Outemu Switches: Are they exceptionally Good?

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Have you ever skipped your plan to buy keyboard switches for your mechanical keyboard just because of their high prices?

If yes, now you don’t need to be concerned about it because in this article I am going to cover completely detailed information about a switch which powers with a stunning performance along with comes under a very economical budget.

The switches are ‘Outemu Switches’.

These switches are considered to be the most economical switches on the market.

Some keyboard enthusiasts use these switches as cherry MX switches alternatives for their keyboard.

But being economical, are they as good as the other linear switches?

Or there is something significant that you should know before buying Outemu switches.

To get all the answers, I have prepared an in-depth article about these switches including Outemu switches review, Pros & Cons, and conclusive answer of should you buy it or not?

So being with us till the end.

Let’s get dive into the details!

What are Outemu Switches?

Outemu Switches-2

Outemu Switches are best known to provide the same feel and experience as Cherry MX switches within a very economic budget.

You shouldn’t be panic if I give it the title of ‘Replica switches of Cherry MX’.

Outemu switches are specially designed to compete with some excellent switches available on the market like Cherry MX or Gateron’s.

But the most significant factor is, all keyboard lovers can’t afford these expensive switches as they come at a higher price point especially Cherry MX.

That’s where Outemu Switches were born.

These switches inherited so many properties of Cherry’s switch except the price which is absolutely economical.

These are the following characters associated with Outemu switches:

  • Manufactured in China
  • Tactile, Clicky, and Linear Switch Profile
  • Classified in Outemu Blue, Brown, Red, and Black Switches.

Each switch from Outemu is equipped with its own unique feel and functionality like different actuation, utility, and sound profile.

But do you know?

Initially, Making clones of Cherry MX switches were highly restricted due to having patent of cherry switches but later when the company’s patent expired many manufacturer companies jumped into these switch battle.

The construction of Outemu switches is mostly taking place in China.

Are Outemu Switches Good?

Outemu is considered the most budget-friendly switches, but being economical doesn’t mean you have to compromise with the performance rather it has proved to be excellent switches in terms of performance.

I can assure you wouldn’t be disappointed after using it on your mechanical keyboard.

You will come out with a satisfying user experience using it.

One thing which is a downside of Outemu switches is their durability, lack of stability, and sturdiness.

As a result, you may feel some rattling or shaky during typing on it but In my opinion, keeping their price and many positive aspects in mind is not going to deal-breaker for you.

Although if you compare their durability with Cherry MX switches, cherry switches can exceptionally outperform for many years without looking back.

But don’t forget they will cost you more comparing Outemu’s as well as some successful switches like Gateron’s family.

Apart from that, Outemu switches are definitely good switches which you can consider for your keyboard without a single doubt.

If I had to choose I will go with Outemu Red switches for the current replacement.

Outemu Switches Comparison & Guide

These switches have four variants in their lineup which are Outemu Red, Outemu Black, Outemu Blue, and Outemu Brown.

Comparing these switches on a different benchmark will clear all your queries regarding which Outemu variant is compatible with your keyboard or which variant is best suited for your needs.

Take a look at the Outemu switches lineup.

Switch Name

Switch Type

Actuation Force

Travel Distance

Noise Level

Outemu Blue Switches





Outemu Brown Switches





Outemu Red Switches





Outemu Black Switches





The above table shows how every Outemu switches are different from actuation force to their sound.

I will try to explain every bit of these switches in this post so be with us till the end.

Please check out this video to get a real experience of how these switches sound, touch, look and click.

Source: Muffin kun Sensei


Outemu switches Review

The Outemu Switches are well known to provide as specs and performance as Cherry MX switches, in simple words these switches are said to ‘clone of Cherry Switches’ 

But is it true or there is some misguide rumors rounding the market?

This will be cleared after reading this complete post, I assured you!

Here is the in-depth review of all Outemu switches variants by breaking it down into all technical benchmarks along with essential factors.

1. Outemu Blue Switch

Outemu Blue switches

The Blue switches from Outemu are the most preferred switch among Outemu’s lineup due to their tactile feedback, clicky profile, and slightly premium feel.

