Can You Breed Fish In Minecraft? {In-depth Explanation}

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‘Minecraft’ is a game that is loved by millions of people around the world and many are sole heart fans of Minecraft.

But do you know why?

Because being a Sandbox genre game there are immense no. of virtual possibilities that a user loved to do like you can build a massive castle, mine caves, hunt for fish, ride a horse, and much more.

Apart from multiplayer fun, graphics, and creative modes can be significant reasons people are fallen in love with Minecraft.

Among performing these adventures, a question is always raised ‘Can you breed fish in Minecraft’?

If yes, then how and in what circumstances?

If not, then is there any possibility that you may be able to breed a fish?

To get all the answers, you should be with us till the end of this article as I will try to clear all your queries regarding breeding a fish in Minecraft.

So don’t forget to read the complete post and get a conclusive answer.

Let’s get dive into the details!

What is Minecraft?

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Developed by Swedish video game developer Mojang Studios Minecraft is a Sandbox video game in which players create and build from a little cave to a massive castle in a three-dimensional world.

A player can enjoy games with his loved ones in multiplayer mode, as well as survival mode and creativity mode are there too to make this game more engaging.

Survival mode is liked by the players who love to survive during the game by collecting food and essential supplies which help them to grow in the game.

Before jumping to the answer of can you breed fish in Minecraft?

First of all, if you are in a hurry you should read a short answer below and after take a look at a depth explanation about various fishes.

“Here is the short answer for ‘Can you breed fish in Minecraft’, NO you cant breed fish in Minecraft, and fish can’t be reproduced by the players in the game.”

Fishes in Minecraft

In Minecraft, fishes are aquatic creatures that swim aimlessly and are found in rivers and the ocean.

Players can be able to catch fish through a fishing rod with the help of a bucket.

Or he can catch them by going directly into the water and killing them.

Fish can spawn within 24 to 64 blocks away from the player but when they are caught with the bucket and fishes are not be able to despawn due to the perfect way of catching them.

Apart from catching fish, I wanna told you that fishes have many uses for the players like:

Fishes can be used as the best source of food when cooked.

Fishes can be used for healing wolves, taming cats as well as can be used as a trade for a specific amount of loots.

Kinds of Fishes In Minecraft

There are various types of fish in Minecraft, every fish has its own characters and has different heals and hungers points that can be acquired by the users.

In Minecraft, there are four different types of fish which are COD, Salmon, Pufferfish, Tropical Fish.

obviously, you can catch these fish during the gameplay.

Now take a look at how you can catch these specific fish and where you can find them.

1. COD

COD is the most common fish you can see most of the time in the ocean biome in Minecraft.

The color of COD fish is brown and they can spawn for which they require water.

COD fish can easily survive in lukewarm, cold, and normal ocean water but you will hardly find them in frozen water as they are not able to survive there.

COD usually spawn in the group of 3 to 6 in the Java edition of Minecraft.

So whenever you see COD fish don’t forget to catch them with the help of your bucket and fishing rod.

2. Salmon

Can you breed fish in Minecraft-salmon

Salmon fish is passive in behavior and can be seen in green spotted red fishes.

Unlike COD, Salmon fish like to swim in cold, and frozen water and are mostly found in that kind of ocean water and the rivers.

They spawn in a cold river and the frozen ocean as well as they can be seen in the deep water too.

Salmon spawn in the group of 3-5 in the normal, cold, and frozen water.

Some salmons are small while some a medium in size and some are large.

So if you are kind of a gamer who loves to explore water in the deep, you will certainly spot Salmon fish in Minecraft.

3. Pufferfish

Can you breed fish in Minecraft-pufferfish

Pufferfish in Minecraft is quite popular due to their various specific characters.

Pufferfish are poisonous mobs that can be mostly found in warm and Lukewarm oceans in Minecraft that can be used by gamers to craft potions of water breathing.

These pufferfish are the passive mob so if you try to attack and threaten them, they come up with aggression and can damage the player.

Do you know? Pufferfish are also known as fugu and many Japanese liked to have pufferfish on their table as these species of fish are considered luxury plates of seafood which is served in restaurants across Japan.

Whenever you spot Pufferfish you can used them for brew the water breathing potion.

