Best Tactile Switches for A Mechanical Keyboard {Must Buy No. 4}

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Tactile switches are considered to be a perfectly balanced switch between sound and tactility.

Neither too loud nor too quiet! That’s why I used the term perfect for them.

That is the reason many keyboard enthusiasts like tactile switches for regular usage. Whether they are at the office or at home, it suits the best in all kinds of circumstances.

I guess you have decided to buy tactile switches, right!! 

But the clause is there are hundreds of tactile switches on the market, so how would you pick out one for your mechanical keyboard.

Well, you don’t need to be concerned about as I have come up with an article that will guide you in deep about the best tactile switches for your mechanical keyboard based on every switch’s pros and cons along with their technical performance.

I request you to read the complete article and then opt for the best tactile switches.

This will be going to take your entire typing experience to a next level.

Before diving into the tactile switches list there are some significant questions that need to be answered.

What are the Tactile Switches?

best tactile switches-1

Tactile Switches are mechanical keyboard switch types that are known to give strong tactile along with bumpy feedback during keypresses. These switches produce a moderate sound that is not too loud or not too quiet.

Tactile switches may give you a satisfying experience while you typing on them.

Due to their bumpy feedback, tactile switches are also called bumpy switches on the keyboard market.

Bump production and resistance at the top of them are the specialties of tactile switches, they will give you a unique experience that’s why people loved tactile switches for day-to-day typing work.

If a switch is Brown in Color, this will indicate that the switch is a Tactile switch.

If you are using a mechanical keyboard having tactile switches at the office or at home, it does not matter because this perfectly suits all scenarios.

Things to look for getting the Best Tactile Switches

There are some specifications and features that need to be kept in mind while purchasing the best tactile switches.

Doing this will be drastically drilled down the entire process of selecting the best tactile switches.

Here are the following things you should seek in a tactile switch:

Tactile Bump

As you know strong tactile bumpy feedback is a significant feature of a tactile switch which distinguishes these switches from some other switches like Linear and Clicky swithces.

So you will not be able to find this kind of tactility in other switch profiles, tactile switches work best in this technical benchmark.

A tactile bump ensures that the keys are being successfully logged in by the user. Although a user can strongly feel tactile feedback and ensure his key registration.

A strong and sturdy tactile feedback is recommended while opting for a tactile switch.

Sound Profile

The sound profile is the most vital feature of a mechanical switch because you will perpetually hear the sound during the entire typing process.

So a perfectly balanced satisfying sound profile is a must to work with these switches for a long time.

However Tactile switches are slightly louder than linear switches but not as distracting as the clicky switches which are often too loud. It is lies between linear and clicky switches which is absolutely perfect for a beginner.

If you are a beginner who wants to start with mechanical switches, tactile switches are good to go with.

I advise you to check all tactile switches’ sound profiles on the video to get a real feel because every tactile switch has a unique sound identity.

Source: TaeKeyboards

Smooth and Accurate Clicks

What do you need from a mechanical switch, a balanced sound, and good tactility, right!

But apart from these two major specifications, a mechanical switch should provide accurate clicks to the user which helps to boost the error-free typing experience as well as helpful during gameplay.

The tactile switch is way good in terms of accurate clicks and smoothness although it is not as smooth as the linear switches but it will not disappoint you and do its job well on this benchmark.

The reason for being accurate and smooth is the activating force which is moderate while typing.

These 3 specifications are well enough to acquire the position in the best tactile switches list.

List of Best Tactile Switches: Our Top 7 Picks

After discussing some technical factors and keeping them in mind, I have prepared the best tactile switches list for you.

All switches in this list are well deserved and perform excellently so you can consider them according to your requirements.

Here is a list of the best tactile switches for your keyboard:

Tactile Switch Name

Best for Segment

1. Glorious Panda Switches

Best Snappiest Switches

2. Gateron Brown Switches

Best Valued Switches

3. Cherry MX Brown Switches

Best Durable Switches

4. Halo Clear Switches

Best Premium Switches

5. Kailh Speed Copper Switches

Best Light-actuating Gaming Switches

6. Topre Tactile Switch

Best Electro-Capacitive Switches

7. Outemu Brown Switch

Best Economical Brown Switches

Let’s break down these switches into a complete in-depth review with their pros and cons so you will get a clear idea of which one to choose.

1. Glorious Panda Switches

best tactile switches-glorious panda switches

If you hear the name of the most popular Holy Panda switches, you will be certainly aware of the Glorious Panda switches.

