Halo True Vs Halo Clear: Which is Better Switch?

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Halo True vs Halo Clear, A comparison debate is always going on as soon as we talk about the tactile switches.

Halo Family switches fall in the premium switches segment due to their overall build and performance.

Both switches are constructed by the same manufacturing company ‘Kaihua Electronics’, They are also known for their very popular Kailh Switches.

Halo True and Halo Clear both switches come under the tactile switch profile that’s why the user is slightly confused while purchasing their favorite Halo switches.

As Halo switches achieved a great height in the mechanical switches industry so differentiating both switches on a technical benchmark becomes most important for me so a user may get perfect switches for their keyboard.

But before reaching the conclusion, you should certainly know some basic answers regarding both switches. 

This comparison between Halo True vs Halo Clear is completely based on every technical benchmark including their performance. Sound profile and Durability.

To find out which switch is a better option for you,

Let’s get dive into the details!

Halo True Switches: A Sneak Peek

Halo True Vs Halo Clear-1

Halo True is a tactile type of switch developed by JACOB ALEXANDER that provides smooth, consistent, and snappy tactile bumpy feedback with an ultra-premium feel.

Halo True switches are constructed from three significant components that are:

  • Stem Color: Salmon
  • Tactile Method: Metal Leaf
  • Tactile peak force: 60 gf
  • LED styles: SMD RGB with the lens.

Now take a look at the Halo True review based on some technical factors and how these switches perform.

Halo True Review

Halo Trues consists of medium to a heavy actuation force which gives more control over the keyboards during typing.

These switches provide you with super-smooth keypresses from the beginning to the end which is mostly absent in some other tactile switches due to the friction on the switches.

The tactile method in Halo True switches is done through a metal leaf giving more premium touch and feel to the user.

You will also feel a smooth force curve which will be quite similar to the Topre switches, although the curve is not as good as in the Topre. I would say it’s delivered well in Halo True switches too.

These switches derived a heavy actuation mechanism from the Cherry MX switches as many users like Cherry’s heavy actuation, a peak force for actuation is 60gf which is relatively high.

Halo switches are smoother than cherry adding a big positive point for these switches.

Halo Clear Switches: A Sneak Peek

Halo Clear Switches are also invented by Jacob Alexander and these Halo clear switches come from a house of Halo switches.

Halo Clear switches are tactile switches having all the functionalities that good tactile switches need to have.

Offering smooth tactile feedback with precise accuracy, and a super satisfying experience, these Halo Clear switches are one of the best tactile switches out there on the market.

Here are the following features consisting of a Halo Clear switches:

  • Stem Color: Clear
  • Tactile Method: Metal Leaf
  • Tactile peak force: 65 gf
  • LED styles: SMD RGB with the lens. (optimal luminous)

Here is a brief review of Halo Clear switches, which is enough to get you to the conclusion.

Halo Clear Review

Halo Clear switches provide a great bumpy tactility with a smooth texture and super-satisfying user experience.

Halo Clear switches offer the pre-loaded features which are not going to activate with less force so you may rest your fingers on the key switches, keystrokes will not be registered mistakenly most of the time.

These Halo Clear switches are made with a Clear Stem allowing these switches to be more luminous and shine through the switches and beautifying their RGB lighting effects.

Clear switches are designed to enhance the RGB spectrum, the same as the Cherry Clear switches.

The tactile method is the same in Halo Clear switch that is done through a Metal Leaf providing a unique experience to the users.

The difference in the force curve can be experienced during typing in Halo Clear switches because of the little more actuation force as well as the travel ends a little closer to ~3.7-3.8mm.

There are not many differences between Halo True switches vs Halo Clear switches as both switches come from the same manufacturer instead in terms of specs. they both share many similarities.

Halo True vs Halo Clear Comparison table

As I have told you there are not any major differences between Halo True vs Halo Clear switches, but a little bit of difference in spring and actuation can make your typing experience different.

So here is the comparison table for both Halo True and Halo Clear switches.

Technical Benchmarks

Halo True

Halo Clear

Switch Profile



Manufacturer By



Stem Color



Tactile Peak Force



Bottom-Out Force



Spring Force



Pre-travel Distance



Overall Travel Distance



LED Styles

SMD RGB with lens

SMD RGB with lens

Halo True vs Halo Clear: In-Depth Comparison

Halo True Vs Halo Clear-3

Breaking down the above comparison in-depth will certainly clarify the difference between Halo True vs Halo Clear switches and take you to the conclusion.

I’m mentioning the most significant factors here that majorly impact both switches’ performance.

take a look this factors:

1. Typing Experience

Tactile switches are considered the best for beginners for regular typing work as well as for some gaming.

As both Halo True and Halo Clear are the tactile type of switches that provides a smoother typing experience due to their less friction, despite tactile switches Halo True and Halo Clear both are top-notch switches.

Both switches are quite similar in terms of typing experience, some keyboards professionals may feel a slight difference because of the spring force variation but it does not make them separate.

Overall, I would say Halo True and Halo Clear both are great switches for day-to-day work and professional typing.

2. Sound Profile

The sound Profile for a tactile switch is usually moderate that’s why many new users like to have tactile switches for their keyboards.