4. Tropical Fish

Tropical Fish are also passive mobs, there are 2700 naturally occurring variants that are size, color, and patterns and found in the normal and lukewarm ocean. 

Tropical fish can spawn as 22 unique varieties that can be resembled as real-life species in warm and lukewarm water.

You can catch tropical fish with the fishing rod or with the bucket so it can be gonna very handy for you during gameplay.

Tropical fish can not be cooked so you should keep in mind whenever you are going to catch them.

In Bedrock Edition, tropical fish can spawn as one of 22 preset fish.

Now after reading about all the fishes and their characters you are probably waiting for the million-dollar question Can you breed fish in Minecraft’? and its in-depth answer.

Here is the video I’m embedding for you to know how you can get 2700 tropical fishes in Minecraft.

Can you breed fish in Minecraft'?

The answer is NO, you can not breed fish in Minecraft.

Fishes spawn automatically themselves in the water whether it is ocean or river.

Fishes are a kind of species in Minecraft that spreads automatically in the ocean so I think you don’t need to breed them at all.

Although you can catch them with the bucket or fishing rod then after you can name fishes according to your preference.

So the conclusion answer of can you breed fish in Minecraft will be No you can’t breed fish in Minecraft.

Can You Breed Salmon in Minecraft?

No, breeding Salmon fish are not allowed in Minecraft like other fish species.

Salmon are mostly found in cold or frozen ocean water and they spawn naturally there.

For spotting and catching Salmon fish you should explore more cold and frozen ocean water during the gameplay.

And for breeding, no you can’t breed Salmon fish.

Can You Breed Tropical Fish In Minecraft?

Tropical fish are usually found in many several varieties in the ocean as well as these fish spawn in different no. of species too.

You can’t breed Tropical fish too like salmon and COD as these species of fish spawn naturally in the lukewarm water in the ocean.

Tropical fish are not easy to spot and can’t be cooked so you must be aware of these before catching them.

Instead of breeding these fishes, you should focus on catching them and having fun while playing Minecraft.

Can you breed Dolphins in Minecraft?

Certainly Not, as Dolphins cant be bred which is quite similar to all other fishes in Minecraft.

Dolphins are a neutral mob and are mostly found in the non-frozen ocean biomes of the overworld.

Like the real world, Dolphins are the most intelligent species in Minecraft and they spawned naturally in the group of three to five.

You can not tame Dolphins too.

One interesting thing about Dolphins is when you swim near them, they will start swimming beside you and give you a special effect called Dolphin’s Grace.

There is no doubt Dolphins are very lovely and beautiful fish species in Minecraft and you would like to have them around for fun.

Types of Fish That Can Be Spawned

As far as the Fish in Minecraft is concerned there are lots of variety in fish species that can be spawned naturally in the water, you don’t need to breed them.

some fishes are different in nature while some fish like Dolphins are very human friendly and players mostly like them.

You can spawn some kind of fish with Minecraft, here is the list of some fish:

  • Swordtails,
  • Guppies
  • Platys,
  • Mollies, and
  • Halfbeak Species


Let’s conclude this post on Can you breed fish in Minecraft!

As we have discussed in this article about various fish, their types and characters, and the most important topic ‘can you breed fish in Minecraft or not’.

Looking and studying at all the possible aspects we have come to the conclusion that NO you cant breed fish nor you can’t tame them.

Because fish spawn naturally in the water with some certain conditions.

So you don’t need to breed them as fish spread naturally in the ocean.

I can bet catching the fish with the bucket and fishing rod and swimming with them is always great fun in Minecraft.

Users always loved it!

I hope this post was helpful to you.

Thanks for reading.


FAQs on Can you breed fish in Minecraft

How do you get Fish eggs in Minecraft?

Fish are mobs and some of them are passive mobs so when you try to threaten and kill them they can damage you as well there is a chance of dropping a fish egg, you can pick it up or hold it in your hand.

Can you farm salmon in Minecraft?

Salmon are kind of fish which usually found in the deep water, you can catch Salmon fish with a bucket but when it comes to farming them, No you can't farm salmon as they spawn naturally like other fish.

Can you make your own fishing pond in Minecraft?

Yes, you can, all you have to do is just dig out a lake, you can either dig 6 blocks deep and rise near the edges then fill it with one layer of dirt and the water.

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