Wired vs Wireless keyboard: Which is Best For Gaming or Work?

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Did you too get frustrated with the tangling of a wired device or have some troubles with the length of the wire when playing games or casual working?

So probably you are looking for the answer, Wired vs Wireless Keyboard which is better?

Is a wireless device worth your money and always a better choice, or a wired device is still ahead in terms of fast output and input lag?

Wireless technology is definitely advanced and convenient compared to traditional plugged-in technology which is now getting old with time but still, it has some specific advantages that wireless doesn’t have.

However, to get the precise answer I’ve tested both keyboards with complete analysis including (Speed-test, Latency, input-lag, and overall performance) to reach the conclusion.

So Let’s get dive into the complete details of this article so it may clear all your skepticism about wired vs wireless keyboard and make you capable enough to decide which is better for gaming or office work.

Difference Between Wired vs Wireless keyboard

Before the in-depth study, Here is the 7 key difference between Wired vs Wireless Keyboard that helps you to give you a brief overview:

Wired Keyboard

Wireless Keyboard

1. A wired Keyboard simply means, a wired connecting keyboard to your computer system and working through a medium.

1. A wireless keyboard means there is a USB receiver that is plugged into USB Port and receives a signal from the keyboard and the computer.

2. You're restricted to using a wired keyboard within a given wired-length range.

2. Easily portable and can be used up to 30-feet of distance.

3. The wired Keyboard doesn't need a battery to function, it takes power from the computer system.

3. Wireless Keyboard generally runs on battery power so the battery needs to charge or replace.

4. The main advantage of using wired keyboards is, it produces almost no latency and high response time.

4. A user can face a little input lag or occasional slow response while playing high FPS Games.

5. Wired Keyboards are highly secured and can not be hacked.

5. In wireless keyboards, stealing information is not that easy but can't be denied in low-end devices.

6. Most Wired Keyboards are budget-friendly and economical.

6. Wireless Keyboards are generally more expensive than wired keyboards.

7. Best Suited for fast-paced Gaming due to very fast response time and no latency.

7. Except for high-end games, Wireless Keyboards are not recommended for professional gaming.

Here is the video from WePC, you should watch it to get a better understanding of the wired vs wireless keyboard differences and their mechanism.

Source: WePC


A keyboard is an input device connected to your computer and users mostly consider buying keyboards from two categories one is wired or the other is wireless.

Let’s understand both keyboard working techniques, specifications, functionality, advantages, and disadvantages through a detailed study.

wired vs wireless keyboard

Wired vs Wireless Keyboard

What is Wired Keyboard?

A wired keyboard contains a wire for the transmission of information which is connecting a keyboard to your computer system.

At the end of the wire, there is a USB plug that goes into the USB Port of the computer and provides a direct connection.

Wired Keyboards comes with a sleek design and offers excellent build quality so it can be used for a long period of time without any hassles.


  • Wired keyboards provide a very high response time.
  • It is extremely durable and reliable.
  • Wired keyboards don’t need batteries.
  • It is economical with the same specifications and functionality.


  • It is not portable and you’re restricted to using it at a certain distance.
  • If you have multiple wired devices, your desk is covered with Wire Mess and tangled wires.

What is Wireless Keyboard?

A wireless keyboard is a computer keyboard that allows users to transfer information and typing data, and communicate to the computer via radio frequency (RF).

There is a USB receiver that is plugged into USB Port and receives a signal from the keyboard and the computers.

The Wireless keyboards provide certain specific benefits to the users.


  • The main advantage of using wireless keyboards is you have the liberty to move it accordingly within 30 feet.
  • You’re not restricted to sticking all the time to your monitor.
  • Wireless Keyboards provide a clutter-free and neat workplace.


  • There might be a fraction of the delay between your typing and the output display on the screen.
  • High-Latency and some interference issues are the major setbacks for wireless keyboards.
  • Wireless keyboards are expensive too.

These were the main advantages and disadvantages of a wired vs wireless keyboard now take a glance at their important comparison factors below.

Wired vs Wireless Keyboard: Important Factors of Comparison

Wired vs Wireless Keyboards, a debate that quickly goes because both keyboards have their merits and demerits as far as the utility is concerned.

To reach a conclusion, you should read all the important factors I am mentioning that will clarify your confusion.

So, there are many points of comparison for these keyboards but I’m including the best possible practical reasons which users need to know before making a decision.

Check out all the comparison points and prefer according to your requirements:

Portability and Ease of Mobility

Wireless keyboards are definitely a better choice because you have the freedom to move and can be used up to a distance of 9m (30-feet) or as per the Bluetooth limitations. 

Whether you are giving a presentation, navigating on the projector screen, and if you want to work on the system staying a little away for getting rid of eye strain.

So, In the Wireless keyboard having the freedom to move feature will allow you to do all such tasks easily.

Whereas in Wired Keyboard, the keyboard device has to be plugged-in physically into your computer system.