Being tactile switches, the sounds produced by both switches are balanced neither too loud like Clicky switches nor too quiet like Linear switches.

There are not any differences in Halo True vs Halo Clear switches’ sound profiles, both are comparatively equal.

You can also listen to both switches’ sounds in a video to get a real feel of the sound.

Here is the video I’m embedding for you:

Source: JCKeyboards


3. Stem

The color stem is the most significant reason which differentiates Halo True vs Halo Clear switches on a wider side.

Halo True switches are constructed from Salmon stem color that is a high-quality plastic material provides Halo True switches sturdy build from the inside body.

Halo True switches come with two lens LED styles, one with a clear lens while the other comes with an SMD RGB LED.

Coming to Halo Clear, these switches are made with a Clear stem which is also an excellent material allowing more shine through the keycaps as well as enhancing their RGB light and making the keyboard beautiful and elegant.

Halo Clear switches were invented for a K-type to fulfill the lack of RGB-capable switches. These switches have quite a similar stem to the Cherry Clear switches that 

Halo Clear switches have an edge over Halo True in terms of RGB lighting optimization due to their Stem.

4. Tactile Peak Force

The difference between peak force and the actuation force creates some curves in both Halo True and Halo Clear Switches.

For Halo True, the peak force is mentioned by the manufacturing company is 60gf and the actuation point is just the 52gf  so the delta is measured at 8gf which is a slightly a little curve that will be smooth as well while typing.

You should keep in mind that the switch is actually heavier with this peak force and the actuation point readings.

For Halo Clear switches, you can feel more tactile feedback during typing because the peak force for the Halo Clear switches is 65gf which is 5gf higher than Halo True.

But the curve force is a little bit more developed due to the 50gf actuation point and 65gf peak force so the delta of 15gf which is comparatively higher.

You will feel the more tactile bounce as well as a much more smooth tactile feel in Halo Clear switches.

Halo Clear switches have again achieved a plus point here.

5. Spring Force

Here is also a little bit of difference between Halo True vs Halo Clear switches spring forces which can be observed during keypresses.

Halo True switches have ~100gf of spring forces which means springs need 100gf force to be actuated successfully.

Whereas Halo Clear switches have ~78gf of spring force to actuate which is slightly less compared to Halo True.

6. Durability

In terms of durability, Both switches are durable that can be survived for a long even with aggressive typing.

As both switches are constructed with the same quality material except for the stem color, this is the reason durability is almost the same for both Halo True and Halo Clear switches.

You will not encounter any quality-related issues in Halo switches.

Which is better between Halo True and Halo Clear?

After reading about both switches, it becomes quite easy for us to decide between Halo True vs Halo Clear switches.

We’ve seen both Halo switches have many similarities and their own specialties as well, ultimately both switches performed excellently on all the technical factors.

So it completely comes down to a user-specific preference regarding what kind of tactile switch they like because some users are happy with light tactile switches, on the other hand, some users like to type on heavy tactile switches.

If you like light switches then go with Halo True switches.

If you love heavy switches with clear stems for enhanced RGB and a more tactile bouncy feel, Halo Clear switches are perfectly made for you.

My personal recommendation is Halo Clear switches due to their some exception specs and features.

Bestseller No. 1

Halo True Vs Halo Clear-amazon

Which is better for Gaming?

For gaming, light switches are preferred over heavy switches so they may respond super fast in fast-paced gaming. Linear switches are especially recommended if gaming is your first priority.

Coming to gaming in tactile switches, Tactile switches are mediocre because they are not as smooth and fast as the linear switches, but they performed better in gaming compared to Clicky switches.

So you can somehow consider them for gaming.

As Both switches are tactile and there are no major differences in actuation and switch weight so it will not impact your gameplay drastically.

But if you have to pick one between Halo True vs Halo Clear switches, I would recommend you to go with Halo True switches because Halo True are lighter than Clear switches.


This is all the difference between Halo True vs Halo Clear switches I have which put in front of you after indulging many hours of study.

Now it’s time to wrap up this article on Halo True vs Halo Clear switches.

There is no doubt to say both switches are top-notch and perform excellently on every benchmark that’s why I have sorted them for the best tactile switches list you can check out.

Light or Heavy, clear or colored stem, It all comes down to your preference.

I hope the difference would be clear in both switches, now you will certainly be able to pick out one tactile switch for your mechanical keyboard.

I hope this post was helpful to you.

Thanks for reading.


Halo True vs Halo Clear FAQs

What is the difference between Halo clear and Halo True?

The main difference between Halo Clear and Halo True switches is the tactile peak force which is 65gf for Halo Clear switches whereas 60gf for Halo True switches, due to more curve and tactile bounce is observed in Halo Clear switches.

Are Halo True and Halo clear stems the same?

Both switches are constructed with the same housing material but Halo True uses a Salmon stem however Halo Clear switches use a clear Stem which is more feasible for the RGB lightening spectrum.

Is Halo clear switch good?

Halo Clear switches provide more smooth bumpy feedback with consistent and accurate clicks, It allows RGB to more shine due to the clear stem and the sound profile is also perfectly suited for both office and home.

Are Halo clears clicky?

Designed by Kaihua electronics and Developed by Jacob Alexander, Halo Clear switches are tactile switches.

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