How to tame a polar bear in Minecraft?

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While playing Minecraft, you probably encountered lots of lovely creatures like horses and bears. some can attack players while some are very human-friendly.

Some animals are tamable whereas some are not.

So Minecraft games are full of adventures with tough challenges a user has to face to survive in the game. You have to be careful at every step to dominate the game.

Among popular animals, Polar bears are cute creatures and are considered the king of the North in Minecraft.

Whenever you spot polar bears you’ll be curious to know if possible, how to tame a polar bear in Minecraft?

If you know these answers then you are most likely it can help you traverse the terrain and fight mobs because polar bears are a good choice for this kind of activity.

In this article, I’m going to explain Can you tame a polar bear in Minecraft, if yes, How to tame polar bears in Minecraft, their behavior, and what do polar bears eat.

These are all queries I’ll put in front of you with all the details so you can understand better.

Let’s get dive into the details!

Can you tame a polar bear in Minecraft?

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Before moving to some significant questions about the polar bears, you should certainly know the answer Can you tame a polar bear in Minecraft?

The simple answer is yes you can tame a polar bear in Minecraft with the help of fish which you need to feed them.

Taming a polar bear is not that complex you just need to have three important items which you will need to follow some certain steps which you can find in the next section.

For now, Let’s find out How to Tame Polar Bears in Minecraft.

How to Tame Polar Bears in Minecraft?

Taming any animal is quite challenging for a player in Minecraft but you don’t need to worry as I will tell you how you can exactly tame a polar bear.

For taming a polar bear, you need to have several fish for every polar bear you wish to tame. Started to feed fish to the polar bear and keep them feeding until hearts appear above their heads. 

The heart appearance is the indication of a successful bear tamed. Make sure to have enough fish to feed to the polar bears so this tame process becomes feasible and you are more likely to tame them as fast as you can.

After taming a polar bear, you can use this polar bear as normal and can be used to ride, defend and attack according to circumstances. 

can you tame a polar bear in minecraft-salmon fish

Heart Appearance after successfully taming polar bear


Now here is the following three items that you need to have to tame a polar bear though it is not that difficult:

  • A nametag
  • An anvil
  • A Lead
can you tame a polar bear in minecraft-anvil

Anwil in Minecraft


First of all, you have to place an anvil on the ground and give a nametag at the first slot.

The name should be your preferred name you want to give to a polar bear.

Now using the anvil, retrieve the name which you have placed in the slot and used it on a polar bear after that you have to use a lead on the polar bear.

Now you are good to go with a polar bear and it will follow you wherever you will go.

I know this is not an easy method to tame a polar bear but I make sure it is the best way to tame them.

If you still didn’t get how to tame a polar bear in Minecraft if not then you should watch the below video which I’m embedding to get how polar bears can be tamed easily.

Source: Joshe


Where to find polar bears in Minecraft?

Polar bears are the king of the north and can be found in colder biomes in Minecraft, here are the following colder regions where polar bears can be spotted:

  • Snowy tundra,
  • Ice spikes,
  • Snowy mountains, and
  • Regular deep-frozen ocean.

If you’re playing Minecraft Bedrock edition (versions other than Java), polar bears are likely to find in frozen rivers and legacy frozen ocean biomes too.

baby cubs are so cute and also love to roam with their parents.

Polar Bear Behavior

Polar Bears’ behavior is completely dependent on certain conditions, if you try to be hostile or attack an adult polar bear they will become more dangerous.

Polar bears don’t like foxes and they utmost want to attack and kill foxes if they try to roam next to them.

Polar bears are too fast in the water so never think of escaping from the water after attacking them.

You will find polar bears spawn in cold regions because they can mostly survive in the cold biomes. Polar bears like to roam in groups of two or more so they can be spotted easily in that regions.

Before taming a polar bear, some important things should keep in mind.

If you spotted polar bears in a large group then probably there is at least one polar bear cub and you should be extra careful while taming them because polar bears have a passive mind and sometimes become aggressive especially when they have a baby cub with them.

It is advisable to tame polar bear when it is spotted alone, it becomes easier for you to tame them.

What do Polar Bears Eat in Minecraft?

can you tame a polar bear in minecraft-feed

After knowing the answer to how to tame a polar bear in Minecraft, the most significant question is asked by the Minecraft player ‘What do polar bears eat?’

Look, polar bears will not eat everything which you give them to eat.

Polar bears are loved to eat salmon fish, you can also feed them COD fishes. Feeding salmon fish to polar bears is a good way to tame them.

You should need to have a large amount of fish to feed polar bears as their hunger level is on a high extent.

Salmon fish can be found most in the cold water and this kind of fish love to swim in the cold water. You can catch salmon fish with the fishing rods and put them inside the bucket.

Salmon and COD fishes can be spotted in all ocean biomes as the ocean water is quite cold and they spawn inside that water. Apart from oceans, these fishes can also be found in the rivers as well.

So whenever you spot polar bears try to feed them salmon and COD fishes and then tame them if you want.


After discussing all the possible factors, let’s conclude this article on ‘How to tame a polar bear in Minecraft’

So we have come to the conclusion that yes, polar bears can be tamed by offering them salmon fishes to eat.

You need to feed salmon fishes until the heart appears beside them, this is the indication of the successful taming of the polar bears.

Polar bears are passive in nature. If you are good with their cub, you don’t need to be scared of them. But if you try to attack them, they can appear to be violent.

If you tame a polar bear, there are many advantages you can get like a polar bear can assist you in fights as well as can be used as a mount.

Playing Minecraft is always fun, especially during the gameplay when encountering various animals like horses, foxes, and polar bears, which gives you the most intense play as well as enjoyment.

If you didn’t explore much in Minecraft, I advise you to explore the entire Minecraft as fast as you can because you will love it for sure.

I hope this post was helpful to you on polar bears and the question of how to tame a polar bear in Minecraft will be perfectly cleared.

Thanks for reading.


FAQs On How to tame a polar bear in Minecraft

what fish do you use to tame a polar bear in Minecraft?

You should feed mainly salmon fish to tame a polar bear in Minecraft as Polar bears are loved to eat salmon fish and these fishes can be easily found in cold water like oceans as well as in rivers.

Can you ride a polar bear in Minecraft?

Yes, you can ride a polar bear in Minecraft, apart from riding polar bears can assist you to help in attacking and defense and can be used as a mount.

Can you tame polar bears in Minecraft Java?

Polar bears can be tamed in Minecraft Java, you just need to feed salmon and COD fishes to them and when they start to give a heart appearance above them that means he is tamed.

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