Holy Panda Switches cost you more, this is the reason people usually purchase Glorious Panda switches because it is a true holy panda that comes under a good price point.

Coming to its specifications, These switches are truly justifying the best tactile switches title because of the smoothness and snappy typing experience they provide.

Sound Profile is also just magnificent, as these Glorious Panda switches produce a rich and deep sound profile that is somehow unique and nostalgic which will not be found on the other tactile switches.

In terms of tactility, Glorious Panda offers strong and snappy tactile feedback which you would love while typing.

Holy Panda series is best known to provide the premium rich bass sound along with a super typing experience, and the Glorious Panda comes at a good price compared to DROP holy pandas.

Occupying all these features and functionalities, Glorious Panda tactile switches are definitely no. 1 on our list.



Snappiest Tactile Feedback

I didn't find any major cons that need to be mentioned here.

Rich Sound Profile

In Holy Panda Family, Glorious Panda's are quite affordable.

Bestseller No. 1

  • ✅Created from the original INVYR Panda housing
  • ✅67 gram stainless steel spring
  • ✅Leaf – Premium grade copper, sourced from Japan
  • ✅composed of POM sourced from Japan

2. Gateron Brown Switches

best tactile switches-Gateron brown switches

Do you know why I put Gateron Brown Switches above the Cherry Brown switches, the reason is the value that Gateron Brown provides is phenomenal at a very economical price compared to Cherry.

Gateron has established itself as a popular and reliable mechanical switch manufacturer brand.

In terms of specifications, these switches are equipped with a strong tactile bump that can be activated with a small effort with a force of 40cN.

It means the actuation is slightly fast, accurate, and consistent which enhances overall typing efficiency.

Gateron Brown switches’ main specialty is they are very easy to press, thanks to their light actuation which is generally not seen in any other tactile switches.

The sound is quite balanced due to the sturdy build quality of the switch.

Overall, Gateron Brown switches perform excellently on all the technical benchmarks, and the biggest reason for its popularity is the price which is comparatively low.

So if you are looking for the best tactile switches at a very economical price, Gateron Brown switches are definitely a value for money product for your keyboard.

Gateron switches are hot favorite switches for many keyboard professionals.



Actuation is fast, accurate and Consistent.

Low actuation points can be a con for some users.

Required less effort 40cN to activate keystrokes.

Very Economical

Bestseller No. 1

Gateron Brown Switches-1
  • ✅Lifetime: 100 million cycles
  • ✅Gateron MX switches, Optical Switches
  • Transparent switch
  • ✅4.4 out of 5 stars

3. Cherry MX Brown Switches

As far as the mechanical switches are concerned and if we didn’t talk about Cherry then this seems very unfair because Cherry is considered the King of mechanical switches.

No one can beat Cherry’s switches’ durability as they are some of the most reliable switches that undergo some exceptional tests. The company provides a guarantee with their switches so you can imagine the level of Cherry.

Coming to specifications, Cherry Brown switches are equipped with some exceptional specifications like they can last up to 100 million keystrokes and provide a smooth tactile bump with a consistent click.

Cherry MX Brown switches come with most of the tactile keyboards due to their brand value.

The tactile bump is low in Cherry Brown switches compared to all other switches in this list.  A low tactile bump means you will feel very familiar and connected to the switches while typing on them.

The travel distance is 4 mm which is considered ideal and you will get good control over the entire keyboard.

If you are a user who types a lot, Cherry Brown can be a good option a this doesn’t give you causing hand fatigue and fingers pain.

You can buy Cherry Brown Switches without a single doubt. Although Cherry is known to be expensive and the same with Cherry Brown.

If budget is not the problem, Cherry MX Brown switches can be picked anytime.



Most durable tactile switch up to 100 million keystrokes.

Slightly higher price compared to other switches.

Stable and Sturdy Bulid

Accurate and Consistent Clicks

Short tactile bump

Bestseller No. 1

  • ✅100 Million Keystrokes
  • ✅Easy Compitable with all keyboards…
  • ✅Precisly accurate clicks…
  • ✅4.6 out of 5 stars

4. Halo Clear Switches

best tactile switches-halo clear switches

Halo Clear switches come from a premium and high-quality housing, the halo switches itself best known to provide an excellent feel while typing.

The weight on these switches is precisely distributed as a result smooth, consistent and satisfying typing experience throughout the work.

