Healios v2 switches: Review and {The Expert Guide}

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If you love using linear switches in your mechanical keyboard, you certainly heard about Gaterons, Cherry, and Tangerine switches.

Probably you are using one of them.

But do you know about Healios V2 switches from Zeal Pc?

If not, then you should know about these switches as Healios v2 switches come with very unique housing colors, stem, and bottom-out force.

To know in-depth about Healios switches, I’ve brought an article for you which will give you complete information about Healios V2 switches from their specifications to their review.

Let’s see How these switches perform on all technical factors and come out on our expectations.

Let’s get dive into the details!

What are Healios v2 Switches?

Healios v2 switches-1

Healios v2 Switches are linear silent switches that are best known to provide smooth typing and fast response time with a good operating force and silent sound profile.

Theese switches are designed and manufactured by Zeal Pc.

Zeal Pc has already established themselves in the mechanical switches market with very successful Zealios switches which are tremendously popular among keyboard lovers.

Healios v2 switches have the following significant characteristics:

  • Transparent Housing 
  • Translucent  Orange Silent Stem
  • Mount directly on PCB
  • Bottom-out force is 63.5g.

The transparent body is the beautiful part of these key switches that allow RGB light to shine more giving the keyboard an attractive appearance.

The translucent orange stem inside the switches enhances their overall build.

These Healios v2 switches come in only one variant which contains 63.5g of bottom-out force which also refers to the spring weight mounted inside the switches.

This bottom-out force is not the same as the actuation so you should not be confused between them.

These switches support PCB mount mechanisms like any other switches, so you can install these switches easily with hot-swappable functionality.

Let me explain the Healios v2 switches along with the review in very precise detail.

Healios v2 Switches Specifications

Healios v2 switches are a linear type of switches that are equipped with many advanced specifications that makes these switches very unique and special.

There are only single variants launched by the company for these switches so you don’t need to give much time to check every switch’s compatibility as well as applications.

To understand better, I’m putting Healios switches specifications through a table.


Healios v2 Switches

Manufactured By

Zeel Pc

Switch Type

Silent Linear Switch

Housing & Stem Specs

Transparent top and bottom housing, with Hermes Orange stems


PCB Mounted

Spring-Force (Bottom-Out)


Sound Profile

Very Silent

Typing Experience

Smooth, fast, and light typing Experience with no tactile feedback.

Healios v2 Switches Review

Let’s review Helios v2 switches on all essential technical benchmarks and see how well they perform?

This is going to be really challenging for these switches to compete because there are various excellent switches already available on the market.

Here is the brief of the technical factors on which I’m going to test Healios v2 switches:

  • Sound Test
  • Transparent Housing
  • Bottom-Out Force
  • Performance
  • Price

1. Healios Switch sound test

The sound produced by Healios v2 switches is very silent as per the company claim.

In practical usage, Healios switches are silent as well as snappy and smooth.

Being a linear switch, silence is the most dominating character, a linear switch has to be equipped with. Healios switches come out to justify our expectations as they are perfectly made for the office’s purposes or everywhere silent is the topmost priority. 

By using these switches, the sound is not going to disturb you while playing multiplayer games, especially when talking to your teammates.

I would say, Healios v2 switches did a great job in terms of sound production.

You will be satisfied during typing on these switches, a pleasing sound is certainly achieved.

Overall a well-balanced sound with a snappy and fast typing experience offered by Healios v2 switches.

Here is the video I’m embedding for you to get the real feel of Healios sound:

Source: Taeha Types


2. Transparent Housing & Stem

The top and bottom housing for Healios v2 switches are transparent which makes the process feasible for RGB lighting to shine more beautiful.

The top and bottom housing are made with premium quality material that enhances their durability and provides an excellent build so these switches may work for long without encountering any severe issues.

The Translucent Orange Silent Stem creates a silence-oriented environment inside the housing.

The housing of these switches is quite different which provides a stunning appearance to the switches as well as makes them stable and sturdy.

This type of transparent housing is considered the best for mechanical keyboards having various types of RGB lighting effects. So these switches will never disappoint you in this lighting factor.

If you are looking to buy Healios switches to set up your RGB lighting keyboard, these switches work absolutely best you can simply go ahead to buy them.

Among many upsides, this transparent housing definitely a big plus point that goes in the favour of Healios v2 switches.

3. Bottom-Out Force

The bottom-out force in mechanical keyboards means, the act of pressing a key to its full depth.

Some mechanical key switches actuate before reaching the bottom out which means they required less force to activate keystrokes or you can type faster.

The bottom-out force of Healios switches is 63.5 g which is good considering their linear switch profile along with they seem to be easy to press during typing because of their spring force.

Please note that 63.5g is rated the Spring Weight, not the actuation. 

This should be kept in mind while purchasing mechanical switches for your keyboard.

The one downside associated with these Healios v2 switches is their only variant with the 63.5 bottom-out force launched by the company so you don’t have an option to go for the heavy spring force switch.

You have to stick with this Healios switches variant. Whereas In Zealios switches there are 4 variants available with 62, 65, 67, and 78g of bottom-out force.

This is only a negative side I have seen in Healios V2 switches.

Well Keeping aside, I would say if you prefer light switches Healios switches are an excellent option to go with.

4. Performance

After discussing Healios switches specifications, the most significant question a user asked How do these switches perform in an overall typing scenario?

