Hammerworks CRP keycaps Review and {The Expert Guide}

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If you have a mechanical keyboard, I’m sure you would’ve ever thought to change their keycaps to obtain a more premium feel, durability, crispier sound, and smoothness.

At a glance, your eyes may be sustained on the PBT keycaps but you may be shocked when you come to know some PBT’s are not compatible with Cherry MX switches.

Probably You’ll look for HammerWorks CRP Keycaps which is the best alternative for conventional keysets.

It is a PBT keycap that works best with cherry profiles.

Compatibility is the significant character of HammerWorks’s fan-favorite CRP keycap set.

If you want to know about CRP keycaps with complete detailed information along with a guide, this is the right post for you so make sure to read till the end.

In this article, I will cover every single query regarding CRP keycaps like Reviews, their working technique, Pros-Cons, and everything.

Let’s get dive into the details!

What are CRP keycaps?

CRP keycaps

CRP Keycaps are premium quality PBT keycaps that are made of Dye-subbing which is generally inherited from PBT of Cherry’s style.

They are manufactured by the well-established keycaps brand HammerWorks.

CRP’s are the most compatible keycaps for Cherry MX switches that are constructed from very high-quality material to provide extra durability, as a result these keycaps usually work best for longer compared to conventional PBT keycaps.

If you compare with ePBT their molds were called to be bad but for these CRP keycaps, the molding process is way better and called to be the best.

The CRP’s significant strength is their two folded procedure.

At initial company were focusing on producing straight modifiers and spacebar, in which R3 Spacebar is considered to be excellent for all kinds of usage.

So if you want a keycap having a straight spacebar, you should opt for CRP keycaps without too much thinking.


  • Durable and Economical
  • Dye-subbed keycaps legend.
  • Molding process
  • Straight modifiers and Spacebar


  • Limited availability

CRP Keycaps Specifications

CRP keycaps have many advanced and essential specifications which I am breaking through a table for you to get easily understand.


CRP Keycaps

Material Type


Keycap Profile


Keycap Legends


Keycap Compatibility

Compatible with Cherry MX



Melting Point 



Highly Durable




Slightly Expensive

CRP Keycaps Review

CRP keycaps Review can be completely done on different technical benchmarks tests like their sound, durability, compatibility, feel and cost.

Let’s see how these keycaps perform in all given benchmarks.

Here are the all technical factors:

1. Sound

As far as the sound profile of CRP keycaps is concerned, they have a much deeper sound due to having a PBT profile.

Do you know?

PBT’s are known to generate a deep sound profile because of the thick and high-quality plastic material from which they are made.

Dye-subbed legends make a significant difference between a regular PBT and Hammerworks CRP keycaps sound, you may feel CRP’s have a little crispier and clear sound while typing.

This crispy sound is pleasing to our ears and is mostly loved by the user.

Overall, the Sound profile totally depends on the individuals as some like loud and clacky sounds whereas some like quieter sound profiles.

So which kind of user you are, you have to know before buying.

2. Texture and Feel

In terms of texture, CRP keycaps have a rough-textured on top of it due to their thick and premium material while making. 

CRP’s inherited most of the character from conventional PBT’s however some unique properties they equipped their own.

Equipping the property of rough nature and a textured feel, these keycaps allow excellent hold over the keyboard during typing, unlike ABS keycaps which have shinier touch.

If I talk about in-hand feel, these keycaps feel great in the hand so you feel much better with a good hold while typing on these keysets.

In terms of look, CRP keycaps have a stunning color combination which not only enhances their appearance but also resist color to fade in sunlight.

Overall, I like their design and feel.

These combinations of color definitely make your office and space look better with perfect keysets.

3. Melting Point

When a substance changes its state at a certain temperature, this temperature can be referred to as a Melting Point.

So a keycap having a low melting point simply means it’s easy to mold whereas a keycap with a high melting point means it is difficult to mold.

ePBT’s molding was not that good initially, so CRP beats them with their straight molding and dye-sub keycaps legend.

If you look at all specialties which make them sturdier, you will surely conclude that CRP keycaps are the best PBT on the market.

ABS keycaps melting point is 105-degree which is low and it usually takes less energy to be molded that’s why they are less expensive. 

Whereas PBT keycaps Melting point is 225-degree which is high that’s why they take more energy for molding and come at a slightly higher price.

Sometimes key warping problems can be occurred in PBT’s due to their very long cooling period time.