The reason for selecting Halo Clear switches is the pre-loaded features offered by them which provide a satisfying pop during activation. This satisfying pop and curve are quite similar to very expensive Topre switches.

You can rest your fingers on the switches without them being activated.

Halo switches are being developed as a medium to heavy tactile switches over the years with the super smoothness of Halo and the weight of Cherry Mx Switches.

You can feel the weight of Cherry switches and the very unique feel of Halo switches, that is what made Halo clear switches special on shortlisted the best tactile switches list.

Halo Clear switches are durable too that can survive up to 80 million keystrokes.

Having the super satisfying sound, ideal travel distance, pre-loaded functionality, and excellent performance make these Halo Clear switches are top-notch tactile switches that you should certainly check out for your mechanical keyboard.

You can buy Halo Clear switches on Amazon as well as on DROP’s official website.



Satisfying Pop during activation.

The price is slightly expensive.

Very premium touch and feel.

Accurate and Consistent clicks due to precise weight distribution.

Durability up to 80 million keystrokes.

Bestseller No. 1

Halo clear switches

5. Kailh Speed Copper Switches

best tactile switches-kailh speed copper

Kailh established itself as a competitor of Gateron and Cherry switches in mechanical switches manufacture due to its performance, build, and most important its price.

Kailh has many switches in their family for various purposes and Kailh Speed Copper switches are one of the best tactile switches in their lineup.

Having a slightly lighter actuation, faster response time, and smooth typing experience make this Kailh speed copper switch one of the best tactile switches out there in the market, this is the reason they are on our list.

The tactile bump is quite shorter but still, it can be felt during typing.

The travel distance is 3.5mm which is short compared to other switches on our list, it can give you advantages in perpetual gaming.

I would say, Kailh Speed Copper switches are an excellent option for people who are looking for tactile switches for gaming purposes because a fast response time, shorter travel distance, and lighter actuation functionalities can give you an edge in competitive gaming.

You can do aggressive typing and gaming for a long time will not cause any problem, Kailh Speed Copper can handle all these tasks perfectly.

Kailh Speed Copper is definitely needed to be checkout in the best tactile switches category.



Light, fast and smooth typing experience.

Sound Profile is quite louder which can be a con for some users.

Good for gaming due to shorter travel distance.

Price is also at higher side.

Actuation is very light and consistent.

Durability up to 70 million keystrokes.

Bestseller No. 1

  • ✅Actuation Distance: 1.1mm Actuation Force: 50g Total Travel Distance: 3.5 mm
  • ✅Kailh Mechanical Speed Copper Switches: 110pcs
  • ✅3 pin SMD compatible optical keyboard…
  • ✅70 million lifetime click rating

6. Topre Tactile Switch

Topre switches are the only switches that work on an electrocapacitive principal that is completely different from a conventional mechanical switch.

In the tactility, Topre switches also work on a different mechanism, that is why we can’t leave these switches in our top tactile switches picks. In fact, Topre switches are popular due to their tactile feedback.

Topre switches use the electrocapacitive method to register a keystroke.

The typing experience is fast, smooth, consistent, and snappy in Topre switches along with a feel that is also premium.

These switches have the rubber dom inside, a rounded top from the top which provides a non-squishy bottom-out force as well as strong tactile feedback.

The sound is slightly less noisy and more bassy in Topre switches, you will experience a thonk sound when keystrokes are registered.

The spring is mounted differently in Topre, spring is directly connected to the PCB that’s why less pressure is required.

Looking at all the features and functionalities like premium feel, strong tactility, less noise, and mushy bottom-out force, I can say Topre switches are great tactile switches that should be certainly considered for your keyboard.

If you want to read the complete guide on Topre switches, check out our article.



One of the best tactile switches.

Most Expensive switches. 

Work on electrocapacitive principal which is different from a mechanical switch.

Limited availability

Crispier Tactile Feedback

Thonk sound is Topre's identity.

Bestseller No. 1

Topre switches keyboard
  • ✅【Topre capacitive switches】
  • ✅Full N-key roll over (NKRO
  • ✅smooth movement across keys, reducing hand and finger fatigue
  • ✅Space-saving design

7. Outemu Brown Switch

best tactile switches-outemu brown switches

If you are looking for tactile switches that not only perform excellently but are also pocket-friendly then no switches are better than Outemu Brown switches.

The most significant reason that forced me to include Outemu Brown switches in my best tactile switches list is the Price which is super affordable and the most economical on our list.

