Top 5 Best gaming monitor under $300 In Nov 2021

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Last Updated on March 26th, 2022

Are you looking for upgrading your conventional monitor screen to a gaming monitor and have a specific budget in your mind.

You will be pleased to know, we honestly come with the ultimate guide of the best gaming monitor under $300 for you.

If you play your favorite games perpetually on the flat-screen desktop then probably you have suffered some pain as well as some fatigue in the eyes.

So upgrading it to a curved gaming monitor is definitely a wise decision and good for your eyes as well.

An article from ViewSonic – Gaming monitors especially having curves is designed to optimize gaming visualizations, reduce eye strain, anti-fatigue and provide very sharp color collaborations along with High Resolution.

We should keep in mind that 300 dollars budget segment is very decent and is usually preferred by the gamers so sit tight for a high-quality gaming experience on your monitor.

Nowadays, You will get tons of impressive specifications in this segment for gaming monitors, thanks to the rapidly growing technology.

Are you excited to know which gaming monitors are worth your money and pleasant to your eyes?

If yes, then your search comes to an ultimate end.

best gaming monitor under 300

It will become super easy for you to conclude if you have adequate knowledge about gaming monitors so make sure to read our complete guide.

Here I listed below five important factors which you should know before purchasing a gaming monitor:

  • Should I prefer a curved gaming monitor over a conventional monitor?
  • Things to consider when buying the best gaming monitor under $300.
  • Features and specifications you should look at?
  • A mistake to avoid?
  • Which curved gaming monitor provides the best value?

The above questions and their answers will clear all your doubts further, and make you capable to choose the best gaming monitor under $300.

Our List is completely based on proper research & analysis so you can rely on that.

'Best Pick' If you are in Hurry...

“If you are in hurry and don’t have much time to read the full article then our best pick is the Sceptre 24-inch gaming monitor because it offers every essential feature and functionality at a very attractive price.

This is absolutely the best pick in the best gaming monitor under $300 list.

This article does not end here, so keep reading we have much more precious in-depth and valuable information to share with you.

Let’s discuss all important factors in-depth one by one:

Should I prefer a curved gaming monitor over a conventional monitor?

If you play your favorite game perpetually or you do some video editing or graphics designing work then a curved gaming monitor will enhance your immersive visual experience as well as offers you a clear wide-angle view.

These curved gaming monitors not only offer you sleek, stylish, and premium design but also provide stunning panorama views with clean and bold text.

The curved gaming monitors definitely give you an edge over conventional monitors in terms of features and utility.

Yes, if you go through all above the requirements then you should look for the best gaming monitor under $300.

The curved gaming monitor is also equipped with some extra functionality like:

  • Responsive gaming monitor
  • High refresh rate
  • Ultrawide angle
  • Impressive Color Saturation 

if you are a Hardcore gamer then a Gaming keyboard and mouse is also played an essential role to boost your gaming performance.

Do you also want to upgrade your gaming keyboard and mouse? If yes, here is the complete buying guide for you:

Best budget gaming keyboard and mouse combo for 2021

Basic things to consider when buying the best gaming monitor under $300

If you finally decided to buy a brand new gaming monitor for your PC, There are the following basic things that should be considered:

Desktop Screen Size should be perfect between 24 to 32-inches.

Build quality and design of the gaming monitor should be compact, excellent, and elegant.

Should be a well and reliable manufacturer.

Please make sure these 3 basic criteria are not good enough, we should highly consider the technical aspects to choose a best curved gaming monitor under $300 so let’s dive into more details.

Now we will discuss all technical specifications and features of curved gaming monitors in-depth.

Features and specifications you should look at?

When you surf the internet about curved gaming monitors, you will find several numbers of lists, and choosing only one is really challenging if you are not much aware of technical knowledge.

That’s why we have come with the best-filtered list along with the technical specifications and features in in-depth detail.

Below are the minimum configuration and features you should check out for opting for the best gaming monitors:

Screen Size

Screen Size is a very essential factor while choosing gaming monitors whether it is curved or not.

As far as the 300 dollars budget is concerned, gaming monitors usually come with various screen sizes from 19-inch to 32-inches in the market.

The majority of gamers prefer 24-inch to 32-inch in size because they are compact and can be well allocated according to idle rooms.

