Cherry MX Red vs Blue Switches: Which is Better Pick?

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In the mechanical keyboard segment, Red and Blue switches are the most popular and most used switches by the users.

Brown switches are also widely used but somehow you will find them comparatively less in mechanical keyboards.

Red switches are linear types of switches whereas Blue switches are Clicky and Brown switches are tactile. In this article, we are going to cover the in-depth differences between Red vs Blue Switches.

A red and blue switch battle always takes place when their die-heart users try to give the best switches title to their favorite switches.

But wait, we will decide which is better based on conclusive factors and practical usage.

as both switches have different feel and applications.

By reading the complete article, you would be able to decide which switch is going to be perfect for your mechanical keyboard.

Let’s get dive into the red vs blue switches battle!

Cherry Red Switches: A Brief Introduction

Red vs Blue Switches-1

Cherry Red switches are linear types of switches that are mostly used for gaming purposes due to their light actuation as well as Fast and Smoother typing experience.

These red switches are manufactured by the very famous and reliable German Company ‘Cherry’.

Cherry Mx Red switches have a very light actuation force that is 45g and the bottom-out force is 65g. Due to their light switch character, they are super fast and smooth which is certainly perfectly suited for fast-paced gaming.

Red switches have no tactile bump at top of them so you won’t get tactile feedback during typing on these switches.

Some users can be disappointed with no tactility if they are used to strong tactile bumps.

The most significant property of the Cherry Red switches is their sound which is absolutely quiet while typing.

Where silence is a priority like in offices and centered rooms these Red switches certainly have no match. They are perfectly made for this kind of scenario.

The travel distance is 4.0mm which is comparatively short than Clicky and Tactile switches but it is considered ideal though.

Cherry Blue Switches: A Brief Introduction

Red vs Blue Switches-3

Blue switches are clicky types of switches that are specially designed to provide heavy actuation force as well as good tactile feedback during typing.

Blue switches are most preferred by the professional typist and the person who loves loudy keyboards.

The actuation force for these switches is 60g which is considered heavy and works exceptionally well to do error-free typing as every keypress gives you strong feedback whereas a loud clicky sound ensures successful keystrokes.

The operating force is 45g and the bottom-out force is 60g because of this mechanism blue switches need a little extra pressure during typing and generate very less errors.

The travel distance is 4.0 which is ideal and is built in many mechanical keyboards.

The main USP of Blue switches is their clicky and loud noise, by considering this factor a user can purchase blue switches. Clicky switches are loved by millions of people, believe me!!

For some people, clicky sound can be irritating especially when concentrating on something important task. So make sure to check videos of blue switches so you may get a more clear idea of their sound.

Cherry Mx Red vs Blue Switches: Significant Differences

Red vs Blue Switches-2

As both Red and Blue switches have their own properties, working principles, and different applications.

Here is the sneak table of major differences between Red vs Blue switches which are completely based on technical factors.

To read a detailed guide, jump to the detailed guide section of this article.

But before taking a sneak peek at Cherry Mx Red vs Blue switches differences:

Technical Benchmarks

Cherry Red Switches

Cherry Blue Switches

Switch Profile



Actuation Force



Bottom-Out Force



Typing Experience

Super-Smooth Typing Experience.

Tactile Bump with each keystroke.



Loud and Clicky

Pre Travel Distance/ Actuation Distance



Overall Travel Distance



Cherry Mx Red vs Blue Switches: Detailed Comparison

Let’s break down these differences into complete in-depth details for both switches.

In this detailed comparison, we will discuss the difference between red vs blue switches in the following benchmarks: feel, sound, actuation, and overall typing experience.

We will give both switches the Winner title for each benchmark. 

Here is the detailed breakdown:

1. Feel

At a first glance, the feel is the primary factor of any mechanical switches that a user give attention to.

While typing on key switches a user should feel very comfortable and relaxed, as a result, they can type constantly without any problems.

Talking about the red and blue switches, both switches significantly offers a good feel and touch.

The most decisive thing with the feel factor is it is completely down to a user preference, because some users may feel good on red switches due to their smooth, fast response time and light actuation.

Whereas some users don’t feel good on linear switches due to lack of tactility so they move on to Blue switches where they got heavy actuation with very strong tactile feedback during typing.

Now you have to decide what kind of user you are.

Let me clear one thing, if you are new to the mechanical keyboards you may feel less comfortability on Red switches, and sometimes finger pain can occur due to their short travel distance.

Whereas on Blue switches, typing experience will be more enjoyable because of a strong tactile bump and lack of error writing.

But also keep in mind, that the gaming experience will not be too good with the Blue switches.

Winner = Tied  (User-Preference)

2. Sound

Sound is certainly a decisive factor for a user to pick a switch between red vs blue switches.

In this technical factor, both red and blue switches are exactly opposite as one is too quiet on the other hand one is too clicky and loud.