A low-budget switch doesn’t mean low performance instead these Outemu tactile switches are snappy, smooth, and fast throughout the typing.

There are so many low-budget mechanical switches on the market but Outemu switches are an exception among them as they are as good as some other expensive switches and perform absolutely well on all technical factors 

Outemu Brown switches have a 40cN actuation force and the bottom-out force is 55cN which is light and easy to press.

They have a good tactile bump which can be felt easily as soon as the key is registered.

On the sound benchmark, Outemu brown will not disappoint you because they offer you a satisfying sound neither too loud nor too noisy. A well-balanced sound word is appropriate.

One downside I noticed while using Outemu Brown switches is their stability which is somehow mediocre.

But leaving these aside Outemu Brown switches are a great deal for people who don’t want to spend heavy money from their pocket on a mechanical keyboard.



Most Economical Switches.

Stability is the major issue with Outemu.

40g Actuation force allow easy keystrokes.

The tactile Bump is smooth and high activated at 1.2mm height.

Balanced Sound Profile.

Bestseller No. 1

Outemu Brown Switches-1
  • ✅50 million operations Trigger travel: 1.5mm.
  • ✅Compatible games and Office Mechanical touch
  • ✅Works with Granvela,MechanicalEagle, Eagletec,redragon, E Element…
  • ✅Packed in a Transparent Storage Box

Should You Get a Tactile Switch?

Look there are 3 types of mechanical switch profiles available on the market, Linear, Tactile, and Clicky.

Every switch profile has its identity and various purposes which users keep in mind before purchasing these switches.

So you should decide first for what purposes you are planning to buy a mechanical keyboard then you will come to the answer. The purpose can be anything from day-to-day usage to professional gaming.

Tactile switches are considered good for beginners or who never used a mechanical keyboard because of their bumpy tactile feedback, excellent typing experience, and balanced sound profile.

Whether you are in the office or private room, using a tactile keyboard will not create any issue or disturbance to your neighbors, unlike Clicky switches that produce too much clicky noise.

With the Linear switches, the sound is certainly very less but the travel distance and actuation can create discomfort and fatigue in hand initially.

I highly recommended you to buy a tactile switch keyboard If you are buying a mechanical keyboard for the first time.

Best Tactile Switches For Gaming

A Mechanical Keyboard is the first choice for gamers to get a competitive edge over their enemies.

But I would say every mechanical switch is not made for gaming especially Clicky switches which create disturbance with their clicky and loud noise when communicating with your teammates during the battle-royale games.

Coming to tactile switches, some tactile switches can be used for gaming purposes as they can provide fast response time as well as fast and smooth typing too which is mandatory from a gaming point of view.

I recommended you go with Kailh Speed Copper switches for gaming because these Kailh speed switches have a lighter actuation, fast response time, smooth and fast typing as well.

Kailh Speed Copper has all functionalities which a gaming switch required.

So gaming is your priority and if you want tactile switches, buy Kailh Speed Copper Switches.


This is the best tactile switches list that I have put in front of you, It is completely based on in-depth research and practical usage so you can pick out any tactile switches for your keyboard, all work great.

From what exactly are tactile switches, the working mechanism to the best tactile switches list, I have tried to answer every single query in detail. I hope you will get your conclusive answer.

Now let’s wrap up this post!

Tactile switches are a good way to start your mechanical keyboard journey as they are most suitable for beginners.

Tactile switches offer strong bumpy feedback, a balanced sound profile, smooth, consistent, and accurate keystrokes so It’s really enjoyable and fun to type on them.

Just buy them according to your preferred budget!

I hope this post on the best tactile switches was helpful to you and enjoyable to read.

Thanks for reading.


Best Tactile Switches FAQs

Is tactile better than clicky?

There are three switch profile in a mechanical keyboard and each switch profile have its significance as tactile switches are considered the best switch for a beginner due to their bumpy tactile feedback, ideal travel distance, and moderate sound profile whereas Clicky switches are the best for the user who likes clicky and loud noise.

Should you lube tactile switches?

You can lube tactile switches with a very thin lubing material because it may remove minor tactile bumps so a very thin lubing for tactile switches is recommended for the best experience.

Which switch is better for gaming red or blue?

Blue switches are good for error-free typing due to heavy actuation whereas, in terms of gaming, Red switches are way better because of their fast response, super-smooth typing, and ideal travel distance. So Red switches are a clear winner in gaming.

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