Turning location off in your phone make your privacy secure, well, it's not true because you can be tracked via the signal of your Bluetooth even when it is unpaired. Here's how

According to the research and study by the Boffins at the University of California San Diego, they have discovered a way to track anyone with the help of Bluetooth.

Based on San Diego research, the Mobile phones constantly emitted Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) which is designed to reduce power consumption.

As a result, the unique fingerprint can be generated along with some imperfections letting the attackers give a chance to track an individual's movements.

The company evaluated that 40-47% of devices are still uniquely identifiable with fingerprints when you walk in and walk out, these fingerprints are captured by the volunteer doing the study. 

In this today's Era, where Bluetooth occupied a wider space on every product whether it is to watch or any smart devices, this security threat needs to be concerned.

In a conclusive part, Company says it is possible to fix this issue by removing tail fingerprints with the concept of a Digital Bluetooth signal installing in the devices.

This was all the update about the tracking possibility via Bluetooth fingerprints. Thanks!!