As a result of this, you are restricted to using this at a particular distance according to your keyboard wire’s length.

Wired Keyboard

Working on Wired keyboard

Input-lag or Latency

There might be a very little millisecond delay you can face on the wireless keyboard compared to a wired keyboard.

If you play fast-paced games where you have to react in a split-second, then some input lag or latency might be a reason for deal-breaking for you.

Although some top companies like Logitech claim to offer lag-free performance with their high-end wireless keyboards but the fact is there is still a minor lag as well as that is not going to be economical.

Whereas in Wired Keyboard, A user gets an absolute lag-free performance and no latency while playing games or express typing.

In terms of latency rate, I can say Wired keyboards are quite ahead because of data transfer through a medium of cable.


Most Wireless devices run into interference and wireless keyboard works on the same principle too.

So having a wireless keyboard gives you some hustle in terms of performance lag.

Usually, a wireless keyboard runs on 2.4 GHz with the help of a USB receiver which transmits data.

So if users have many wireless devices such as (Wi-fi Routers) running in the same interference or the room causes interference conflicts as a result, it slows down the speed.

With a high-quality product, probably you won’t get this problem but this is not certain so if you are a hardcore gamer you should make sure about wireless keyboards interference delay.

However, Using a wired keyboard will not create all such intricacy because it uses a medium for the transmission of data.

For the gamers, this interference and input lag creates a key difference for choosing between a wired vs wireless keyboard.


Is the Bluetooth keyboard secure?

I know you’re more concerned about security than anything else, aren’t you?

This question obviously arrived in your mind as far as wireless device security is concerned because the privacy of your data is the most important thing not only while you type in keyboards but other wireless devices too before purchasing.

According to a Cyber Security Company ‘Bastile’ –Most electronics companies transmit information in such a way that it is quite possible for a hacker to intercept and steal your private credentials like credit card numbers, and passwords within a certain range.

But Fortunately, you would be pleased to know that your wireless keyboard and pieces of information are almost secure, thanks to Advanced Encryption of Data.

The Advanced Encryption of Data is being used by most of the reliable brands so the user’s data can be completed protected.

So make sure to prefer a wireless keyboard from a reliable and well-known brand.

Talking about the wired keyboard, there is no such information transmission through wireless signals broadcasting instead it uses a wired medium to send information to your computer.

From a security perspective If you compare Wired vs Wireless keyboard, then definitely Wired Keyboards have a little edge.

security in wireless keyboard

Security in wireless keyboard

Power Source

Wireless keyboards need battery power to run, some batteries cells are rechargeable while some cells are dry so it needs to replace when it runs out of charge.

These days most companies are offering rechargeable battery cells so you can directly charge by plugging them into the power source.

Although Power source is not a big factor while purchasing a wireless keyboard but users should keep in mind that battery performance should be adequate at least so they can work flawlessly without any interruption.

Whereas in Wired keyboard, you won’t have to deal with such kinds of interruption because the wired keyboard is always connected to a power source through your computer system.


Is there any price difference between wired vs wireless keyboard?

Well yes, a wireless gaming keyboard is slightly expensive and costs heavily on your pocket compared to a high-end wired gaming keyboard having almost the same functionality and specifications.

So it is worth paying extra for the wireless technology along with is it required to keep system accessories wired-free, well it is up to you what do you prefer according to requirements.

It is always a wise decision to pay for a better quality component whether it is a wired or wireless keyboard.

You can also read our in-depth article for the best wired or wireless keyboard which provides excellent configuration under budget price:

Best Budget Gaming Keyboards in Nov 2021

Wired vs Wireless Keyboard for Gaming

The most important point that comes into users’ minds is whether a wireless keyboard is as fast as a wired keyboard.

Their concern is absolutely justified because a good gaming keyboard creates drastic differences and let gamer make full control of their enemy so it can be a key factor to win the game or lose the game.

Hardcore gamers can understand the value of a keyboard that offers:

  • Fast response time,
  • Fast speed,
  • No input lag
  • as well as an error-free key press.

Let’s take a look if wireless keyboards are good for fast-paced games or a wired keyboards are best suited for this.

To get the final conclusion I have played Fortnite, Call of Duty, and Apex Legends using wireless keyboards and wired keyboards too and here how it felt:

Is Wireless Keyboard good for Gaming?

There are tons of entertaining games users play just to get kicked back, street boost, and have some fun with their friends.

So you don’t need to look out what gaming keyboards you have for these games because it will not impact a bit on your gameplay.

You can enjoy cordlessly these games with wireless keyboards and it works absolutely well.

But I would not recommend a wireless keyboard to you for fast-paced games like Apex Legends, Fortnite, PUBG PC where you have to react in a split-second.

Havit Wireless gaming keyboard

Havit Wireless Gaming Keyboard

An average latency rate in a best wireless keyboard would be around 70-80 milliseconds that means if you play a game at high FPS then each frame takes a little extra time to render and produce some input lag.

