What are Double Shot Keycaps? {A Comprehensive Guide}

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Whenever you look for PBT Keycaps for your mechanical keyboard, you arrived at two different options.

Whether you should go with Pudding Keycaps or Double Shot Keycaps will be perfect for your keyboard.

There are drastic differences between these two keycaps as well as they are made with different plastic materials and mechanisms so picking the best suitable keycaps is slightly challenging for some users.

You don’t need to worry as I have come up with a detailed article regarding Double Shot Keycaps which is completely based on its technical specification, design, structure, durability, and How they work differently from other keycaps.

Why double shot keycaps are loved by keyboard professionals?

This article will certainly help you to decide which one you should pick so make sure to read it completely.

Let’s get dive into the details!

What is Double Shot Keycaps?

double shot keycaps-2

Double Shot Keycaps is created from a very differentiated and advanced process in which two different types of plastic are molded together to form a new type of keycaps which is called Double Shot Keycaps.

This entire manufacturing process is very unique which is different from a conventional method.

Here are the following characteristics of Double Shot Keycaps:

  • Manufactured with the molding of two different plastic materials.
  • The main housing of this keycap is one piece.
  • A letter is easier to read on the keyboards.
  • It is less likely to be fade over time.

By using these keycaps, the typing will be certainly smooth, giving you a premium touch and feel and a good grip over the keys.

When you type with slightly heavy pressure, there are more chances letters to be fade with time with conventional keycaps like ABS but with the Double Shot keycaps, you will get consistency, sharpness, and a very premium feel.

So you don’t need to be concerned about letter fading as these keycaps don’t fade off even after aggressive usage.

The main significant advantage of Double Shot Keycaps is it passes RGB lights through the legends if keycaps are manufactured with opaque plastic materials that help to generate impressive shine.

Printing is exceptional looks good on the keycaps which enhances its beauty and makes keyboards look attractive and durable.

Overall, Double Shot Keycaps provides you with excellent consistency, smooth and premium typing experience as well as long durability.

Keyboard professionals always prefer these keycaps just because of their immense and vital properties.

Here is the video I’m embedding for you to get a real feel of Double Shot Keycaps as well as how they perform in real usage.

Source: TechReflex


What is PBT Double Shot Keycaps?

double shot keycaps-3

Before knowing PBT Double Shot Keycaps, we should what a PBT Keycap is?

A PBT (Polybutylene Terephthalate) Keycap is the most common, high-quality, and popular plastic keycap material used to manufacture high-quality keycaps for mechanical keyboards.

PBT Keycaps is considered the most premium keycaps due to the plastic component from which they are built, making these keycaps smooth, magnificent touch, and premium feel which loved by the users.

Coming to PBT Double Shot Keycaps, It is made from two high-quality plastic materials molding together at a very high temperature to create this type of PBT keycap.

This PBT Double Shot Method is widely used while constructing an RBG supported Back lightening keyboard because it helps to enhance its shine with luminous light.

There are some popular keyboards like HyperX, Corsair is a good example of PBT Double Shot Keyboards.

Due to being molded at high temperature, boost RGB backlit and some essential properties increase PBT Doble Shot Keycaps price that’s why some keyboard users consider it much expensive.

Are Double Shot PBT keycaps good?

Look PBT Keycaps are made with very premium and top-class plastic materials which provide sturdier quality to them.

PBT Keycaps are considered the most durable keycaps compared to other keycaps on the market due to the specific components from which they are made.

Talking about the Double Shot PBT keycaps, these keycaps are beautifully designed and structured and they are manufactured with the molding process of the different plastic materials.

PBT Double Shot Keycaps are tremendously durable and being PBT Keycaps, they don’t develop shiny surfaces even after many years of use making them stand from the crowd.

However, most of the ABS Keycaps are constructed from a low-quality plastic material that comes at a very economical price.

But some ABS Keycaps are premium and can compete with the Double Shot PBT Keycaps.

I would say, Yes PBT Double Shot Keycaps are absolutely good keycaps that make your mechanical keyboard beautiful along with providing many significant advantages over ABS or conventional keycaps.

you can buy these keycaps any day without too much thinking.

