What are Holy Panda Switches: In-depth Explanation

(Last Updated On: March 2, 2022)

As far as the Mechanical keyboard is concerned Holy Panda Switches are the most popular and favorite switches among the users.

You know, Holy Panda Switch was created through experimentation by swapping the two different switches.

It is one of the snappiest tactile mechanical switches too, available on the market.

But why it is so hyped?

Why people are ready to pay an expensive cost for a switch?

What makes it so special?

I’m here to clear all the questions rising in your mind by providing an in-depth article about Holy Panda Switches.

First of all, you should know about what is exactly the holy panda switches, their working mechanism, and How they are different from other switches?

What are Holy Panda Switches?

The Holy Panda Switches are the combination of two popular different switch parts which are:

  • The stem/Slider of a Halo True and
  • The housing of an Invyr Panda

They are produced from the base of these two components By combining the stem from the tactile Halo switch and the solid housing and spring from the linear Invyr Panda, and the result would be Holy Panda Hybrid.

Holy Panda Switches

Holy Pandas were firstly created from the experimentation by the Quakemz.

Holy Pandas are generally best known for their snappy tactile feel with a rounded bump, unique sound profile, as well as HP’s are extremely crisp with each click.

So the overall typing experience with the Holy Pandas is really impressive, superbly satisfying with a nostalgic original feel.

That’s all the reasons Holy Pandas Switches are absolutely unique and loved by most of the consumers.


  • Made from the Top quality housing materials
  • Snappiest tactile mechanical switches 
  • Idiosyncratic sound profile
  • Smooth bump mounted from the top.


  • Little Expensive (For OG Drop Pandas)
  • Not Pre-Lubed

Holy Panda Switches Specifications


Holy Pandas Switches

Manufactured by

Mostly Drop, Glorious, and YOK

Mount Type


Top Housing Material

Invyr Panda (Upper Side-Polycarbonate)

Bottom Housing Material

Combination of Salmon color and Nylon materials

Stem Material

Halo True 

Actuation Force


Sound Profile

Extremely crisp with each click


Snappy Tactile feel


1$ per switch (For Drop Panda)

0.60$ per switch (For Glorious Panda)

Holy Panda Switches Sound & Feel

Holy Pandas offers an amazing feel while typing on it.

These switches are known to provide extra smoothness and tactility that is quite impressive and offers a very unique experience for a user compared to other switches.

As far as the sound is concerned, you can observe a very idiosyncratic sound profile produced by the Holy Pandas switches.

But what makes Holy Pandas out of the stand is they have a very different concept of structure and design while making.

Such as their smooth bump, an opaque stem of Salmon color, snappiness finger movement, sharpness, and last but not least a decent Actuation Force.

These all specifications and the characters make this Holy Pandas very different and special compared to other excellent switches like mainstream Cherry Switches and OEM’s.

Here is the video by 3ildcat from which you can take the real feel of sound produced by the Holy Pandas.

Source: :3ildcat


Holy Panda Switches Review

The Holy Pandas Switches review can be described by the best possible following factors which I have brought for you:

  • Design and Structure
  • Feel
  • Performance

Design and Structure: Holy Pandas are made of the Stem/slider of a Halo Ture and the housing of an Invyr Panda Switches.

If we talk about the bottom of the Panda switches, it is made of a combination of Salmon color and nylon materials which is good for providing a stunning grip over the keys.

The upper part of the switch is made of polycarbonate which is quite strong in terms of build and also better than the low-quality plastics.

Feel: The best possible way to describe the feel of the Holy Panda Switches is to watch a video so you get a clear vision of these switches.

Although the smooth bump mounted on the top is quite noticeable rather it is prominent and the actuation is done very excellently with a little force.

Holy Pandas gives you very strong feedback when a keystroke is registered however, the feedback is from the bump-side upon the quick actuation.