4. Compatibility

Compatibility is the most significant factor for a user to consider these CRP Keycaps.

As these keycaps are inherited from the Cherry MX keycap profile, so if you are the kind of user who is used to cherry keycap profile then you will require very little time to get used to it.

These keycaps are sculpted in a manner so that they can acquire the shape and structure like cherry keycaps.

CRP’s are compatible with most of the standard key layouts so you should not be concerned about their compatibility.

They work smoothly with almost all mechanical keyboards.

5. Cost

Price is an important factor that makes you decide, consider it or not for your mechanical keyboard.

These switches can be looking costly to you at first glance because of the PBT profile but believe me, CRP keycaps are quite economical compared to some other keycaps which are too expensive.

Considering their specification and the value they are providing to you in this budget, I think it’s one of the best PBT keycaps out there on the market.

So if you looking for a keycap that can fulfill all your requirements within a budget-friendly option, you can go with CRP keycaps without a single doubt.

I will definitely recommend it for your mechanical keyboard.

Where to buy CRP keycaps?

The main concern for these keycaps is getting in your hand because they arrived in very limited stocks so please do check consistently on their authorized sites.

Here are the following trusted sites from where you can purchase it:

  1. Drop.com
  2. Amazon

I would request you to check these switches’ availability and prices before purchase.

Bestseller No. 1

Hammerworks CRP keycaps-1-Amazon
  • ✅Dye-Subbed legends
  • ✅PBT Material
  • ✅1.4mm Thick
  • ✅Compatible with Cherry MX switches and clones

What profile is CRP keycaps?

CRP Keycaps are designed, Shaped, and Sculpted to acquire Cherry Profile keycaps so that they can suitable for most of the standard layout keyboards.

As CRP’s thickness is 1.4mm, height is a little bit short and shape is angled which is quite similar to cherry’s characters.

So the answer is CRP Keycaps completely satisfies the Cherry profile’s design.

Are CRP keycaps good?

As I have discussed CRP keycaps are preferred by keyboard enthusiasts due to their compatibility with Cherry Mx switches, they work best with Cherry switches.

Many keycaps are made with PBT (Polybutylene Terephthalate) which is a high-quality plastic material, but all PBT keysets may not be compatible with cherry’s switch.

So If you have Cherry Mx switches on your board then you should choose CRP keycaps for your keyboard.

Or if you are not comfortable with CRP keysets then have to verify first which keycaps gonna work best with your keyboard.

CRP keycaps are PBT types constructed with good quality material with dye-subbed keycaps legend which provides extra durability as well as crispier sound to it.

Key warping problems generally do not occur in CRP keycaps compared to conventional PBT’s which have this issue sometimes due to their long cooling period.

Having all magnificent specs and functionality, these CRP keycaps are top-notch keysets and perform exceptionally well with consistency.

Yeah, CRP’s are good and I loved their performance.

What are CRP Keycaps r3, r4 and r5?

CRP Peacock vs CRP Beige

In Hammerworks CRP keycaps, R represents the ‘Round’ which means these keycaps have been launched several versions on the market with some new up-gradation and functionality.

Here are the different rounds of CRP keycaps:

  • Hammerworks CRP r3
  • CRP R4 keycaps
  • CRP keycaps R5
  • CRP keycaps Japanese
  • CRP xerox clone

CRP keycaps Round 4 features their signature color which is CRP beige and white.

These keycaps are available in their special color edition, plus new colorful legend variants available too in availain Hebrew and Cyrillic color combinations.

You can also get Peacock and Tulip color variants that look unique and stunning.

Overall, CRP keycaps have many different rounds of variants for their users, they can choose among them according to their preference.

I like Peacock colorways.


Let’s conclude this post!

Hammerworks CRP Keycaps are the most suitable keysets for Cherry MX profiles, apart from the cherry profiles you can also consider them for your next keyboard keysets.

These keycaps perform absolutely best in all technical factors as well as they are probably compatible with all kinds of mechanical keyboards.

If you like formal and decent color keycaps, there are Beige color keycaps for you that look stunning.

Or If you like some unique and elegant keycaps color, there are Peacock and tulip keycaps you can opt for.

There are also some special keycaps from HammerWorks like Japanese or Xerox.

I will highly recommend these CRP keycaps for your keyboard.

Just try it out and comment below How is your experience with these keysets.

I hope you like this article.

Thanks for reading.


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