Now, you are independent to choose at what size you are actually comfortable with 24-inch or 32-inch, and what fits best in your room.

Photo by ARTO SURAJ on Unsplash

Display Resolution

The display resolution is the number of horizontals and vertical pixels on the display screen so the more pixels are equal to the more information is visible.

While choosing a curved gaming or regular gaming monitor display you have to keep in mind that the Display resolution should be 1920x1080p, FULL HD (FHD), or more.

FHD screen resolution works best up to the 27-inch display size monitors because of the perfect pixel distribution that’s why it produces very sharp and detailed objects.

If you want to buy a 32-inch display then the screen resolution must be QHD (2560×1440) or 4K (3840×2160) so you will get the perfect detailed image.

Most of the best curved gaming monitor under $300 offer you a 1080p FHD display module which is really cool. 

You can go with any gaming monitor having FHD (1920×1080) screen resolution.

Display Panel Technology

There are widely three categories of Display panels used in the production of modern LCDs, they are:

  1. TN (Twisted Nematic)
  2. VA (Vertical Alignment)
  3. IPS (In-Plane Switching) Panels

IPS Panels is the king of all the panel technology that produces the most accurate colors along with providing consistent performance and a splendid angle view.

You should always go with an IPS panel as most companies utilize an IPS panel in economic segments monitors.

IPS displays are way ahead in overall performance including color vibrations and wide viewing angles compared to the TN panels.

TN Panels appears to be a little faded when it is being viewed from the sides whereas the IPS display doesn’t lose the quality and remains the same viewing from all directions.

I hope it’s clear to you about display technology how it is important while buying a curved gaming monitor.

Refresh Rate

The Refresh Rate of any display monitor is always the most significant specification you should look at.

Refresh rate is responsible for how many times per second the display is able to draw a new image.

Playing Games at a higher refresh rate monitor surely impacts your gaming experience a bit as far as the fast-paced and competitive games are concerned.

Most of the companies offer high refresh rates and response time monitors even under 300 dollars.

The idle refresh rate for the budget curved gaming monitors is 60Hz and the response time is 5ms, some more expensive gaming monitors also offer a higher refresh rate from 75Hz to 240Hz.

You should opt for a gaming monitor equipped with a high refresh rate and response time according to your budget.

Refresh rate of gaming monitor

Visuals on having different Refresh rates

Contrast Ratio and Color Gamut

In computer graphics and photography color gamut is defined as the more specific range of colors visible to the human eye.

The maximum the value of color gamut is equal to higher and accurate color production with clean visibility to the users.

Whereas Contrast ratio is the main property of the display system and can be defined as the ratio between the maximum and minimum brightness.

We can summarize that you should always check display properties for a specific range of curved gaming monitors as well as traditional gaming monitors for an impressive visual gaming experience.

Color Gamut and Contrast Ratio

A mistake to avoid?

A major mistake most people do is they judge gaming monitors on their design, built, and look which are just basic criteria, and later they start regretting it.

If you are a Hardcore gamer this becomes even worse when the performance is not up to the mark.

So to avoid this mistake and take an edge over your enemies as well as express the speed of your work these important technical configurations should be in the topmost priority:

How is the Refresh rate, Response time, Resolution, Pixel, and GPU Syncing Technology?

But you don’t need to worry, we won’t let you go into mind-bending confusion.

You can read our full article or just buy any gaming monitor from our given list you will get the best of the bunch and won’t regret any day.

Which gaming monitor provides the best value?

As far as all the factors are concerned I hope, now you are pretty much clear about what specifications and features you should look at while choosing the best gaming monitor under $300.

According to our research and usage, the Sceptre 24-inch Curved gaming monitor provides the value what you will pay for.

Now you have precise information about curved gaming monitors and your preference would be absolutely cleared for what to opt for.

So here is the list of the best gaming monitor under $300 which definitely offers you the best value according to their price:

Rated 4.6 out of 5 by around the 15,000 users, This Sceptre 24″ curved gaming monitor grabbed the top position in our list.

Sceptre curved gaming monitor offers you 1800R curvature which produces stunning images that appear to be wrapped near you and delivers an excellent visual experience for the users.

Sceptre gaming monitor

This monitor comes with edgeless frames (Narrow-bezels) and Blue Light Shift Mode in order to protect your eyes against blue wavelengths to ensure your pleasing reading experience.

