Google has suspended a engineer after his claims that its AI is sentient. According to a Washington Post report, a Senior Software engineer named 'Blake Lemoine'

Blake Lemoine recently posted on medium saying 'May be Fired Soon for Doing AI Ethics Work', Blake claims Google's artificial intelligence is sentient.

Google dismissed his statement by sideling him and sent on paid leave due to violating their confidential policies.

When Washington Post posted an article having the heading “the Google engineer who thinks the company’s AI has come to life” it went viral on social media.

Mr. Lemoine was working with his AI organization and analyzing the LaMDA model whether it is generating discriminatory language for hate speech.

He claims that LaMDA has a soul and has sentiments, feelings, and emotions. Many researchers had conversations with LaMDA says by the Google.

AI technologies have wider space to change a human life by reducing human efforts and easing all the work, that's why many researchers are well optimistic about AI.

But I think Claiming this kind of statement is extremely quick and irresponsible. Although Google is very strict if someone is going against its policies.