How to Breed Parrots in Minecraft? {Guide-2022}

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The Minecraft Game is full of joy, adventures, and thrills.

While playing Minecraft, there are various mobs roaming in front of you, each mob has its own characters and diverse nature.

Some are found in the jungle, some are found in ocean biomes like fishes, whereas some animals spot in a cold climate such as polar bears.

Among the variety of mobs, Parrots are loved by many Minecraft players. Do you know why?

For several reasons, first of all, their five different colors attract users as well as you can take them with you, sitting them on your shoulder. Looking interesting, right!

We will come to know detailed information about parrots through this article, and get every answer like can you breed parrots in Minecraft? if yes, How to breed Parrots in Minecraft, 

I make sure, you will get all your answers regarding parrots on a single page, and after knowing your gaming experience will be more enjoyable and engaging.

Let’s get dive into the details to find the answers.

Can You Breed Parrots in Minecraft?

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The most interesting question arises in the user’s mind while sporting a parrot in Minecraft, Can you breed parrots in Minecraft? 

The simple answer is No you can not breed parrots in Minecraft because parrots are elusive animals that can’t be found easily so you can not increase their population artificially by breeding them.

That can look shocking at first for some users because apart from parrots, there are many animals like Horses, fish, and Polar bears that can be bred.

But this can’t be applied to the parrots. They are purposely created to be elusive in numbers.

If you will try to bring two parrots together to get produced a new baby, It is impossible to spawn a new parrot baby.

So parrots are not made to be bred in any circumstances, but one good thing with parrots is you can tame them.

Now take a look below How to breed parrots in Minecraft?

How to Breed Parrots in Minecraft?

how to breed parrots in minecraft-jungle biomes

Unfortunately, Minecraft lovers will disappoint to know that Parrots can’t be bred in the Minecraft, even if you try to have adult two parrots together, there will be no effect.

Although parrots could be bred previously in Minecraft with the help of cookies which needs to feed them, as of now this feature has been removed by the company due to cookies are toxic to parrots.

So there is no chance to produce a new baby parrot artificially with the hand.

Well, you can tame parrots instead of breeding which is a very good way to take them with you by feeding them some seeds.

In creative mode, the scenario is slightly different as there is one way to generate a new parrot with the Parrot Spawn Egg with the help of Add-on, but with the normal Minecraft mode, it is not possible to breed a parrot.

In a further update, we can say that this function can be added by Minecraft by looking at the user demands but when it is not certain. After all who knows the future.

As of now, you should focus on exploring some hidden places in Minecraft.

Now here is the video I’m embedding for you to get more details on how to breed parrots in Minecraft.

Source: ALGSonic


How To Tame Parrots In Minecraft

how to breed parrots in minecraft-tame parrots

Taming and feeding a parrot is an excellent way to train parrots.

For taming a parrot in Minecraft, there are 4 options of seeds available called beetroot seeds, melon seeds, pumpkin seeds, or wheat seeds which you need to feed them.

You should keep in mind that taming parrots is not easy, first of all, parrots are very rare jungle biomes that are not spawn too often as well as spotting them is quite difficult for Minecraft users.

There is only a 33% of chance tame parrots, but at least you can try and keep feeding them.

To tame parrots, you will have to feed them seeds until the heart starts to appear on their heads, as the heart is the indication of successfully taming a parrot.

Once taming is done parrots can sit on your shoulder or even it can go anywhere with you. You can also train them to follow your command more properly.

Apart from taming a parrot, seeds can be used to restore the health of parrots when they are injured or damaged.

Well, you will be surprised to know Parrots do spawn sometimes in the jungle, on the leaves, logs, trees, or the grass blocks. Finding them in these places probably increases the chances to spot them.

After knowing the answer to how to breed parrots in Minecraft, a user is pleased to know that they can at least tame parrots.

How to Find Parrots in Minecraft

Parrots are elusive bird-mobs means they are extinct and purposely put into very less no. in Minecraft that’s the reason they can’t be captured everywhere while playing games.

But If you really want to spot parrots and look to pet them, You will find parrots inside the jungle biomes, sitting on the trees, leaves, and the grass surfaces.

Taming them with different seeds is a good way to make them friends as well as pet them, even if you can pick them and sit them on your shoulders.

Finding parrots is quite challenging but if you dedicatedly search for them you will certainly find them in jungles.

Parrots' Behaviour in Minecraft

Parrots have definitely lovely behavior toward the human in Minecraft, here are the significant facts about parrots:

  1. Parrots can dance and move around to the music while playing in the Jukebox.
  2. Parrots can be trained by offering them foods they like most seeds.
  3. When it is slain, a parrot can drop one feather and one to three EXP orbs.
  4. Parrots are considered the ideal mob to pet, they can roam with you sitting on your shoulder after taming.

They are really a great companion for the player and having them with you is definitely a joyful feeling.


Let’s wrap up this post on how to breed parrots in Minecraft.

After discussing all the factors above, we have come to the conclusion that parrots can not be bred in Minecraft.

Apart from breeding, you can tame them by offering seeds, petting them, or even preaching them on your shoulder. Parrots are very lovely creatures in the jungle biomes that can become your companions in Minecraft.

Train and pet parrots are really a fun part by doing these they behave more appropriately.

So Next time when you find parrots during your gameplay, don’t try to breed them just tame them and spread the love.

Every creature in Minecraft has its own behavior, nature, characters, and most importantly preferred biomes where they love to live. Most animals are human-friendly so a player needs to deal accordingly with pamper.

I hope this post was helpful and I was able to give a conclusive answer on how to breed parrots in Minecraft.

Thanks for reading.


FAQs On How to Breed Parrots in Minecraft

How do you get a parrot on your shoulder in Minecraft?

To preach a parrot to sit on your shoulder is very easy, first, you need to tame a parrot with the feeding seeds then after successful taming, you can train the parrot, interact with them and it will appear to sit on your shoulder.

Do cookies kill parrots in Minecraft?

Parrots will get killed instantly if they eat cookies in Minecraft because chocolate is considered toxic to parrots and if they consume it they will die for sure. When it comes to the real world, Chocolates are also very harmful to the birds.

How do you heal parrots in Minecraft?

To heal parrots in Minecraft, you have to throw a small potion of healing craft near the parrot which will certainly help to heal themselves.

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