Maneater Game is free now on Epic Game Store for a limited time, Check out the next slides to know its specs, compatibility, and downloading guide.

Maneater is a very popular open World single-player action RPG Game developed and published by Tripwire Interactive.

In Maneater, you play as a Bull Shark who evolves and survives in the Gulf Coast's open water to take revenge on the fisherman who killed her mother.

This game is recommended for 18+ age group, despite it is tremendously popular among the gamers due to its stunning graphics, visuals and concept.

Now a really good news for hardcore gamers come-out. As this Maneater game listed free for a limited period of time on the Epic Store.

According to Epic Games, to run this game seamlessly, your Pc must have: Windows 10 OS, 8GB RAM, CPU-i5 5300U, i7 3770, Ryzen 5 1500x or higher.

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