Although It is not that bad compared to conventional wireless keyboards having a 100-150 milliseconds latency rate, but a professional gamer doesn’t take chance and prefers a wired device.

Apart from latency, interferences conflicts are also a major drawback and are considered by hardcore gamers.

if you have several wireless devices running in a single room there might be a chance of their frequencies are tend to get interfered with by each other.

For some high-end devices, high latency and input lag may rarely occur but a hardcore gamer generally avoids this.

Or 'Is a Wired Keyboard better for Gaming'?

A wired keyboard is always preferred by the professional gamer over the wireless keyboard because a Wired keyboard offers excellent response time along with no latency, no input lag, and super-fast reaction time.

When you look for a gaming keyboard, you will find most of the keyboards comes with wired connections.

Because the wired gaming keyboard is the most suited for gamers that don’t need to be charged and provides impressive responsiveness, stability along with error-free keystrokes that any pro gamer can reply on it.

Wired gaming keyboard

Wired Gaming Keyboard

The most majority of the hardcore gamers have a wired keyboard on their desk, so they can stay stick to their desk while playing their favorite games.

Wired keyboards are generally more affordable and more convenient too for gamers.

Although Power source is not a big factor while purchasing a wireless keyboard but users should keep in mind that battery performance should be adequate at least so they can work flawlessly without any interruption.

Wired vs Wireless Keyboard: Which one should I pick?

As we have discussed almost all important factors above while choosing between a wired vs wireless keyboard and come to know that both keyboards have their advantages and some disadvantages as well.

Gaming is the only factor where a wired gaming keyboard has more edge over wireless so it must be preferred by the gamers.

On the other side to get neat, tangle-free, and wire-free desk wireless keyboards are the most preferred and loved keyboards in the market.

Based on the individual requirements and conditions, here is the specific verdict on whether you should go wired or wireless:

You should go wireless if...

  • you can not get over cable hassles and want to set up your desk neat and wire-free, you are good to go with a wireless keyboard although wireless keyboards look fantastic too.
  • you are a casual gamer who does not concerned about responsiveness, interference, and input lag.
  • If you want the freedom to move inside your room while working, and don’t want to stick with your monitor all the time. 
  • You can pack your keyboard inside your backpack too so you can bring it and use it anywhere you want.
  • Easily Portable, Right!

For all these tasks, you would be very good with wireless keyboards as these keyboards fulfill all your day-to-day requirements.

Just go with a wireless keyboard.

If you want the best budget wired gaming mechanical keyboard and mouse combo under 100$, Our Best Pick is the Corsair K57 Gaming Keyboard and mouse combo that comes with all advanced features and functionality.

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You should stay plugged in if...

  • You play high-end games continuously where a split-seconds matters or you have to respond expressively fast as well as if you need consistent performance from your keyboard then your bet should be on a wired keyboard.
  • If you do not want to deal with battery charging and replacement issues or you want to use it indefinitely.
  • If you want no latency or input lag while playing fast-paced and high-stacked games, you should pick a wired keyboard for sure because a wired keyboard produces almost zero latency with excellent response time.

To do above all such tasks, a wired keyboard is definitely best suited for you.

Wired keyboards are always the best choice for professional gamers as well as users who perform heavy and aggressive typing.

Here is our Best Pick for the wired gaming keyboard and mouse combo for Nov 2021 which is Corsair K55 Gaming Keyboard and mouse combo that offers stunning features on a great budget.

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Wired vs Wireless Keyboard, ultimately discussion comes down under the user’s specific preference, requirements, workstation conveyance, and the main important factor ‘Budget’.

As of now, wireless keyboards have minor latency and interference issues but we can be assured it will grow and achieve enough optimization in the future where these minor drawbacks will no longer exist.

I hope you enjoyed this post.

Thanks for reading!


Wired vs Wireless keyboard FAQs

Is wireless keyboard better than wired?

Wired Keyboard is quite better in terms of input lag, interference, latency, and battery life, however, if you prefer a clean and wire-free workstation with the freedom to move then a wireless keyboard is best suited for you.

Are wireless keyboards worth it?

yes, except for high-end games wireless keyboards are worth your money providing liberty to move while working, offers a clutter-free and neat workspace so users don't have to stick always close to the monitors.

What is the difference between wired and wireless keyboards?

Wired keyboards contain a wire for transmission of information having a USB plug at the end of the wire which goes into the USB port of the computer, whereas a wireless keyboard transfers information through an RF (Radio Frequency) having USB receiver plugged into the computer for send and receive signals.

Which is better for gaming wired or wireless keyboard?

A wired keyboard is always better for high-end games and is most preferred by the professional gamer over the wireless keyboard because a Wired keyboard offers excellent response time along with no latency, no input lag, and super-fast reaction time while wireless keyboards have some input lag and the risk of interference.

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