Sceptre monitor contains Multi Digital and Analog Ports, with HDMI it delivers high-definition content and various ports utility.

There is also an anti-flickering feature that ensures a crisper and smooth picture by preventing the backlight from flickering periodically.

Having a 75Hz Refresh Rate, it provides a faster and smoother image rendering operation than standard without screen tearing.

This Sceptre monitor also comes with a fast response time to play fast action games and watch action movies with clarity and precision.

Undoubtedly, This Sceptre monitor is the best gaming monitor under $300.

Key Specifications:

  • Resolution (1920 x 1080)pixel
  • Tilt 15 degrees backward and 5 degrees forward
  • Blue Light Shift Mode
  • Higher Refresh Rate and Response Time
  • Produce Accurate pixel response for High-definition graphics.
  • Impressive Color production
  • Around 15,000 people give a 4.6 rating on Amazon.

Bestseller No. 1

Sceptre gaming monitor

Sceptre 24" Curved 75Hz Gaming LED Monitor Full HD 1080P

  • 1800R curve monitors the curved display…
  • HDMI, VGA & PC audio in ports
  • High refresh rate 75Hz.Brightness (cd/m²):250 cd/m2
  • Vesa wall mount ready; Lamp Life: 30,000+ Hours

Acer Gaming monitor comes with 27 inches Full HD (1920 x 1080) resolution Curved Widescreen VA (Vertical alignment) G SYNC and Freesync Compatible Display.

It delivers stunning picture quality with an amazing level of detail as well as produces the experience of a true-to-life color.

For Hardcore gamers, there is an NVIDIA G-SYNC graphic card mounted to get an optimal and tear-free gaming experience.

Acer gaming monitor

You can also get a uniform viewing experience in this monitor along you can tilt the screen from the 5-degree to the 15-degree for the most comfortable view.

As far as the refresh rate is concerned a rapid Refresh rate of 144Hz is offered to shorten the time it takes for frame rendering, lower input lag, and provide gamers with an excellent in-game experience.

The 144Hz refresh rate also accelerates the frames per second FPS to deliver ultra-smooth 2D motion scenes.

This Acer gaming monitor comes with many advanced features and functionality like Blue-light filter, Anti-flicker display, low dimming technology.

This gaming monitor from Acer is absolutely phenomenal in terms of performance and specifications and we can say it is the best gaming monitor under $300 so you should check it out.

Key Specifications:

  • Resolution (1920 x 1080)pixel
  • Higher 144Hz Refresh Rate and 4ms Response Time
  • NVIDIA G-SYNC Graphic Card
  • The headphone jack is included
  • Tilt 15 degrees backward and 5 degrees forward
  • Blue Light Shift Mode
  • Produce Accurate and vibrant images
  • Around 2706 people give a 4.5 rating on Amazon.

Bestseller No. 2

Acer gaming monitor

Acer Gaming Monitor 27” Curved ED273

  • 27 inches Full HD (1920 x 1080) Curved Widescreen…
  • 144Hz Refresh Rate Using Display Port
  • Response Time: 4ms, Pixel Pitch: 0. 3114mm
  • Ports: 1 x Display Port, 1 x HDMI, and 1 x DVI (w/HDCP)

This Samsung 27-inch full WQHD Curved gaming monitor is an absolute gem consisting of unmatched 1440p resolution and for an amazing visual experience.

Samsung Odyssey G5 monitor features Truly realistic HDRAwe-inspiring graphics with HDR10.

The 1000R curvature of the screen provides a truly immersive viewing experience for the users that offers you to enjoy big, bold, and stunning panoramic views while you work or play.

Samsung odyssey g5 gaming monitor

The AMD FreeSync Premium technology integration in this monitor allows gamers to enjoy smooth and fast rendering images even in fast-paced games or adventures movie by dynamically syncing the refresh rate of the screen.

To create a comfortable viewing experience it offers a widescreen view that gives a very pleasant view for your eyes, it is good for doing multitasking as well.

Talking about refresh rate and response time, it provides an express 144Hz refresh rate. With this response time, you will get more than doubles potential frame production in Odyssey G5.

Lightning Fast Response time is 1ms which is phenomenally best comparing all gaming monitors which we discussed.