I observed Zealios or MX Clears switches have more sharp, long, and elongated bumps but these panda switches don’t have a drawn-out bump.

Their tactile bump is more noticeable compared to their previous versions.

Holy Panda Switches review

Performance: Holy Panda Switches provides an excellent performance offering a snappy and tactile typing experience for a user.

You will surely fall in love while typing on this switch as well as feel like keep typing not only for your pleasure but for your satisfaction.

You will get a superb response time and express a fast typing experience even without the lube, but if you need you are free to lube the switches according to your requirements.

Isn’t it great?

Even if you play games for a long time or have the habit to type perpetually, this switch keeps you alive on the keyboard and provides a very satisfying typing and keystroke sound.

So overall, Holy Panda Switches provides a great and satisfying user experience.

Are Holy Panda Switches Good for Gaming?

As far as the gaming requirements for key switches is concerned, there are some definitive factors that must be equipped with the switches which are:

  • Fast Response Time
  • Fast fingers movement
  • Actuation Force
  • Anti-fatigue

These are four significant features you should look at before purchasing gaming switches.

Talking about the response time, Holy Pandas generates a fast response time as long as the keystroke is done.

This switch offers fast fingers movements too due to their smooth round bump and tremendous design.

But wait is it allowing keystrokes with the least Actuation Force?

The answer is Holy Pandas are quite heavy at 67g actuation force, it simply means you have to push a little harder during keypresses.

However, pressing this switch too soft deals you with no reaction. But if you press it the right and proper way, you will definitely get a fast response with the least errors.

So if you are the kind of user who is used to habitual with fast gaming switches or even you came from a normal cherry or OEM switches.

It will be a challenge for you to get used to it and it may create little fatigue because of the extra actuation force for pressing a key.

It is concluded if you are having some fun experience or you are familiar with heavier switches for gaming then you can go for Holy Panda switches for gaming.

But if you are not familiar with heavy switches then I would not recommend you this switch. 

Holy Panda Switches Variants

There are many different variants in the market as of now for the Holy Pandas which are very close to the original one and affordable too.

As many companies come forward to produce this kind of switch due to the high demand growing rapidly for these switches.

But mainly there are two brands Drop and Glorious producing Holy Pandas.

Both companies claim to own the full rights of these switches but the trademark battle is going surround who can use the name of Holy Panda.

I am putting a list of Holy Pandas below: 

1. Drop+Invyr Holy Panda Switches

With the collaboration of Invyr, the Drop was the first brand to create and sell their own incarnations of Holy Pandas in their stores.

These switches from the Drop are highly reliable, durable, have the great build quality, and are very close to the original Pandas.

Pandas Switches from the Drop is available on their website Drop.com and You can purchase these switches on Amazon too.

2. Glorious Panda Switches

Glorious claims to have the original tooling, the tool was used to create the Invyr Panda switch, but Glorious doesn’t own the tooling for the stem.

Now the main thing is Glorious are making their own version of Holy Pandas with the help of their own developed stem.

However, Glorious claims to use the same housing along with exact replica of the original HP’s which is completely similar to the Drop’s Holy Pandas.

Glorious Panda Switches

In terms of pricing, Glorious pandas won the battle as their prices are significantly low compared to Drop’s switches.

You can get glorious panda switches around for 0.60$ per switch.

Sounds Affordable, right!!!

Bestseller No. 1

  • ✅Created from the original INVYR Panda housing molds …
  • ✅New and improved Glorious stem…
  • ✅ 67-gram stainless steel spring with nickel plating, sourced from Korea
  • ✅Leaf – Premium grade copper, sourced from Japan…

3. YOK Panda Switches

YOK Panda is generally a linear switch that is famous for a key ingredient and created by the Novelswitch which used to make Holy Yok Panda Switches- completely equivalent and similar to a Holy Panda Switches.

Being a linear switch along with having a 60g medium weight allows smooth travel from start to finish without a tactile bump.

