Microsoft's Internet Explorer has been retired at the age of 26, An era of Windows's most successful application comes to an end.

You may loved it or don't but the true is all we tech lovers are grown with Internet Explorer. IE started its journey in 1995 with a part of Windows 95.

Internet Explorer got huge success as soon as it launched in 95 and captured 95% of the market share of the internet browsers till 2002.

Now after the announcement by the company, all support from IE has been withdrawn today. In 2020 MS software team has already stopped working from Aug 2020.

Now It'll completely disappear from the Windows, and all requests will automatic migrate to the Microsoft Edge.

If someone wants to open Internet Explorer, the MS Edge browser will open automatically as the company is completely focusing on making its Edge browser more better and optimized.

Now the Internet Explorer icon will completely be removed from its next Windows update, said by the MS officials.

In the conclusion thought, I'd say I'm the tech guy who learned everything from the internet in the early 2000 by searching on Internet Explorer browser.

We should thank you Internet Explorer to make our childhood more knowledgeable and engaging towards technology. A emotionally Good By to IE !!