This Samsung curved gaming monitor comes with many other advanced features and functionality like:

Realistic Graphics with HDR10, Flicker-Free technology, FreeSync Technology, Eye Saver Mode.

There are some cons for this Samsung monitor but considering brand reliability and some unique features we included this monitor in our list.

it is surely a good option to consider the best gaming monitor under $300.

Key Specifications:

  • Unmatched Screen Resolution (2560 x 1440) pixel
  • Truly realistic HDRAwe-inspiring graphics with HDR10
  • Lightning 1ms Fast Response time 
  • Integrated AMD free sync Technology
  • Ultra-slim and sleek profile
  • The color and Contrast ratio is good.
  • Around 3581 people give a 4.6 rating on Amazon.

Bestseller No. 3

Samsung odyssey g5 gaming monitor

SAMSUNG Odyssey G5 Series 27-Inch WQHD (2560x1440) Gaming Monitor

  • UNMATCHED IMMERSION: Get your head in the game…
  • STUNNING WQHD: Your gaming world…

The AOC C32G2 curved gaming monitor contains a large 32-inch screen with a very sleek and stylish design that offers an FHD Curved Display with a resolution of 1080p.

Boasting a speedy 165Hz refresh rate you will not gonna miss any bit of frame and performance accelerates double with the excellent 1ms response time which makes it super-fast for high-level gaming.

AOC Gaming Monitor

A 1500R Super Curved Panel provides ultra-immersive vision putting you at the center of the action and wraps around your vision.

For optimal synchronization of GPU and monitor’s Refresh rate, there is AMD FreeSync Premium Technology which boosts its gaming performance to the next level and provides a tear-free gaming experience.

With a viewing angle of 178-degree, it is possible for you to view the display from almost every angle, thanks to its VA (Vertical Alignment) advanced Technology Display Panel.

This AOC curved gaming monitor produces rich colors with color gamut area coverage of 123.3% sRGB and 91% of Adobe RGB.

As of now, It a bit costlier than the 300$ price but you can grab it for under 300 dollars in an offer that’s why we have included this in our list.

This AOC monitor is well ideal for those who love to play fast-paced games and watch action and adventurous movies in high definition.

If you are looking for a large 32-inch screen gaming monitor then an AOC gaming monitor is definitely a good choice for the best gaming monitor under $300.

Key Specifications:

  • Resolution (1920 x 1080)pixel
  • Large 32-inch Full HD Screen
  • Boasting a speedy 165Hz refresh rate
  • 1ms Smartresponse time
  • No shuttering and tearing with AMD free sync Technology
  • Color Gamut area coverage of 123.3% and 91% of Adobe RGB
  • Height adjustable stand
  • Excellent 4.7 rating on Amazon.

Bestseller No. 4

AOC Gaming Monitor

AOC C32G2 32" Curved Frameless Gaming Monitor FHD

  • 32” AOC G2 series gaming monitor with FHD…
  • Super-curved 1500R monitor to put …
  • Rapid 1ms SmartResponse time (MPRT), 165Hz super-high…
  • AMD FreeSync Premium for the smoothest…

On our list, MSI (Optix G27CQ4) 27-inch is the second curved gaming monitor after Samsung that comes with a stunning QHD (2560 x 1440) resolution display.

Because of the QHD display, it delivers an unprecedented quality of image with more depth detailing so the gaming experience on this monitor will be more amazing and thrilling. You will love this display for sure.

This MSI monitor comes with a beast 165Hz refresh rate and a quick response time of 1ms with the GPU for the Ultra-smooth gameplay.

It will give you a competitive edge over your enemies, Thanks to its excellent features and functionality.

MSI (G27CQ4) Gaming monitor

The MSI Optix gaming monitors are built with advanced Adaptive-sync Technology to achieve a flawless, Shutter-free, and tear-free gaming experience. 

MSI Anti-Flicker technology provides a very comfortable viewing experience to the users by reducing the amount of flicker.

Having an absolute curved display with a curvature rate of 1500R, its gives you a comfortable and wide range of visuality you feel more engaged and connected to the overall experience.

Mystic Light yes, is one of the best-advanced lighting technology that comes with an MSI monitor which provides soft ambient light and can be synced with any other gaming product where Mystic Light is enabled.

This MSI curved gaming monitor produces ultra-rich colors with wide color gamut coverage which is more in general compared to other gaming monitors.