How do you know if a keycap is double shot?

double shot keycaps-4

This is the most common question that arises in a user’s mind when choosing a keycap.

Because there are a lot of varieties available on the market for the different types of keycaps so this question is completely justified.

To distinguish whether a keycap is a double shot or not is quite easy as Double Shot Keycaps are tended to have more than one color of plastic under the keycap which can be easily understood by the users.

Apart from, Double Shot Keycaps have more sharpness on letters, precise edges, and color contrast is very high and accurate unlike dye-subbed keycaps or laser edged legends which have very lower contrast and blurry edges.

One significant character which separates the double shot method is the legends on the keys that allow the LED backlight to go through making these keycaps more attractive for most of the users.

This is all the way you can distinguish Double Shot keycaps from other conventional keycaps.

Is dye sub or double shot better?

While making premium and high-quality keycaps, there are two popular methods that manufacturers used.

One is the Double Shot method and the second is Dye-Sub method.

Both methods used different working mechanisms to create keycaps legends. 

A dye-sub method is completely focused on the printing mechanism as it involves printing the legends on the keycaps.

On the other hand, the Double Shot method is based on the injection molding mechanism as this method involves the injection molding process to insert the legends on the keycaps.

I have prepared a comparison table for the dye-sub vs double shot method which will provide depth details as well as clarify every query regarding these two methods.

Take a look at this table for a better understanding.


Double Shot Legend

Dye-Subbed Legend

Constructing Method

Work on Injecting Method

Work on Printing Method

Plastic Material

Constructing from two layer of plastic.

Constructing from laser, dye and Heat.

Feel and Touch

Super Smooth


Color Durability

Colors and Letter never fade due to premium components.

Prone to fade and may wear with the time.

Color Option

Various colors may possible for Double Shot.

Fewer color may possible for dye-sub


Highly Durable

Dye-Sub legends are also durable.


Can be used for backlit and Non backlit keycaps.

Can only be used for Non backlit keycaps.


Mostly Expensive

Usually Dye-Sub keycas are cheaper.

Where to buy Double Shot Keycaps?

There are many companies that manufacture Double Shot Keycaps keyboards at a very good price.

If you are looking to buy high-quality, neat, and premium Double Shot Keycaps, I am putting the best keyboards in front of you.

You can get them on the following online platforms:

  1. Amazon
  2. meckeys.com

I request you to check the price on both platforms before making a decision to get the best deal.

Bestseller No. 1

double shot keycaps-6-amazon
  • ✅Solid & Durable: Highly resistant to friction…
  • ✅Ergonomic Design: The keycaps are OEM Profile…
  • ✅ PBT Doubleshot Keycaps
  • ✅Best Suited For gamers, programmers


Double Shot Keycaps is definitely a great choice over other regular keycaps because of their significant properties and functionalities as we have discussed above in detail.

The keycap which is made from the double shot method provides a sturdy build, smoother feel, excellent hold, and precise accuracy while typing on them. It can also laminate your mechanical keyboard.

But the second phase for these keycaps is we can’t deny that these Double Shot Keycaps are a slightly expensive side which might be a disappointment for some users who are not willing to pay a higher price only for a keycap.

I can leave this point on individual preferences as for some users it is expensive but for some users it is affordable.

You can decide for yourself whether it sits perfectly with your budget and requirements.

Taking aside and considering immense properties I can say It is completely justified their price.

I will highly recommend you to buy Double Shot Keycaps, you will never repent. Trust me!!

I hope this post was helpful to you.

Thanks for reading.


Double Shot Keycaps FAQs

What is the difference between double shot keycaps?

The manufacturing process is the key difference among these keycaps as Double Shot Keycaps is constructed with the two different plastic materials injected through a molding process while in the Dye Sub method, printing is used to produced dye-sub keycaps.

Is hyperx pudding keycaps good?

Yes, Hyper pudding Keycaps is good because of their smooth touch and feel, ergonomic design, highly durable, and compatibility with all types of switches, these all features make Hyper Keycaps a good choice for a user.

Is Double Shot Keycaps expensive?

Double shot keycaps are slightly expensive due to their manufacturing process as these method needs high temperature to mold them.

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