Here again, preference comes down to a user-specific choice.

You will find two kinds of people as far as the keyboard applications are concerned, One who like Loud and Clicky noise when he types, Whereas one who loves a silent environment and like silent switches for their keyboard.

In the sound benchmark, Cherry Mx Red switches produce very less noise while typing, in fact, they are much more silent compared to tactile and clicky switches.

However, Blue switches produce a very loud and clicky noise while keystrokes, you hear a click sound on every keypress.

Now it’s you who should decide which is the winner in the sound segment.

I advise you to get red switches if you want a switch for office purposes because blue switches will definitely be going to disturb your nearby colleagues.

Winner = Tied  (User-Preference)

3. Gaming

The gaming industry has completely changed the phase of the mechanical keyboard industry, people starting to buy mechanical keyboards to improve their gameplay.

A mechanical keyboard plays a vital role in boosting reaction time in fast-paced games like PUBG, Fortnite, and Apex Legends.

Look, to dominate in the fast-paced games, your gaming skills should be excellent as well as a keyboard needs to provide smooth, fast typing with a super-fast response time so you will be able to destroy your enemies in a second.

Considering these factors, Red switches are a clear winner in terms of gaming.

Cherry Mx Red switches have everything that a gaming switch needs to have.

Red switches are buttery smooth, consistent, and offer super-fast response time throughout the typing and gaming.

Cherry Red switches are way ahead if we talk about the gaming performance.

While considering Blue switches, they are not suited for gaming as they produce too much clicky noise during keypresses so it creates several issues through the mic when communicating with the teammates.

If gaming is your only priority, I would suggest you go with Red switches without a single thought.

Winner = Red Switches

4. Typing Experience

This is also the most dominating factor when choosing a mechanical switch.

In terms of overall typing experience, red and blue switches are quite good but Blue switches have a slight edge over red switches because of their fewer error during keypresses.

Blue switches performed exceptionally well in typing with constant accuracy and user satisfaction. Thanks to their strong tactile feedback.

Although a user needs more pressure while typing due to more actuating force but you will be rewarded with very less errors. A strong tactile bump in blue switches ensures that all keypresses are being done successfully.

Professional typists always prefer Blue switches for their typing work leaving their loud clicky sounds aside.

Coming to Red switches, Red Switches are good for day-to-day typing but not considered ideal for professional typing. You need a lot of practice to get used to the red switches because of their travel distance and light actuation.

This is the most prominent reason red switches are not recommended for beginners or a person who never used mechanical switches before.

With the Blue switches, a user needs very less time to get used to them.

If you have to select between Red and Blue switches for typing, Your hand always should be with the Blue switches. 

Winner = Blue Switches

Cherry Mx Red vs Blue Switches: Which is Better Pick?

After reading the entire detailed review, It should be pretty much clear about both switches.

As we have seen both switches have their own applications and properties and performed excellently on all the required benchmarks.

So picking a switch between Cherry red vs blue switches can be a challenge in itself and completely depend on the user’s needs. Application may vary from user to user so they should purchase switches accordingly.

If you are expecting a conclusive answer, then I would suggest you go with Blue switches if your primary applications are related to professional typing.

If gaming is your primary utility you should certainly go with the Red switches.

One thing is certain with both switches is that they will drastically increase the typing efficiency of your’s keyboard and make your typing and gaming experience unmatchable for sure.

Are Blue switches really loud?

Blue switches are very loud and produce a clicky sound with every keystroke. This clicky sound profile is the signature of Blue Switch.

Most of the people by Blue switches just because of their loud and clicky sound as they love to type on loud switches instead of silent switches.

If you need a loud keystroke sound from your mechanical keyboard then no other switches are better than Blue switches.

You should watch the below video to know how blue switches sound in real and feel the sound difference between red vs blue switches.

Source: Mattie Keebs



This was the detailed comparison between Cherry Mx red vs blue switches. I have tried to cover every penny of information about both switches.

Red and Blue switches are equally good as far as their applications and specialty are concerned.

It’s all about the choice of an individual for what purposes he is looking for a mechanical switch. It may be gaming, typing, casual work, office, and home office.

Blue switches are the best for typing and home usage, whereas red switches can be perfect for gaming and central offices.

Just install mechanical switches on your keyboard and enjoy next-level typing and gaming.

For a beginner, my recommendation will be Blue switches for day-to-day typing and programming.

I hope this post was helpful to you.

Thanks for reading.


Red vs Blue Switches FAQs

are blue switches good for gaming?

Blue switches are not considered ideal for gaming because of their sound profile and tactility, as loud and clicky sounds may disturb you while communicating with your teammates. Red switches are considered the best for gaming.

Are red switches better than Blue?

Red switches and blue switches both have their own applications and specialty as blue switches for typing and programming whereas red switches are good for gaming. So both switches are equally good it completely depends on the user's preferences.

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