Skyloong Chocolate Switches Review: Best Affordable switches?

(Last Updated On: June 28, 2022)

Changing switches on a mechanical keyboard significantly improves the efficiency and performance of a keyboard.

From typing speed, and error-free typing, to consistent actuation, mechanical switches perform excellently on all these factors. 

Cherry, Gateron, and Kailh are the three most popular switch brands that dominate the entire mechanical switches market.

Apart from these switch brands, Skyloong is gradually establishing its feet on the market with its phenomenal keyboard accessories including mechanical switches, keycaps, and DIY keyboards.

Especially I found that Skyloong’s Chocolate and Glacier Silent switches are very unique switch models that provide great recognition to Skyloong in the keyboards industry.

Let’s review Skyloong Chocolate switches on all technical benchmarks to find out are they really good switches in the Chocolate switch category.

Or there is something that needs to be revealed.

Let’s get dive into the details!

What are Skyloong Choclate Switches?

Skyloong Chocolate switches

Skyloong Chocolate switches are specially designed for mechanical keyboard enthusiasts who want to improve their keyboard efficiency by changing mechanical switches.

After reviewing and analyzing all the Chocolate switches, Skyloong developed efficient and improved Chocolate switches that are well capable to provide an excellent typing experience with great durability.

Durability, Softness, and affordable price are the perfect combination of these switches to improve your typing experience.

Skyloong switches are made with the following significant components:

  • Very High-quality Plastic material.
  • Durable and Soft Stem.
  • Gold Plated Spring for better actuation.

Skyloong has a variety of Chocoate switches with every switch profile.

It produces Tactile Chocolate switches for strong tactility, Linear Chocolate switches for smoother and silent typing whereas Clicky Chocolate switches for clicky and error-free typing.

These all switches work on a different actuation force, so opt for them based on your preferences.

If you need mechanical switches for a special purpose, Skyloong has all variants to fulfill your needs.

Skyloong Choclate Switches Specifications

Skyloong switches have 7 different Chocolate switches in their lineup and every chocolate switch has its own specification and character.

Some mechanical keyboard users love to type on light switches whereas some prefer heavy and Loud switches.

If you are confused about which chocolate switches to get for your keyboard, read this complete article to get cleared your doubt.

Now take a look at the Skyloong Chocolate Switches specification table:








Chocolate Red Switch






50M (Keystrokes

Chocolate Silver Switch







Chocolate White Switch





Very Low


Chocolate Yellow Switch





Very Low


Chocolate Blue Switch





Very High


Chocolate Brown Switch







Chocolate Rose Switch

Very Tactile




Slight High


Skyloong Choclate Switches In-Depth Comparison

As you can see in the above table, Skyloong switches have 7 different chocolate switches for various purposes.

Lets’s break down these switches into in-depth details to know their utility, and which chocolate switches are gonna perfect for your mechanical keyboard.

1. Skyloong Chocolate Red Switch

If looking for smoother chocolate switches with a quiet sound profile, then no other switches are better than Skyloong Chocolate Red switches.

The Skyloong Chocolate Red switches are linear switches that are purely designed to get a smoother typing experience without a clicky and tactile feel.

The sound is quite silent with a deep rich sound that gives a pleasing experience while typing.

It comes with a very light actuation which is 45g means you required very less force to activate keystrokes, you can easily type on Chocolate red switches with very light hands.

The travel distance is 4mm along with Pre-travel distance is 2mm which is ideal and very similar to other profiles of red switches like Gateron, and Kailh switches.

Well, Skyloong Chocolate Red switches provide excellent comfortability as well as consistent throughout the typing experience on them.

These Skyloong Chocolate Red switches are a perfect choice for Offices (being Silent switch), gaming ( offer Fast response time), and every occasion where silent typing is a priority.

2. Skyloong Chocolate Silver Switch

As far as the features and specifications are concerned, Skyloong Chocolate Silver switches are very similar compared to chocolate red switches.

The one significant factor differentiating both switches is the Pre-travel distance which is 1mm and having a short travel distance a user may face slight difficulties at an initial level during typing as it may create fatigue in fingers.

Leaving these apart, Chocolate Silver switches are slight heavy linear switches in the Linear switches category.

Errors generation probably be less along with a fast reaction time due to the overall structure of Skyloong Chocolate Silver switches.

These Chocolate Silver can be a good option for a person who refers to slight short and heavy actuation than Chocolate red switches.

3. Skyloong Chocolate White Switch

Chocolate White Switches

Chocolate White switches from Skyloong are very unique and flawless switches, you would hardly find white switch options in other switch manufacturers.

These Chocolate white switches are extremely light switches in the linear switch category, having 30g of actuation force along with a light bottom out make these switches very light while typing on.

The pre-travel bottom out is also relatively short, it’s not that much but it can be monitored during typing.

Being the lightest switch, sometimes you may actuate keystrokes accidentally especially it may happen when resting your hands on the keyboard as it required very less force to activate.

Apart from actuation and bottom-out, white chocolate switches share many similarities with Choco red switches. 

Overall, Skyloong Chocolate white switches are consistent along with offer a fast response time with smooth and quiet typing can be a big upside, especially looking at switches for office purposes.

4. Skyloong Chocolate Yellow Switch

Among all linear switch profiles, Yellow switches are considered the most smooth switches available for a mechanical keyboard.

And the keyboards lover who loves linear chocolate switches for their keyboard, these Chocolate Yellow switches from Skyloong perfectly suit their needs.

The Skyloong Chocolate Yellow switches are equipped with 30g of actuation and light bottom-out force which makes these switches the lightest switches in the Skyloong Chocolate family.