Here are the main characteristics of Outemu Blue switches.


As far as the sound of Outemu Blue switches is concerned, they are typically loud as well as high-pitched due to their blue switch profile.

As you know, Blue switches sound loud and give clicky feedback while you work on them so there is no drastic specialty of these switches but I can say high pitched sound slightly separates them.

Maybe you would love their sound if you are a fan of blue switches.

Actuation Force

Outemu blues are heavier switches because of the high actuation which is closely 60cN.

You have to push a little harder with the pressure for registering a keystroke, you may also feel some sort of scratchiness from the bottom outside.

Considering their clicky switch profile, these blue switches are quite good for the user who expect heavy actuation from their keyboard switch.

They are not very easy to press comparing red switches.

Talking about their travel distance, these switches have a 3.6mm travel distance which can make a little bit different while choosing it.

Typing and Gaming

Typing and Gaming are the two benchmarks that are highly deceicive whether a user will purchase it or not. 

So the switches that performed best are going to the user’s favorite.

For these Outemu Blue switches, these switches perform excellently in typing and there is less probability of mistyping or errors because it needs more pressure and concentration to type on it.

But Outemu Blue switches are not that good for gaming including fast-faced games where you have to react in a second. Their heavy presses would not allow them to do it.

Outemu Blues are not considered ideal for gaming purposes but for typing and indoor use they are most suitable.

2. Outemu Brown Switch

Outemu Brown Switches

The switches are well balanced between actuation and sound and can be considered for every user whether it is gaming or some specific task.

The switches I am talking about are Outemu Brown switches.

But that is not the end, here are the in-depth details and how they perform in all technical benchmarks.


Outemu Brown Switches sound is slightly balanced either they are not too noisy or too silent, I can say it lye between the middle.

If you pressed them hard the sound is produced noisy, so it depends on the user how he types on the keyboard. 

Outemu Brown switches are best suitable for home usage, but for the office and small space, they are not recommended.

First, you should decide what kind of user you are and make decisions accordingly.

Actuation Force

Outemu Brown switches have 40cN actuation force whereas bottom out actuation is 55cN which is quite balanced.

Tactile switches are known to provide tactile feedback during a successful keystroke.

So Being a tactile switch profile, these switches consist of a tactile bump on top of it and give you tactile feedback while using it.

Having 55cN of actuation is proven to be good for error-free typing as users are generally more attentive and careful.

For regular games, these switches are quite good but it may be a little difficult for a user while playing a fast-paced game.

If you are using brown switches and looking for their replacement, these Brown switches from Outemu can be a good option.

Typing and Gaming

As I mentioned above, Outemu Brown switches have a slightly tactile bump on each keystroke as a result users get tactile feedback while working on it.

Due to having a medium actuation force, these switches become good for typing as well as for programming.

From a gaming perspective, these brown switches can be a good option.

The mistyping probability will be less due to heavy actuation so a little more pressure you have to put in on the switch. 

This is a completely user-based choice because some users don’t prefer to type with extra pressure on any switches whereas some users loved that too much and only use tactile switches throughout their working journey with a mechanical keyboard.

Every switch has its own specialty so make sure to check what kind of the purpose of using these switches is.

3. Outemu Red Switch

Outemu Red Switches-1

Outemu Red switches are widely used and the most preferred among all Outemu switches because of their lighter touch and smooth feel.

These switches are the complete replica of Cherry MX Red switches.

These Red switches from Outemu are comparatively come at a lower price point, this gives a wide edge to these switches.

Let’s take a look at how well they perform in sound profile, actuation, typing, and gaming.


The Outemu Red switches are a linear type of mechanical switch which simply means these red switches are quiet while typing.

The sound profile of these Outemu Red switches is usually silent along with producing satisfying sound making these switches a magnificent choice for silent switch lovers.

Because of their linear switch profile, unlike Blue and Brown switches these switches don’t provide any tactile feedback as a result you would not be able to hear loud audible clicks.

The keypresses with each click are easy and smooth.

Actuation Force

Outemu Red switches come with 50cN bottom out actuation which allows them to fast type on it and they are quite similar to Cherry MX switches in terms of performance and speed.

