Novelkeys Cream Switches: Review and {The Expert Guide}

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Linear switches tend to have a smoother typing profile with an express fast response time that’s why they are always on Gamer’s top of the list.

Gateron’s linear switches are the most popular due to their super smoothness whereas Kailh Clicky switches are users’ hot favorite due to their crisp and crunchy clicks.

But one linear switch from Kailh is said to be the biggest competitor for all linear profile switch manufacturers.

The switch I’m talking about is ‘NovelKeys Cream Switches’ produced by Kailh.

As a keyboard enthusiast myself, the detailed information along with a review for NovelKeys Cream switches becomes the most prioritized thing for me.

That’s why I have prepared a well-detailed article on Novelkeys cream which certainly helps you to decide whether it is the best to fit for your mechanical keyboard or not.

Let’s get dive into the details to explore these Novelkeys cream switches!

What are Novelkeys Cream Switches?


Novelkeys Cream switches are linear types of switches that are specially designed to obtain a super-smooth, very quiet, and unique typing experience with a self-lubricating mechanism.

These switches are designed and produced by a Chinese switch brand Kailh switches (Kaihua Electronics Ltd).

Novelkeys Cream switches feature Mx style latching for both top and bottom housing, both housing and stems are made out of self-lubricating POM giving these switches a very unique character.

Take a look at the following significant components of Novel cream from they are constructed:

  • Nylon
  • POM housing (Self Lubrication)
  • POM Stem (a higher quality plastic called Polyoxymethylene)

Being a linear switch, these switches have 55g of actuation which looks slightly heavy at a first glance but we will discuss in-depth actuation in the later part of this article.

They can easily last up to 50 million keystrokes means having excellent durabilit.

Although these switches look promising at first impression but need to explore them on every technical benchmark to know their real potential as well as do they deliver real value.

NovelKeys Cream Switches Specifications

novelkeys cream switches-specs

Novelkeys cream switches are equipped with some unique and different specs and functionalities comparing conventional Kailh switches.

Their self-lubricating POM material is responsible for producing more smooth during typing on these switches.

Here are the complete specifications of Novelkeys cream switches I’m embedding through a well-structured table for better understanding:


NovelKeys Cream Switches

Manufactured By

Kaihua Electronics Ltd

Switch Type

Linear Profile

Top Housing

Self-Lubrication POM

Bottom Housing

Self-Lubrication POM

Actuation Force


Spring-Force (Bottom-Out)



Cherry MX compatible (PCB Mounted) 


Slightly Heavier then Red and Yellow switches

Sound Profile

Very Quiet

Typing Experience

Smooth and fast typing experience with very quiet sound and some scratchy feel.

Novelkeys Cream Switches Review

Before reaching the conclusion, We should look at how Novelkeys Cream switches perform in all technical aspects.

For that, I’m reviewing these switches on 6 different technical benchmarks which will help us to decide are they better or not?

Here is the in-depth review of Novel cream switches:

novelkeys cream switches-3

1. Novelkeys Cream Switches Sound Test

Novelkeys cream switches belong to a linear switch profile, which means they are produced keeping in mind that the sound should be quiet and less noisy.

And they justified their profile as Novel creams are quiet and produce very less noise while typing but one thing is pretty clear is that the sound is slightly scratchy, this can be noticed by professionals while typing.

One significant reason for these switches being scratchy is they come without a pre-lubed from the factory, unlike some other switches.

Their self-lubricating mechanism supports well these switches to reduce the scratchiness but it is just mediocre and not implemented perfectly. Although I would say it can be acceptable.

Overall in terms of sound,  Novelkeys cream switches are silent but come up with some sort of scratchy sound during typing.

Here is the video I’m embedding for you to get the real feel of its sound:

2. Appearance

novelkeys cream switches 2

The appearance of Novelkeys cream switches is quite unique and different from the conventional switches.

The top and bottom housing color is off-white and very close to the Cream color that’s the reason these switches got their name cream switches.

These cream switches can be easily recognizable by their colors, this cream color top and bottom housing give them a brilliant appearance, whereas different color stems and aluminum spring enhance their sturdiness.

The housing is a little bit slippery and glossy looking that provides smoothness when touched and typed.

Due to cream color housing and the high-quality POM components, these switches appear to be very good switches in terms of design and structure.

3. Push Feel

When you touch your fingertip on mechanical switches or when you push them, you feel a sensation it may be anything such as pleasant, Smoother, or satisfactory. This is known as Push Feel in mechanical switches.

Being a linear switch, Novelkeys creams don’t have discernable pretravel that make these switches consistent and efficient.

There is a very tiny difference between the operating point and reset point which is nearly around 0.2mm, this generates a small force curve during the keystrokes.

This can be quite noticeable while typing on them, although it will not impact drastically.

Talking about the typing feedback, Novelkeys cream switches do not offer any typing feedback so you will not get any major sensation after the successful keystrokes.

You may find the same typing feedback in all linear switches as they don’t usually provide strong feedback like tactile and clicky switches.

4. Spring Wobble

As far as the spring wobble is concerned, Kailh performs much better and has very less spring wobble than Gateron switches.

One major downside you see in Gaterons is they have more spring wobble which makes them less stable while typing, but Kailh Novelkeys cream switches did an exceptional job in this field.

