C3 Banana Split Switches: Read Complete Review {Before Buy}

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Today I am going to cover an in-depth explanation about incredibly famous, tremendously hyped among the keyboard enthusiasts, the tik-tok switches ‘Banana Split Switches’

A switch that grabbed a lot of attention after its launches from the people who love to do experiments with their mechanical keyboards to get an excellent typing experience.

If you are a kind of user then this post is especially for you.

Because these Banana split switches can change your entire experience whether you are a gamer or you do casual typing.

But is that the hype is created is literally justified?

Or there is some twist that needs to be revealed?

That’s why I have brought a complete article for you to clear all your queries rising in your mind.

In this article, every single question will be covered regarding Banana split switches.

Let’s get dive into the details!

What are Banana Split Switches?

C3 Banana Split Switches

Produced by JWK and designed by C3 equalz, Banana Split Switches is a linear type of switch that is constructed by the blended housing of three different components:

  • Nylon
  • Polycarbonate
  • POM Stem (a higher quality plastic called Polyoxymethylene)

Banana switches generally come with no tactile bump with an actuation force of 62g.

The actuation force is the amount of pressure needed to put to register a keypress as 62g actuation is considered good for fast typing and finger movements.

So users get very smooth keypresses during typing on the keyboard.

These Banana split switches come from a very reliable manufacturer JWK who is behind several successful switches like Durocks, Everglides, and EV-series for the mechanical keyboards.

Banana Split Switches Specifications

Banana Split Switches are equipped with various advanced functionality and specification.

These switches are made from very special tooling and one of the special things about banana switches they are pre-lubed in the factory by the company JWK.

You can also lube these switches on top of this to create extra smoothness.

Here are the complete specifications I am putting through a table for better understanding:


Banana Split Switches

Manufactured by


Designed by



Nylon and PolyCarbonate

Spring Coating

Gold-Plated Spring

Stem Material

POM Stem (a higher quality plastic called Polyoxymethylene)

Actuation Force



Pre-lubed from the Company

Sound Profile

Little Deeper and Crisp-Clear


No Tactile bump

Banana Split Switches Review

Banana Split Switches are a linear type of switch and it is said to be a good option for gaming as well as other casual works too.

But is that really a good choice over other different switches available on the market.

I’m covering an in-depth review of banana split switches at every possible aspect to get the conclusion.

Banana Split Switches-1

1. Banana Split Switches Sound

The sound profile is the most dominating aspect that users pay attention to in a mechanical keyboard.

Banana split switches sound profile is so deeper and a little bit silent than most other linear switches making it ideal for gaming.

These switches are constructed with custom tooling by the company and it also comes with pre-lubing which allows it to offer a great smoother experience as well as generate pretty much clear and deeper sound during typing on it.

Overall, the sound and smoothness are well balanced on these switches due to pre factory lubing along with the very light application.

Here is the video I’m embedding for you to get the real feel of its sound:

Source: nearLucid


2. Actuation Force

The actuation force for this banana switch is 62g, which simply means the spring needs 62g of force to depress a key to the bottom to successfully register a keystroke.

Although the actuation is quite fast and accurate, it is definitely good from a gaming point of view.

It allows fast finger movements too during typing on the keyboard due to their structure and actuation force.

You have also an option to replace the spring if you are not comfortable because it is quite easy to do so frankly speaking 62g spring is not going to be concerned about.

3. Performance

The performance of these switches on such a very decent budget is absolutely impressive which is beyond my expectation.

It doesn’t have a tactile bump on its top as a result users get very smooth keypresses.

These banana switches are PCB Mounted and they do benefit from the films although they are not required.

Like kiwi and tangerine switches there is a container in which these switches are packed in plastic tubs with some stickers.

It also consists of a gold-plated spring for excellent keypresses.

As I have already discussed its sound performance, the sound produced by these switches is pretty much clear, deeper due to lubing, and crispier which is quite satisfying to your ears and users are going to love it for sure.