Due to a linear switch and having a light actuation force, these red switches don’t require any additional force to register a keystroke.

Outemu Red switches are very light switches and easy to press so you can register a keystroke very easily by moving your hands frequently from one switch to another.

This 50cN actuation is considered good for gaming as they allow fast finger movement across the entire keyboard.

The travel distance between the switches is 4mm making it ideal for both the users having small or big hands. They feel comfortable with these switches.

If you prefer a light switch over some heavy switches, Outemu Red switches are made for you.

Typing and Gaming

For precisely typing Outemu Red switches are not as good as the others switch like Blue and Brown.

If you are coming from Blue and Brown switches then you are more likely to do mistypes on the keyboard due to their linear switch profile.

I will not recommend these switches for typing along with where accuracy is the priority.

But for gaming, these switches can be an excellent option because they perform exceptionally well in gaming.

As you already know, a switch should be light and has to be fast enough for fast-paced gaming where users have to respond in a second. In this scenario, Outemu Red switches come out to be perfect and meet this requirement.

I can conclude to keep all aspects in mind, for gaming a big yes and for typing it depend on the user’s preference.

4. Outemu Black Switch

Outemu Black Switches

Outemu Black switches are not as popular as the other Outemu switches but some keyboard enthusiasts who like a silent but heavy switches still prefer black switches.

So as far as the black switches are concerned, these Outemu black switches occupied a separate place on the market.

Outemu Black Switches are the linear type of switch that are quite silent but heavy switches due to heavy actuation force.

Here are the complete specifications of these black switches including their sound profile, actuation, and typing experience.


Outemu Black switches are quiet and silent because of the linear switch profile.

These switches are quite similar to Outemu Red switches in terms of sound profile but slightly heavy in terms of actuation.

The sound produced by them is more standard, deeper, and pleasing to your ears. 

You can lube these switches if you want to make them smoother as well as more silent.

These Black switches are best suitable for indoor conditions like office and central apartments as they produce very little noise so surrounded people won’t get disturbed from their noise.

Actuation Force

Outemu Black switches have a 65cN actuation force despite grabbing the title of linear switch profile which is simply justified by looking at their overall performance.

Equipped with heavy actuation means you have to push down a little hard on the key switches to register a keystroke.

65 grams of actuation from Outemu Black switches is definitely a positive factor for the user who wants precise accuracy and efficiency from their keyboard switches.

Heavy actuation is a highly responsible factor to prevent misclicks despite aggressive typing, so in this technical benchmark, black switches offer you almost error-free typing.

Considering the above factors, these black switches from Outemu switches line up came out to be very good switches for day-to-day usage.

Typing and Gaming

Red switches are not favorable for typing as I said earlier because of their light actuation which possibly creates some error while typing.

These Outemu Black switches fulfill the weakness of red switches and provide you with excellent typing experience with precise accuracy and efficiency.

I would only say these black switches are absolutely good and highly suitable for typing in any circumstances whether for office or home.

These switches lie in linear switch profiles so they are capable enough to provide a tremendous gaming experience to you unless you are habitual of using heavy switches.

Overall Outemu Black switches are a kind of switch that is able to fulfill the requirements of gaming as well as typing.

Undoubtedly you can consider these Outemu switches for your current black switches replacement of your mechanical keyboard.

Outemu Switches Sound

Here is the video from The Techne I’m embedding for you to get a real touch and sound feel of all Outemu Switches:

Source: The Techne


Outemu Switches Pros and Cons

There are many advantages and least drawbacks associated with the Outemu switches which you should be aware of for better perception.

Here is the table of pros and cons for the Outemu switches:



Highly Economical- This is the most significant advantage of Outemu Switches and the main reason to purchase them.

Slightly Lower Durability and Stability- This is the only downside I found on the Outemu switches, but this can be adjustable because they can serve you best for many years without looking back.

Different Actuations- each switch variant comes with a different actuation so it is feasible for all the users having different purposes.

Quality- Looking at the price, the quality these Outemu Switches provide is excellent and satisfying.

