lenovo took some shortcuts.

Well, at 8.8 inches the screen isn’t the biggest available, and for its size, resolution and color accuracy in this price range, you might want to look at something like the Xiaoxin Pad Pro 2021, which uses the same chipset.

The 6550mAh battery on the Y700 is also not going to blow you away.

However, little things like the speakers being placed where your hands won’t cover them add up to make this a great portable option.

3. Samsung Tab S8 Ultra

Source: Samsung


Unlike the Y700, the S8 has the more recent top-end System on Chip for the best performance.

Something else Samsung always nails is their gorgeous displays, so expect silky smooth 120Hz responsiveness and colors that really pop whether you’re playing Sweet Bonanza or Fortnite on the massive 14.6-inch screen.

The tablet comes with a stylus that could come in handy for drawing games, DS emulation and more, as well as a great camera setup for AR games.

Final Words

Although the tablet market isn’t as heavily saturated as the phone market, we’re not in the doldrums of the mid-2010s anymore.

Interesting developments like the upcoming Google Pixel Tablet are still playing with the form factor, and in terms of capabilities these things are becoming a primary computer for many people.

All this means tablet gaming is the best shape it’s ever been in.

Nowadays the line is blurring between tablets and non-tablets, thanks to a crop of larger handheld consoles with top operating systems, such as the Steam Deck and the AYA line.

The advantage of the above recommendations is that their versatility includes some impressive gaming chops without necessarily centering around just gaming.

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