It comes with the pre-lubes from the factory even though if you want to lube it from the top you are free to do which is not going to harm your keyboard.

4. Price

Price is the decisive factor on any mechanical switch, a switch equipped with all specifications and functionality but having an expensive price can literally deal-breaker for a user.

Keeping this significant factor in mind, JWK constructed Banana Split Switches with a reasonable cost and was originally priced at $0.65 when it is launched.

JWK is the manufacturer who is known for providing value if you compare their other switches like Alpacas, banana switches have an edge in terms of smoothness, griping, and offer frequent typing experience.

Where to buy Banana Split Switches?

To get these switches on the real hand is a big challenge as These banana split switches are often out of stocks due to limited production and high demand among the users.

Now the company paid attention to this and increased its availability rapidly throughout their selling platforms.

You can get these banana split switches for a direct sell or a group buys on TKC as well as on the following platforms:

  1. Thekeycompany
  2. Amazon
  3. Swagkeys

Please make sure to check these switches’ availability and prices before purchase due to price variation on some websites.

Bestseller No. 1

Banana Split Switches Amazon
  • ✅Plastic, Polycarbonate…
  • ✅ 110 pcs
  • ✅Gaming , Multimedia , Personal…

Alpaca V2 vs Banana Split Switches: Which is better?

The Alpaca v2 switches are also produced by JMK like banana switches so users often compared these two switches before making a buying decision.

So I have sorted some highlighted points to compare both switches through a comparison table:

Alpaca v2 Switches

Banana split Switches

Produced By



Switch Type



Sound Profile

Quieter Sound Profile

Little Deeper and Clear Sound Profile




Typing Expereince

Higher Pitch Stock

Touch Smoother Stock

As you can see both switches have a similar specs profile except sound. The sound profile is the main difference between these switches, so it comes down to complete user preferences.

PCB mount and the keycaps can be differentiating factors too not now but when choosing keycap profiles.

Are Banana Split Switches good for gaming?

A good switch should be very feasible for gaming as it required fast typing movements, smooth gripping as well as decent build quality.

It is because it shouldn’t be worn and torn down in case we actuate keypress with some heavy pressure.

So yes, these banana switches can be a good choice due to their entire sturdy structure, linear design, smoother typing experience, and ideal actuation force.

Which allows a fast typing experience and response time.

You may definitely consider it for gaming.

Are Banana Splits hot swappable?

Yes, Banana Split Switches are hot swappable as long as if you are swapping with Cherry compatible switches such as novelkey creams, banana splits, and Gateron ink blacks.

With these listed switches hot-swappable is possible.

Are Banana Splits good switches?

Banana switches are built with high-quality plastic Polyoxymethylene (POM stem) that comes with pre-lubing from the company having no tactile bump and 62-gram actuation force.

Being a linear switch along with equipping all these excellent specs and functions make it a very good switch especially priced at $0.65.

Yeah! Banana Split Switches are good.

Is Banana Split switches MX?

Banana switches are linear MX Switches with a PCB mount.


I have tried my best to put all answers in one frame regarding Banana Split Switches from its review, sound, and feel to its performance.

Banana Split Switches have many pros along with some negative sides too like their limited availability and you may feel quite a heavier side especially if you are coming from Cherry Red switches which have around 45g of actuation.

But keeping this aside these switches are a great option for keyboard enthusiasts who are looking for a way to try out some different and unique experiences.

They’ll come out to be happily surprised with its performance!!

You can use these switches on your keyboard as your current switches substitute too.

Trust me you will gonna love it!!.

I hope this post was helpful to you.

Thanks for reading.


Banana Split Switches FAQs

What is the actuation force of banana splits switches?

The actuation force of the banana switches is 62-gram which is considered to be good for gaming and fast fingers movements on the keyboard.

How many banana split switches do you get in a unit?

You will get 25 banana switches in a single unit.

How much do banana split switches cost?

The cost for banana split switches on official platforms for $0.65 per switch.

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