Value for Money- Considering Outemu switches specs and performance and the price they come at is superbly impressive and there is no denying to say its value for money switch.

Outemu Switches vs Cherry

Outemu Switches vs Cherry

Outemu Switches are often compared to Cherry MX switches because Outemu’s have many similarities with cherry’s switches in terms of actuation, sounds, and smoother feel.

So the question will be absolutely justified ‘Outemu switches vs Cherry’?

Look, A German company Cherry have already built their reputation from a long years ago in the battle of mechanical switches due to their premium switches and beast performance.

But after losing the patent many different companies have developed clone switches that can directly give competition to Cherry, and Outemu is one of them.

Now coming to Outemu switches, there is no doubt to say Outemu switches are excellent switches having good quality materials, stunning performance, different actuation for different purposes, decent sounds, and overall they provide the best value considering their price which is drastically lower compared to Cherry.

One downside associated with Outemu switches is the lack of stability and sturdiness and they are not as durable as Cherry’s which has 100 million keystrokes.

So if the budget is not your primary concern you should buy Cherry MX switches but if you are a person who wants value products under a decent budget, Outemu is the switch you should buy.

I embedding a comparison video of both switches so you may get a more clear idea about their touch and sound feel.

Source: SwitchTech


Note- I highly recommend, you should also check nearly Perfect switches ‘Gateron Switches’ which is slightly high in price compared to Outemu’s.

Here is the Detailed Guide about Gateron Switches.

Are Outemu Switches Worth Buying?

A very precious question ‘Are Outemu Switches Worth Buying’?

My answer is definitely Yes, The reason for yes is Outemu switches are equipped with all significant specs and advanced features as well as deliver a stunning performance to the users.

‘Yes’ because If you want a real feel of Cherry Mx switches but if you have a very tight budget and want to save your hard-earned money.

You can buy Outemu switches from Amazon, mechanicalkeyboards

Here I have brought for you the two best and value-for-money mechanical keyboards with the Outemu switches.

Bestseller No. 1

Outemu Switches Amazon-1
  • ✅Designed with universal hot-swappable Outemu switches,…
  • ✅Small Size, Full Power: 60% form factor,
  • ✅Smooth, Slick Movement: Pre-lubed stabilizers
  • ✅Dual Shot Keycaps will never fade…
  • ✅Adjustable spectrum modes, button assignments and easy-macro scripts… 

Bestseller No. 2

Outemu Switches Amazon
Outemu Switches Amazon-2


I have tried my best to cover a complete and detailed analysis of Outemu switches including its review and in-depth guide.

Hopefully, you did get your answer for which you have landed here.

Let’s conclude this article.

These Outemu switches are widely popular for being a clone of Cherry MX switches but there is no wonder to say these Outemu switches performed exceptionally well in all technical benchmarks.

Like all switches, Outemu’s have some downsides too as they have some scratchiness along with some lack of durability but Outemu’s many positive aspects definitely overshadowed negative sides.

Although Outemu’s have Blue, Brown, Red, and Black switches in their lineup having different actuation, specs, and sound for different purposes.

Cherry switches cost you almost double than Outemu switches.

So finally it’s your decision, if you can afford Cherry MX then there is no need to think for others.

But if you want good and balanced switches at a very economical price, Outemu switches are the best choice for your keyboard.

I hope this post was helpful to you.

Thanks for reading.


Outemu Switches FAQs

Are Outemu switches bad?

Outemu Switches are not bad at all rather they are equipped with impressive specs and performed excellent along with they are very good replacement of cherry Mx switches at a very economical price.

Are Outemu switches better than Cherry MX?

Outemu switches are undoubtedly a great buy under a good price but you can probably do little compromise with the durability and stability, in these terms cherry MX switches are quite ahead.

Is Outemu or Gateron better?

Gateron switches are quite better in terms of performance, smoothness, stability, durability, and sound profile but they come slightly more expensive than Outemu Switches.

Which switches are compatible with Outemu?

As long as the switches are compatible with Cherry, Gateron, Kailh, and Invr Panda they can easily be mounted on Outemu switches too.

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