If you are looking for a curved gaming monitor with an outstanding display along with spectacular performance then MSI (Optix-G27CQ4) gaming monitor is the best gaming monitor under $300.

Key Specifications:

  • Stunning QHD Display 
  • Resolution (2560 x 1440)pixel
  • Excellent 165Hz refresh rate
  • 1ms response time
  • Anti-Flicker Technology
  • Mystic Light Enabled
  • Color Gamut coverage of DCI-P3 90% & sRGB 115%
  • Good 4.5 rating on Amazon.

Bestseller No. 5

MSI (G27CQ4) Gaming monitor

MSI (Optix G27CQ4) - Black Full HD Non-Glare 1ms 2560 x 1440

  • Curved Gaming display (1500R)
  • QHD High Resolution – Game titles will…
  • True colors – DCI-P3 90% & sRGB 115%
  • 1ms response time – eliminate screen tearing …


We can summarize this article here that, based on individuals’ requirements and budget you can opt for any gaming monitor given on our list, you will get the best product and deal for sure.

I hope this buying guide for the best gaming monitor under $300 helped you to make your decision.


Gaming Monitor FAQs

Is a curved monitor better for gaming?

Yes, according to some reports- Curved gaming monitors are designed for a clear wide-angle view so it reduces eye strain as well as anti-fatigue while playing games on it perpetually, so you will get a high-quality gaming experience.

what is the best monitor for under 300?

Considering all key specifications, functionality, budget, and our usage 'Sceptre 24-inch curved gaming monitor' is a complete product and it is the best monitor for under 300 dollars.

Best gaming monitor under $300?

Considering all key specifications, functionality, budget, and our usage 'Sceptre 24-inch curved gaming monitor' is a complete product and it is the best monitor for under $300.

Best gaming monitor under $200?

The best monitor under $200 we've tested is the Acer Nitro XF243Y Pbmiiprx that consists IPS display with 1080p resolution It has an amazing ergonomics features, full 360-degree swivel, excellent viewing angles, making it a great choice under $200 price segment.

best g-sync monitor under $300?

Acer Gaming Monitor 27” Curved ED273 comes with NVIDIA G-SYNC graphics and produces tear-free gaming with an excellent visual so we can say it is one of the best g-sync monitors under $300.

best 32-inch monitor under $300?

AOC C32G2 Curved Frameless Gaming Monitor is the best 32-inch monitor under $300 that comes with a large 32-inch screen with the impressive build quality and talking its performance its delivers beast and stunning performance with a 165Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time.

best 4k monitor under $300?

ASUS VP28UQG 28-inch monitor equipped with 4K Ultra HD (3840x2160) resolution along with many additional features like Asus Eye care technology, Adaptive-Sync/FreeSync Eye Care Monitor, lower response time and higher refresh rate definitely make ASUS VP28UQG the best 4K monitor under $300.

best 27 inch monitor under $300?

Acer ED273 Curved Gaming Monitor is the best 27 inch monitor under $300 that comes with NVIDIA G-SYNC graphics, 144Hz refresh rate, and Blue Light Shif Mode, and many more updated features and functionality.

2560 x 1440 gaming computer monitors?

MSI (Optix G27CQ4) Black Full HD Non-Glare consists of a stunning curved display with (2560 x 1440) Ultra High resolution, it is the best 2560 x 1440 gaming monitor among all its competitors.

Best budget gaming monitor?

Here are the 5 best budget gaming monitor:

  • Sceptre 24-inch Curved 75Hz Gaming LED Monitor Full HD 1080P
  • Acer Gaming Monitor 27-inch Curved ED273
  • SAMSUNG Odyssey G5 Series 27-Inch WQHD (2560x1440) Gaming Monitor
  • AOC C32G2 32-inch Curved Frameless Gaming Monitor FHD
  • MSI (Optix G27CQ4) - Black Full HD Non-Glare 1ms 2560 x 1440

Is it worth getting a curved 24-inch monitor?

Absolutely yes, The majority of gamers prefer 24-inch to 32-inch in size because they are compact and can be well allocated according to idle rooms now, Color and pixels are also well-distributed that's why it produces Ultra-rich colors and high pixel density so yeah, it is worth getting a curved 24-inch monitor.

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