The spring works perfectly and provides consistent actuation with precise accuracy.

Novelkeys cream has spring wobble in a very less amount in the E/W direction, but it can be hardly noticeable while typing at ideal speed.

With slow typing, there must be a chance you may feel spring wobble but I think this can be completely ignored by looking at some other switches as we have discussed above.

Mentioning this thing is mandatory especially when doing an in-depth review of the switches.

5. Lubing

Lubing is the most significant aspect of Novelkeys cream switches, that is why I’m mentioning it here.

Lubing is a process that is done on mechanical switches to obtain more smoothness and optimum sound.

That’s why many mechanical switches come with Pre-lubing from the factory with very thin lubrication material.

Novelkeys Cream switches do not come with Pre-lubrication from the factory.

Although, they have different mechanisms as Novelkeys cream’s top and bottom housing along with the stem is made with Self-lubrication POM, which is made to provide smoother typing with feasible sound.

If required, you can lube these switches from thin Lubing material, that will bring a super smoothness to the switches.

6. Price

Price is the most dominating factor when purchasing any mechanical switch because maximum switches come at a slightly expensive price.

NovelKeys Cream switches usually compare with its competitor Gateron switches as both switches fall in the same category.

NovelKeys Cream switches are priced at $0.65 for switches, the price may vary on different online platforms. Considering these prices I would say Novelkeys are a bit expensive switches.

At the same price point, users have some excellent switch options in linear switch categories such as Banana Split switches, Tangerine switches, and User favorite Gaterons.

For that reason, Novelkeys cream looks a little bit expensive.

Where to buy NovelKeys Cream Switches?

NovelKeys Cream switches is a Kailh product that is mostly available easily on all e-commerce platforms as well as on your surrounding keyboards store.

Here are the most reliable platforms from which you can get Novelkeys cream switches fro your keyboard:

  2. Amazon

Before buying these switches, compare their price on all the given platforms and check for availability at your location.

Bestseller No. 1

novelkeys cream switches Amazon
  • ✅NovelKeys Cream – Linear | 
  • ✅ Self-lubricating POM
  • ✅ The switch is also a first for Kailh
  • ✅Gaming, Offices, and Personal

Do you need to lube NovelKeys cream switches?

Well, it completely depends on your personal preference, being a linear switch they are smoother as well as faster during typing.

Due to this reason, they do not come with a Pre-lubing from the factory.

Novelkeys cream switches are constructed with the Self-lubrication POM which is designed to provide smoothness and softness but in our practical application, these switches give a little bit of scratchy feel and sound.

To reduce their scratchy feel and behavior lubing NovelKeys Cream switches is a very good idea which will make them more smooth and sounds much better.

If you are comfortable with these switches while typing it is not recommended to lube these switches at initial usage.

How do you lube NovelKeys cream switches?

Lubing is performed on any mechanical switch to obtain more smoothness, feasibility, and premium sound.

It can be done with very simple steps but you need to keep tools in your hand along with some precautions too before lubing switches.

For the best guidance, take a look at the video so you would know how it can be performed practically.

Source: Rx003


Should You Buy NovelKeys cream switches?

NovelKeys Cream switches are definitely good linear switches and are used by many professionals and regular users.

Their 55g actuation and 70g bottom-out force are consistent and efficient that look slightly heavier considering the linear profile, while the Spring is also consistent and very impressive during typing.

One downside we have seen is the scratchy feel and sound generated by Novelkeys cream which makes disappoints some users.

But it can be removed by performing lubing on these switches that will not make them super smooth but also fast and scratch-free.

If you don’t like very light linear switches such as Red and Yellow that has 35g or lower actuation, you can try out NovelKeys Cream switches which are heavier and quiet with a linear feel.

Otherwise, you can look for some excellent linear switches such as Gateron Ink Black, Banana Split, and Tangerine switches.

Check out our complete review on Gateron Ink Black Switches.


Now it’s time to conclude this post on NovelKeys Cream switches.

Novelkeys cream switches are strong linear switches with high actuation and less spring wobble that provides a consistent and excellent typing experience.

The switches have impressive top and bottom cream housing that looks unique and slippery at the same time, this is what these switches’ specialty.

Novelkeys cream switches have many positive aspects like their heavier linear profile without much sensation, adding them a lube makes these switches an excellent option for day-to-day applications.

You can also opt for them for office applications where you have to maintain peace while typing on the keyboard.

Price is a bit expensive in my opinion but it is justified looking at their premium built and sturdier spring mountain.

Novelkeys Cream switches are certainly good switches but I would not consider them the best linear in the market.

I hope this post was helpful to you.

Thanks for reading.


NovelKeys Cream Switches FAQs

How long does it take to break in Novelkeys creams?

Novelkeys Creams are linear switches that are constructed with self-lubrication POM so it is advised to use these switches for a couple of months before lubing them, well Novelkeys creams are very durable having 30-50 million keystrokes life.

Are cream switches quiet?

Cream switches are generally made of self-lubrication POM for top and bottom housing which makes them smoother and very quieter during typing so cream switches are quiet in terms of sound production.

Novelkeys Cream switches are 3 Pin or 5 Pin?

NovelKeys Cream switches installed on 3 Pin support that mounted very strongly on the PCB.

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