Gateron Ink Black Switch Review: Are They Worth Buying?

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A switch brand that is widely popular on the mechanical keyboard market after Cherry, the switches I’m talking about are Gateron Switches.

After explaining the Gateron Switches Guide in previous articles, I’m going to explain Gateron Ink Black switches, a well-known premium switch in Gateron Family Lineup. 

Do you know why Gateron Ink Black switches got the title ‘Ink’, it is because of the Smoky housing from which they are made.

These switches have a separate user base due to their smoothness along with a bassy sound that makes them unique and elegant.

Among the keyboard community, users always come up with various questions: are Gateron Ink Black switches worth buying?

Are Ink Black switches good?

You don’t need to concern as I’ve come up with an in-depth guide about Gateron Ink Black switches along with Gateron Ink Black review including some significant questions that need to be answered.

Let’s break down this article and get dive into the details!

What are Gateron Ink Black Switches?

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Gateron Ink Black switches are linear types of switches operating with a heavy actuation of 60cN, travel distance of 2mm, actuation of 4mm for the bottom, and produce a bassy and lower pitch sound.

These switches are considered premium switches in the Gateron family lineup.

Gateron Ink Black Switches provide a smooth typing experience along with a heavy operating force that resists generating fewer errors during keypresses.

Their top and bottom housing are made with clear and high-quality plastic material with some smokiness feel. The spring is coated with black color to match the switch housing that enhancing its appearance.

Gateron Ink Black somehow gives you a typing feel of Blue switches due to high actuation and the Sound feel of Red switches because of silent sound.

They are comparatively pricier than some other conventional Gateron switches.

Gateron Ink Black is designed by Gateron Electronic Technology Co. Ltd. and is manufactured in Huizhou, Guangdong, China.

Gateron Ink Black Features

Switch Name

Gateron Ink Black

Manufactured By

Gateron Electronic Technology Co. Ltd

Switch Type


Housing & Stem

Smokey-Transparent Housing

Actuation Force




Total Travel Distance



Quiet and Bassy Sound

Sound Profile

PCB Mounted, 5-Pin Support

Typing Experience

Smooth Typing Experience and natural clicks with a little spring crunch.

Gateron Ink Black Review

Gateron Ink Black switches have various functionalities and specifications that look good on paper.

But looking at their specs we cant predict that these switches will perform really great in practical applications too.

That’s the reason I’m doing the Gateron Ink Black review so you may get a clear perception of these switches.

Here is the breakdown of all the specifications with the practical utility.

1. Feel

Gateron Ink Black switches are extremely smooth during typing due to their linear switch profile.

What can you expect from a mechanical switch, especially from a linear switch, fast response time with great smoothness? Right!

These Gateron Ink Black come out exceptionally well on the smoothness as they are buttery smooth but without the lubing, some users can feel scratchiness at the initial level due to the stem wobble that occurred on the switches.

Although these small wobbles feel generally found in most of the Gateron switches so that is not going to cause any significant impact on typing experience.

You have an option to lube these switches if you want to get more smoothness during typing.

Make sure to check out which lube is best suited for Gateron Ink Black switches.

Overall, Gateron Ink does not disappoint you and you will get a great typing experience with a super-smooth feel by using these switches.

2. Sound Profile

The sound profile of Gateron Ink switches is the most significant factor that can be felt during keystrokes by a user.

In terms of sound, These Gateron Ink Black produces a sort of scratchy sound with a very quiet and lower pitch profile.

The switches are quite heavy which actuate on the force of 60cN, by looking at their heavy actuation I can say the sound of Gateron Ink Black is really impressive that is going to satisfy your ears.

The lower pitch sound with some bassy click noise during keypresses is the dominating character of these switches that separates them from conventional and Non-Ink Gateron switches.

If you feel some scratchy sound at initial then lubing is a good way to go and get rid of scratchiness.

The sound can certainly be more rich and clear after the lubing process will be done in these switches.

I’m embedding a video for you to understand more about Gateron Ink Black switches, their sound, and practical applications.

Source: Hamaji Neo


3. Operating Force

As you have observed Linear switches mostly have a light actuation force to get fast typing and response time.

But in Gateron Ink Black switches, the operating force works slightly on a higher side which is measured for 60cN. This 60cN actuating force makes these switches heavier and gives a feel of blue switches except for the clicky sound.

You have to put more pressure comparatively on keys to register a keystroke.

You can also rest your fingers on the keyboard because the keystrokes will not be registered accidentally due to their heavy actuation force. 

This spring force with the linear switch profile can give a different experience but it’s also a fact that these kinds of switches are not for everyone as some users may face difficulties at initial usage.