The YOK Pandas come in various unique colors with their interesting names which are: Red, Mint, Trash, and Polar.

YOK Panda Switches
YOK Panda Switches

4. GSUS Panda Switches

GSUS Panda Switches were created to become easily available and affordable for users.

GSUS Pandas are one of the first recreations of the original Holy Pandas family.

GSUS Pandas are not as popular as the other pandas family such as Drop and Glorious even though it is being used by the many peoples who love GSUS Panda Switches.

5. Clear Holy Panda Switches

Clear Holy Panda Switches

Clear Holy Pandas are also sold by the name of Halo Clear switches as these switches are mostly made by Drop and provide a super satisfying and smooth consistent experience to a user.

Being tactile switches, these Clear Holy Panda Switches consist of some sort of medium to heavyweight actuation that is responsible for successful keystrokes with slightly heavy pressed.

During activation, these switches give satisfying pop up as well as excellent holds over the keys.

Having a similar weight of cherry switches along with the smoothness of Halo switches makes these Clear Panda switches stand out and become a favorite for some users.

Holy Panda Switches Price

As far as the Holy Panda switches price is concerned, there are slight differences in prices among switches.

Holy Pandas are widely available in three different variants – Drop Holy Pandas Switches, Glorious Holy Panda, and YOK Panda and each switch come with a different price.

When comes to true Holy Pandas, obviously Drop Pandas are the closest to the OG Holy Pandas but the fact is it is expensive too compared to other Pandas.

Drop Panda Switches cost you around 1$ per switch (Most expensive in Panda Family)

If I talk about Glorious Panda prices it will cost you around 0.60$ per switch which is quite economical and affordable.

Whereas, YOK Pandas are the linear switches that offer equivalent performance to Holy Pandas and the price for the YOK Pandas is around 0.55$ per switch which is very similar to the Glorious Pandas.

Where to buy the Holy Panda Switches?

You can buy Holy Panda Switches from the following websites:

  1. Drop.com
  2. Amazon

Please make sure to compare their price on both platforms to grab these switches at a good price.

Price can be varied according to availability.

Bestseller No. 1

Drop Holy Panda Switches
  • THE MOST TACTILE SWITCHES IN THE WORLD: With a name like Holy Panda…
  • THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS: The result is snappy…
  • COMPATIBILITY: Holy Panda switches are compatible…
  • SPECS: Halo Switch Stems, Polycarbonate top housing…


Holy Pandas Switches were created by the experimentation of two different switches and got the result in such an amazing switch which is getting popular tremendously.

From expensive varients Drop Holy Pandas to an economical variant Glorious and YOK Holy Pandas, you can get this panda switch according to your requirements.

If you are willing to buy a panda switch which closest to the real Holy Pandas experience you should go with Drop.

Or if you want an economical and affordable panda switch that offers almost a replica of Holy Panda Switches, go for Glorious Pandas and save some money.

Holy Panda Switches is always a great choice for the users who love the tactile snappy feel, unique clicky sound, and a bump from the top for stunning grip.

Let’s conclude this article!

I hope this post was helpful to clear all your queries regarding Holy Panda Switches.


Holy Panda Switches FAQs

Are Holy Pandas good switches?

Yes, Holy Pandas feels excellent to type on it along with it provides a very snappy tactile feedback consisting rounded bump from the top, each click are crisp and sounds are more satisfying to the user.

What are the best Panda switches?

If you are a kind of user for whom budget is not concerned then Drop Holy Panda Switches are the best choice as it is an absolute clone to the original Holy Pandas which comes with great durability, stunning tactile feel, and awesome typing experience.

Are Holy pandas plate mounted?

Yes, Holy Pandas are plate mounted and it will work with any circuit board.

Are Holy Pandas 3 or 5 pin?

Generally, Holy Pandas comes with 3 pin switches setup and Glorious Holy Pandas are a good example of 3 pin switch setup.

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