Gmail has become the most important part of everyone's life, If I say you can use Gmail in a more smart way with some hidden features. Here's how:

In these slides, I'll tell you 7 hidden features of Gmail you must try out to make your email conversation more feasible, error-free, and better than ever.

If you sent mail to someone accidentally or probably found some errors after sending, here Undo option can save you, select undo option just after below the mail.

Send mail mistakenly, Unsend it

Sending same promotional mail to every client not only time consuming but irritating as well, Google allow user to save mail as Template that can be used later to save precious time.

Compose once and send multiple users

Creating Label in Gmail is a very good way to organize and sort mail, you can also allot color labels to the similar mail which beatifies layout and look so organized.

Create Label

When having no internet access, you can still use Gmail. To do that first enable this feature under the setting tab. Now Gmail will store all your data for selected time periods. 

Use Gmail Offline

If you use phrases in the mail such as 'I've attached or 'Find the attachments', Gmail will automatically remind you by warning if you forgot the enclosed attachment.

Attachment Reminder

If you are worried about the privacy of your mail, this confidential feature gonna very handy as the recipient won't be able to copy, download, forward, or print your mail.

Confidential Mode

Missed any important mail to read among received thousands of mail, well just type 'unread' in the search box that's it you will get all unread mails without surfing one to one.

Unread emails at a place

I hope these 7 hidden features help you to make the Gmail experience even better. Thanks!!