If you do not prefer linear switches due to their light actuation force, you can opt for Gateron Ink Black switches for your mechanical keyboard.

4. Stem Housing

The housing of Gateron Ink Black gives a different appearance to the switches.

These switches are made with excellent housing materials which boost their build quality and give sturdiness.

Due to their build and performance, Gateron Ink Black switches are considered very premium switches that’s why their price is a little higher side.

The top and bottom housing are black smoky, it appears to be ink split from the inside. This smoky housing is the reason these Gaterons got their name ‘Ink Switches’

The stem is constructed from a jet black color giving them a stylish and unique finish.

Having this different housing and stem, Ink Black switches from Gaterons stand out from other regular switches as well as make your mechanical keyboard special, elegant and unique.

Apart from Ink Black switches, you can also check out Gateron Ink Red and Ink Yellow switches which are magnificent and good substitutes for Ink Black with light actuation force.

5. Price

Being a premium switch, the price for Gateron Ink Black switches is quite high.

I would not say these switches are expensive because they will cost you around $0.75.

You can not find a platform that sells a single switch so you have to purchase them with a pack of 10 or more.

For 1 pack (10 switches) = $7.5

1 switch will cost you = $.075

Here are the following platforms from where you can order Gateron Ink Black Switches:

  1. Amazon
  2. Keychron
  3. kbdfans

Please note that the platforms I mentioned above are reliable and well-trusted so you can order your favorite Gateron switches from there.

Bestseller No. 1

Gateron Ink Black Review-Amazon
  • ✅These switches are made of a new type of plastic
  • ✅This switch is very smooth
  • ✅ 70 pcs
  • ✅It can’t interchange with hotswap keyboard

Can I lube Gateron Ink Black Switches?

Gateron Ink Black Review-1

Lubing is a very effective process to make switches even better and increase their level in terms of smoothness and feel.

as we have discussed above Gateron Ink Black switches produce some scratchy sound at initial, so lubing them is a great way to achieve super smoothness and rich sound from the keyboard.

So the question arises can I lube Gateron Ink Black switches?

The straight answer is Yes, you can definitely lube Gateron Ink Black switches with any kind of lube but a thick lube is recommended to remove scratchy sound and improve their performance.

There are many lubes you can get on the market but in my opinion, Krytox 205g0 is perfect for Gateron Ink Black which will certainly improve their smoothness as well as give a more premium feel during typing.

You can order Krytox 205g0 from various online platforms, you just need to check its availability and prices from time to time.

What are Gateron Ink Black V2 Switches?

The company releases new versions of its switches from time to time with advanced features and functionalities to reduce any bugs, faults, and imperfections from the switches.

It also improves switches performance drastically.

Following this trend, the company launched Gateron Ink Black V2 switches which is an upgraded version of Gateron Ink Black switches.

These Gateron Ink Black V2 switches have the following features:

  • Linear Switch Profile
  • Actuation Force: 60g
  • Bottom-out: 70g
  • Travel: 4.0mm
  • 5 Pins Support
  • Price: $0.75 per switch

Gateron features their new Gateron Ink Black V2 switches with upgraded contact leaves to prevent fallouts.


Now It’s time to conclude this post on Gateron Ink Black switches.

Gateron Ink Black switches are certainly excellent linear switches that amazed you with their impressive performance and premium feel.

Above we have seen Gateron Ink Black review and come to the conclusion that they are top-notch switches, especially their price which attracts most keyboard enthusiasts to consider them as the next switches.

Their lower pitching sound and heavy actuation are the most prominent factor that makes them apart from the other switches.

When using these switches without lubing may give a little spring crunch and scratchy feel so Lubing is recommended for the best experience.

If you are looking for a premium switch at a good price equipped with higher actuation force and lower sound you should consider Gateron Ink Black switches without a doubt.

I hope this post was helpful on Gateron Ink Black switches.

Thanks for reading.


Gateron Ink Black FAQs

Are Gateron black inks good?

Considering their price and their premium switch category, Gateron Ink Black switches perform exceptionally well on all technical benchmarks, Gateron Ink Blacks are smooth, slightly heavy and the sounds are quiet, bassy, and lower-pitched.

What is a Gateron black ink?

Gateron Ink switches are linear types of switches that offer a smooth typing experience with a lower sound profile consisting of an operating force of 60cN, a travel distance of 2mm actuation, 4mm bottom-out force.

Is Gateron black ink V2 good?

With advanced features and upgraded contact leaves, Gateron black ink v2 switches are excellent switches that have a more premium feel with beast performance in terms of typing, sound, control, and overall built.

Is Gateron black linear?

Gateron Black switches are linear switches that have a higher actuation force of 60cN compared to red and yellow ink switches which have lower actuation force.

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