These chocolate Yellow switches have similar specifications to previously discussed white switches, but like Skyloong USPs the main differentiating factor between White and Yellow chocolate switches is the Pre-travel distance which is comparatively short in Yellow chocolate switches.

1mm pre-travel distance provides a compact oriented layout for a mechanical keyboard as it works best for compact keyboards.

keep in mind that Yellow chocolate switches are way smoother and fast than Red switches due to light actuation and short travel, the sound profile is silent with a deeper tone.

If you’re the kind of keyboard user for whom Skyloong Chocolate red switches feel heavier, these Yellow switches are the best choice to go with.

5. Skyloong Chocolate Blue Switch

Chocolate Blue Switches

After discussing Skyloong Chocolate linear switches let’s take a look at the clicky switches and their specs and practical applications.

These Chocolate Blue switches from Skyloong have a clicky switch profile that offers a louder and clicky sound with a noticeable bump during typing.

The Chocolate Blue switches fall in the heavy switch category due to their heavy actuation force along with high bottom-out spring force.

These Blue switches required 58g of actuation force to get actuated which simply means a user needs to press these switches intentionally with higher pressure and a clicky sound ensures the successful actuation.

The bottom-out force is quite similar to all other mechanical switches from the Skyloong chocolate family except for their special edition White, Yellow, and Rose switch.

The most vital advantage of Blue chocolate switches is the probability of error generation is very less compared to linear chocolate switches.

Check out these Skyloong Chocolate Blue switches if you are a fan of loud and clicky switches with slight heavy actuation They performed excellently on all technical benchmarks.

6. Skyloong Chocolate Brown Switch

Chocolate Brown Switches

The Skyloong chocolate Brown switches are Tactile types of switches that delivers excellent typing speed with a moderate sound profile.

As these switches come with slight bumpy feedback so you won’t get a high noticeable bump and clicky sound after successful keystrokes like the Choco Blue switches.

In terms of actuation and bottom-out force, these chocolate Brown switches also comes with a high actuation force of 58g and 5g of bottom-out after every successful keystroke performed on these switches.

Except for clicky sound feedback, Skyloong Chocolate Brown switches have the same specification as the Blue switches including, structure, total, and pre-travel distance.

These Chocolate Brown switches are perfectly made for the people who like the heavy actuation of Blue switches but without a clicky and loud noise.

7. Skyloong Chocolate Rose Switch (Special Edition)

Chocolate Rose is another special edition switch from Skyloong like chocolate white switches.

Chocolate Rose switches are the tactile types of switches and are considered the heaviest switch in the Skyloong family.

The actuation force is 65g which is considered very high. It is 7g more compared to Blue switches that are fairly considered heavy so you need a very strong hand while typing on this chocolate Rose switches.

Taking aside actuation, if we compared pre and total travel distance, and bottom-out force, you will find slight differences as the Pre-travel distance is 1.8mm which is 0.2mm shorter than regular switches.

Bottom-out and Total travel distance is the same as the Chocolate Blue and Brown switches.

You may feel moderate sound but with a deeper base due to some sort of actuation but won’t get a clicky and loud noise.

If you prefer tactile switches for your mechanical keyboard, you certainly try out Skyloong chocolate Rose switches which can give a unique typing experience with heavy actuation.

Which Skyloong Chocolate Switch is the Best?

Skyloong Chocolate switches-1

Choosing the best chocolate switches completely depends on your priority of applications. But one thing that is pretty clear is all switches produced by Skyloong are exceptionally good.

So choosing one is quite challenging, but I can help you with picking out the best for sure.

Look, if you are looking for a switch, especially for gaming, I highly recommended you to go with Skyloong chocolate red and Yellow switches that are extremely fast and silent. It can also be best fitted for office usage.

For Professional typists and stenographers, the best recommendation would be Skyloong chocolate brown switches as they produce very less errors with moderate sound.

Clicky Chocolate Blue switches can also be a good choice for professional typists for them loud and clicky noise doesn’t matter in their circumstances.

Where to buy Skyloong Chocolate Switches?

Buying Skyloong chocolate switches are quite easy, you need to go to its official website and place your preferred switches order there.

The price for all chocolate switches is very affordable compared to other chocolate switches such as Kailh and EPOmaker.

You can get Skyloong chocolate switches as low as $15 for 35 pc.

Don’t forget to check out regularly for getting the best deals on these switches during offers.

Here is the official link of Skyloong chocolate switches:


Bestseller No. 1

Skyloong Chocolate switches-Buy
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As we have seen every chocolate switch in the detail, now it’s time to wrap up this article on Chocolate switches.

The Skyloong has a variety of switches for every different purpose, a user can opt for the best according to his needs and preferences.

The most significant property of Skyloong chocolate switches is their excellent performance under a very economical price point, at $15 for 35 pcs you will not get from any other reliable manufacturer.

From comfortability, typing efficiency to durability Skyloong delivers tremendous performance in every technical aspect and comes out to be value-for-money switches.

If you are looking to replace your current mechanical switches with chocolate switches, You should certainly check out Skyloong Chocolate switches.

You’ll come out to be very happy for sure after using these chocolate switches.

I hope this post was helpful to you.

Thanks for reading.


Skyloong Chocolate Switches FAQs

What are brown switches best for?

Brown switches are considered best for professional typing, programming, and day-to-day usage due to their ideal actuation, balanced sound profile, and slight tactile bump which ensures fast and error-free typing with consistency.

How is the Chocolate rose switch from Skyloong?

Skyloong developed special edition Chocolate rose switches which are perfectly suitable for fast and heavy actuation keypresses due to their heavy actuation force and short travel distance that gives a broad edge in error-free typing.

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