Tangerine Switches Review {is it the best linear switch?}

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Tangerine Switches are also known as the (C³ EQUALZ TANGERINE SWITCHES) are the linear type of mechanical switch that is preferred to obtain a silent and smooth typing experience on a mechanical keyboard.

Tangerine switches are regarded as one of the smoothest linear switches in the game of competitive switch market.

But do you aware of changing the keyboard switch is a great way to make your typing experience better, congenial, and alive.

I know, you will be curious to know about various questions rising in your mind like:

What are tangerine switches? Tangerine switches review, and their working mechanism, How they are different from conventional switches, and how to lube them?

To get all above the answers I have prepared a complete and informative article about tangerine switches after investing hours of study.

Let’s dive into the details.

What are Tangerine Switches?

Tangerine Switches are the most favorable linear MX switch that is designed by C³EQUALZ and manufactured by JWK (A well-established Brand in mechanical switches)

It is having 62g Gold Spring for the Light green variant and 67g Gold Spring for the Dark Green variant. The top and bottom are made from UHMWPE housing materials.

The slider of the Stem is made of POM along the mounting type of these switches is PCB-Mounted that supports 5-pin type.

These switches are widely used on the market due to their smooth and silent character within a very reasonable budget range.



Do you know? The name and the color combination for this switch are derived from a fruit called ‘Tangerine’ which has an orange and green color combo in nature that looks very beautiful.

like Banana Split Switches, these switches also come with Pre-Lubing from the company which is one of the special and unique characters of these tangerines as well as all JWK Switches available on the market.

This lubing process makes this switch extra smooth, provides excellent griping over the keys as well as enhances its sound profile.

Overall, I can state that Tangerine switches are the complete package with immense functionalities under a very economic price.


  • Made from the housing of (UHMWPE) ultra-high-molecular-weight-polyethylene
  • Better than other ordinary plastic switches.
  • Smoothest Linear Switch
  • A silent and satisfying sound profile.


  • I didn’t find any major cons that need to be mentioned here.

Tangerine Switches Specifications


Tangerine Switches

Manufactured by


Designed by


Housing Material

(UHMWPE) ultra-high-molecular-weight-polyethylene

Spring Coating

Gold Spring

Stem Material


Actuation Force

62g for Light Green, 67g for Dark Green Switch



Sound Profile

Silent and satisfying


Very Smooth

Tangerine Switches Review

These switches are said to be one of the smoothest switches on the market but is it really a good option or there is something behind.

So get the demonstration, Tangerine switches review needs to be completely done by covering all possible benchmarks at several following aspects:

  1. Sound
  2. Durability
  3. Performance
  4. Actuation force

Now, let’s get into in-depth details for the above-given benchmarks.

1. Tangerine Switches Sound Test

Sound Profile is always a significant factor for a user while choosing the right switch for their mechanical keyboard.

The sound profile from the keyboard should be pleasing and satisfying so you may type perpetually without disturbance and losing concentration.

As I talk about the tangerine switches sound test, It produces a very silent sound when a keystroke is registered due to being a linear MX switch.

Being silent, these switches sounds are satisfying too to your ears.

You are definitely going to love the sound profile of tangerine which is sweet and pleasing.

I’m embedding a video which you should check out for sure to feel a real sound experience:

Source: KlickyClack


2. Tangerine Switches Actuation Force

The actuation of a switch can simply be described as the force that needs to be put on a key to successfully register a keypress.

As these switches come in two variants, the first is the Light Green having 62-gram Gold Spring and the other is the Dark Green having 67-gram Gold Spring.

Considering these actuation force tangerines switches offer fast actuation and express typing with a decent grip over the keyboard.

A good actuation force and excellent griping are often required for a fast-paced game too so users are able to react within a split of seconds.

Having impressive specs, functionality, and good actuation definitely makes these switches a great option for mechanical keyboards lovers.

3. Performance

Performance- A decisive factor for any kind of device.

As far as I studied about these switches and come to know from a reliable source, Tangerine switches deliver a stunning performance compared to some other switches.

It gives head-to-head competition somewhere having an edge too over advanced and expensive switches on the market.

As it slightly arrives with Pre-lubing (Krytox205g0) and filming (TX-Films) from the company JWK, this tangerine provides magnificent smoothness as butter and generates a silent sound profile which is mostly loved by the users.