Well, these Healios v2 switches perform excellently well on all technical benchmarks, especially in terms of typing.

Because a linear switch is best known to offer fast, smooth, and consistent typing.

Healios switches come out to be magnificent and give you an impressive typing experience with fast response time, super-smooth typing, and consistent clicks throughout your typing journey.

With the new Healios v2, the bumper is redesigned with the silencing mechanism to obtain more optimization in sound and spring weight.

You can also lube these switches if required or if you want to obtain more smoothness, 0r when the rattling sound started to hear after some aggressive usage.

If we talk about their compatibility, Healios switches are compatible with most mechanical keyboards which support full customization. But compatibility verification is recommended with the model of your keyboard to avoid any issues.

Overall, Healios v2 switches have good specifications with decent performance. 

5. Price

Healios switches come slightly at a higher price around $1.20 for a switch, which may sound expensive at a first glance but other switches from the Zeal pc are also listed at a higher price.

If we look at the linear switches from some other brands such as Tangerine and Kiwi, they come at a very economical price point which is around $0.65.

But I can say these Healios switches are quite better in terms of build and durability. So paying some extra bucks for quality can be justified.

After all, you have to decide whether these switches fall under your budget or not if you can afford them then I would suggest you can look forward to buying them.

These Healios v2 switches are sold in packs of 10 which means:

1 pack = 10 switches 

and it cost you $11 to $12 according to availability on selling platforms.

These switches are most of the time run out of stock so I request you to check consistently on various platforms to grab them in your hands.

Where to buy Healios v2 Switches?

Despite being launched at a higher price point, these Healios v2 switches are very high in demand among keyboard users.

That’s the reason when they arrived in stock, people order them as soon as they come to know about their availability.

You can buy Healios switches on the following online platforms:

  1. Amazon
  2. Zealpc.net

So don’t forget to check out these switches on the above platforms, if you perpetually look for these switches you can certainly get them in the best offers running on Amazon.

Bestseller No. 1

Healios v2 switches-Amazon
  • ✅Orange Healios: 63.5g
  • ✅bundles of 10
  • ✅ Transparent housing, with Hermes orange stems
  • ✅For Gaming, Multimedia, Personal…

Healios v2 Switches Mount and Compatibility

healios v2 Switches- pin mount

As far as compatibility is concerned, these Halios v2 switches can be mounted on any mechanical keyboard that supports the PCB mount.

Being PCB-mounted switches, these switches can be used in most plate-mounted keyboards, so you don’t need to be concerned about their compatibility.

PCB Mounted switches can be installed on mechanical keyboards having 3 or 5 holes. The switches installed with 5 holes provides extra durability, and sturdiness and make your keyboard more rigid.

first of all, you need to check whether your keyboard has 2 extra holes next to the center post, if not you can simply remove 2 small plastic legs from the mechanical switches to make them plate-mount.

Although installing the method is quite easy, if you are a fresher and don’t have much knowledge I request you to go through the videos available on youtube.

Are Healios Switches good for gaming?

healios v2 Switches for gaming

This is the question many gamers or keyboards professionals asked – can Healios switches be a good choice for gaming purposes?

can you really take advantage of these switches during gameplay?

For gaming, a switch needs to offer a fast response time and a smoother typing experience with quiet noise.

By occupying all these properties, especially with a fast response time, you can destroy your enemies as soon as they attack you.

Well, Healios V2 switches are linear types of switches that provides super-fast response time along with a smoother typing experience that make your mechanical keyboard perfectly fitted for fast-paced gaming.

Healios switches are silent too during keypresses as well as their ideal travel distance gives more control on the keyboard so, in my opinion, these switches come out to be very good for all kinds of gaming.

Are Healios v2 Switches worth it?

Due to having a higher price, people are not ready to purchase these switches without knowing their specifications and overall performance. 

A question raised in the user’s mind is Healios v2 switches worth their price?

Frankly speaking, Healios v2 switches performed beyond our expectations as they are lot better linear switches compared to some switches in their price segment, and most importantly they perform significantly well in terms of technical benchmarks and practical utility.

If you can afford these switches for your mechanical keyboard, you can simply purchase them.

But if you are a user who can’t spend many bucks I recommend you to check out the best linear switches list published on our site. I promise you will get perfect switches by reading this given article.


After discussing all necessary queries about Healios v2 switches in detail, it’s time to wrap up this post.

Healios switches have a magnificent transparent housing with Hermes orange silent stems that looks absolutely impressive and eye-catching for a user, having 63.5g bottom-out force suits best the person who loves to type with a light hand.

PCB mount mechanism provides easy installation for these switches on a mechanical keyboard.

Healios v2 switches work seamlessly with the most mechanical keyboards which support fully customizable features.

IF you are looking to try out linear switches for your mechanical keyboard or a user who usually does experiments with various switches, You can certainly try Healios switches.

It will never disappoint you for sure. Instead, you definitely enjoy Healios.

I hope this post was helpful and pleasing to read.

Thanks for reading.


Healios v2 Switches FAQs

What switch is Healios?

Healios v2 switches are silent linear switches that have transparent housing with an orange stem, manufactured by Zeal Pc Healios v2 switches are smooth, fast, and super silent during typing.

Is Healios linear?

Yes, Healios switches are silent linear switches that feature 63.5g spring force.

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