Why You Shouldn’t Buy a Second Hand Laptop?

(Last Updated On: July 5, 2022)

Refurbished or used laptops are now of such a high standard as these devices are tagged with “like new”.

Thes exterior of these second-hand devices is so well-polished that it manages to attract customers.

Even practically, it is nearly impossible to tell the difference between second-hand and new ones.

Many people prefer these laptops because they are more affordable than buying a new device from a computer store.

Although purchasing a revamped laptop offers a cost-effective solution, it can hold disadvantages too. Practically, you can compromise certain weaknesses of the second-hand device when you are getting it at an affordable price.

However, it’s important to keep several factors in mind.

Here are some of the cons of purchasing a used laptop, so keep that in mind before finalizing the purchase.

1. Physical Damage

A good laptop body or physical condition is what the second-hand or used laptop may be lacking.

Before bringing these devices into your home, inspect the body for any scratches, dents, cracks, or other damages.

Check the loose screen hinges, missing screws, and damaged charging ports. Also, check the cords to ensure they are not damaged.

2. No Warranties

In most cases, second-hand laptops generally come with no warranties.

The reason is that the dealer or seller is not sure about the longevity of the system.

If you buy a used laptop with no warranty period, you may have to pay from your pocket for the repair. Therefore, if you’re going to buy them, check the warranty period.

3. Muffled Sound

Buy a Second Hand Laptop-1

Any defect or damage in the speaker will affect the sound.

Audio issues in a second-hand laptop may vary from muffled music to no sound.

Therefore, check the speaker of the used laptop by playing any music or song.

If there is any damage, the sound will not be clear. Though there is the option to connect external speakers, you must check the internal ones.

4. Poor Battery Life

A bad battery can reduce the productivity of your work by causing disruption.

For example, abrupt systems shut down due to low battery or most often plugging in and removing the charger.

Hence, before making a final purchasing cost, charge the battery once and find out if it is charging properly or not. Check the battery drainage timing.

5. Lack of Presentation

The brand new laptops come with the original packaging, chargers, carry bags, and vital instructions or user manual.

But, all these things, except chargers, are not available with second-hand or used laptops.

These systems often lack presentation. However, you may compromise on presentation if you are getting a functional device at a low price.

6. Virus Intrusion

There is no guarantee that the used laptop you are purchasing is free from all sorts of viruses, spyware, or malware.

If your system is already infected with a virus, it might be possible that other devices you’ll connect may also get infected.

Before making a purchase, ensure that the device is free from viruses. Install a responsive anti-virus on your computer.

7. Poor Compatibility

When you’re purchasing a laptop that is already used by someone else, it is confirmed that it is an old model.

The specifications will be outdated. Manufacturers stop releasing software or operating system updates after a few years of the original launch.

You might not be able to install the latest updates as the old models will not support it.

8. Hardware and Software Quality

Buy a Second Hand Laptop-2

Other than the outer appearance, you must ensure the quality of hardware components and software.

Any defective or corrupted component may cost you a higher amount of repair and replacement.

Any severe damage may affect the functioning of other applications. If possible, check the hardware and software thoroughly.

9. Screen Issues

The screen condition of the laptop matters a lot.

The reason is that while working on the laptop, most of your time is spent observing the screen.

Hence, to avoid eye strain and properly observe the screen, it is necessary to check the screen condition of second-hand laptops.

Make sure that the screen is not pixelated or flickering.

10. Minimum or No Guarantee

Second-hand laptops do not come with any kind of guarantee.

Since these have been already used for a certain period, they’re now not applicable for any guarantee.

Moreover, these devices are not certified. The dealer or a seller will not inform you about any water damage or other problems that the computer might have.   


If purchasing a new laptop is not an option for you due to budget constraints, you can consider a used one. But, make sure it does not have problems as mentioned above.

Check that the device you are going to purchase is in good condition and working appropriately.

Determine the warranty period, battery condition, speaker quality, camera functioning, keyboard performance, screen display, and other basic system requirements. Weigh both positive and negative sides before making a final call.

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