You’re gonna love it too!!

Although it is pre-lubed if you want to lube it for more optimal performance, you are free to do it without any worries.

Gold Spring is also there to provide an amazing actuation that enhances its stability and performance.

Overall, the Tangerine Switch is a great bet to go with and offers excellent performance.

4. Durability

In terms of durability, these switches are highly durable with a decent build quality because it is made with (UHMWPE) ultra-high-molecular-weight-polyethylene.

A subset of thermoplastic polymer (UHMWPE) gives amazing strength to the construction materials.

It is also likely to be heat resisted, little heat of the temperature can be handled easily.

Whether you are playing fact-paced games with extreme heavy pressure or do aggressive typing for long hours,

These tangerine switches are designed to survive millions of hard keystrokes and can handle all the tasks without any damage.

5. Cost

The Cost is a significant thing where the user’s eye is always stuck on so an economical mechanical switch is always preferred over an expensive one.

As far as the price of Tangerine Switches is concerned, they are very economical and cost you $0.65 for a single switch.

It arrives with various packages like 10 switches in 1 pack to 100 switches in 1 pack.

You can buy this pack according to your requirements.

For instance:

100 switches = $65

1 switch = $0.65

Considering its housing material, I can assure you it is the most economical switch available in the market.

Where to buy Tangerine Switches?

These switches are sold in packs of 10, which means

1 Pack = 10 Switches

You can buy tangerine switches from the following websites:

  1. Thekey.company
  2. AliExpress
  3. Swagkeys

Unlike Banana Split Switches these switches have enough stock to sell at the time of writing, so you can buy them without any issue.

I request you to compare these switches’ availability and prices on all provided sites to grab switches at a discounted price.

Price may vary according to availability.

Are tangerines good switches?

Tangerine Switches-3

Image Credit: thekey.company

These switches are built with a subset of thermoplastic polymer (UHMWPE) which is a very high-quality material that provides sturdiness to it.

Being a linear mechanical switch makes it silent while typing.

Having 62-gram of actuation force allows error-free and fast fingers movement during typing on the keyboard.

This character of tangerine switches makes it ideal for gaming as well as programming so if you are a kind of user this tangerine is best suited for you.

It consists of many advanced specs and functionality makes tangerines switches are definitely good switches among the other options available on the market.

Considering all aspects these switches are absolutely good.

How many pins do Tangerines switches have?

Tangerine switches are PCB Mounted and are compatible with five pins that generally fit best on most mechanical keyboards.

Since some keyboards don’t support five-pin compatibility then you have an option to put extra pins to make them compatible in most cases.

So you don’t need to be concerned about Pins compatibility as these switches work best in most keyboards.

Are tangerine switches lubed?

Yes, Tangerine switches are Pre-lubed (Krytox205g0) and filming (TX-Films) from the manufacturer company with a light application.

This pre-lubing process provides extra smoothness and enhances the sound profile of the switches.

You don’t need to lube it separately after received from the seller, it will depend on individual preferences if you want to lube it.

What type of switches are tangerines?

tangerine switches illustration

The above illustration shows How tangerine switches looks

A switch that is a linear type of mechanical switch designed by C3 generally falls into the tangerine switches category.

There are some unique characters too that should be equipped with a switch to be called a tangerine switch.

The tangerine name is derived from the fruit ‘Tangerine’ which is a combination of orange and green colors.

Isn’t it interesting?

Are tangerine switches hot-swappable?

Yes, Tangerine Switches are hot-swappable as you don’t need to stop, reboot, or shut down your system while installing it or replacing it on your computer system.

It can be easily mounted to a mechanical keyboard with a PCB Mount.

You would be pleased to know that most of the switches constructed by JWK are hot-swappable.


In this article, I have covered a complete review and meticulously study of Tangerine switches.

From its performance, sound profile to its price, every significant factor is important from a user’s perspective.

Tangerine switches outperform in every segment.

These switches are constructed from very high quality and rarely found housing material ‘UHMWPE’

UHMWPE provides excellent build quality as well as makes these switches the best linear switches on the market for mechanical keyboards.

Considering all these factors, I came to the conclusion that tangerine switches are the best upgrade for your keyboard.

I hope this post was pleasing to read and helpful to you.


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