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People usually think that mechanical keyboards are extremely heavy, wider, taller, and occupied a lot of space on the desk.

But how sounds If I say that not true!

We have seen that the mechanical keyboard revolution has changed everything from their layout, sizes, switches, and keycaps.

As of now there are many exceptional keyboards are there on the market and Low Profile mechanical keyboard is one of the best among them.

Low Profile mechanical keyboard is very light weighted, has a shorter height, is easily portable, offers excellent performance, and gives the complete taste of full loaded mechanical keyboard.

Choosing the right low-profile keyboard becomes very challenging for a user due to the immense no, of availability.

That’s why we have come up with a comprehensive guide about low profile mechanical keyboards which will not only cover their broad properties but will also help you to choose the best low profile mechanical keyboard.

So stick with us till the end of this informative article.

Let’s get dive into the details!

What is a Low-Profile Keyboard?

low profile mechanical keyboard-1

A Low Profile keyboard is a keyboard that has mechanical switches with a shorter travel distance along with a shorter height that provides more comfort on the keyboard with the ergonomic layout.

Due to having a shorter travel distance and shorter height, A user can type faster without much bending their wrist.

A low Profile mechanical keyboard as the name suggests has all components with a compact design layout for better hold and a lighter feel on the keyboard.

Its design is mostly derived from the laptop keyboards and Chromebooks that aim to provide easy portability, lighter actuation, and an ergonomic feel with all the essence of a mechanical keyboard.

Here are the following significant properties of a low profile mechanical keyboard:

  • Have 2/3 or even lower height than regular keyboards.
  • Low Key Travel
  • Easily Portable
  • Fast typing and Response time.

As a beginner, you might face the difficulties at the intial due to their reduced angle, low travel distance, and shorter key switches, but after some usage, you will certainly used to it.

The main advantage to have a low-profile keyboard is you can easily move around keeping it with you. Thanks to its easy portable mechaism.

Things to look for getting the Best Low Profile Mechanical Keyboard

Have you ever observed what kind of specification a low-profile mechanical keyboard should have to outperform in all technical factors?

Well, before purchasing this keyboard a user should look for certain specs and properties so it’ll become easy decision-making for them.

If they keep in mind these factors, their keyboard purchase will become memorable for sure.

Take a look at all the essential technical factors a low profile keyboard needs to have:

Sizes and Layout

Size and Layout selection of a low profile mechanical keyboard selection totally comes down to a user’s preferences.

The entire typing experience can be changed by selecting the best size as well as layout for a keyboard, there are 4 sizes that usually come with these keyboards so you can pick them out according to your comfortability.

  1. Full-size Low Profile Keyboard.
  2. Tenkeyless
  3. and Compact Keyboards

Full-Sized keyboards are mostly preferred by the users due to their number pad availability, bigger switches, and keys. You will get every required key on a full-sized keyboard.

The second most used keyboard by keyboard enthusiasts is the Tenkeyless Layout. The tenkeyless keyboard comes without a number pad but it has all the essential keys which are used in the keyboard.

A tenkeyless keyboard (TKL) is the most ideal keyboard with all the essential keys and properties 

Apart from these keyboards, There are Compact keyboards that come with the 75%, 60%, and 40% layouts, so you have to decide which keyboards suit best for you.

Here is the video I’m putting for you which will help you to get which size keyboard you should get.

Source: TaeKeyboards


Switches and Feel

The feel of a switch is the most dominating factor in any mechanical keyboard.

The premium and comfortable feel of a keyboard can enhance your love for your keyboard. It can also improve typing experience more attractive, comfortable, and joyful.

With a good feel, a mechanical switch is a significant thing that makes your mechanical keyboard more durable and sturdier. Mechanical switches offer excellent performance with their decent actuation, tactile bump, and travel distance.

The mechanical switches come in three different profiles Linear, Tactile, and Clicky. Each profile has its own characteristics and advantages.

To more about these switch profiles, You can check out our detailed article on Tactile vs Linear vs Clicky switches.

IF gaming is your purpose in gaming to get this keyboard, I recommend you to go with a Linear switches keyboard.

Build Quality

When you are going to buy a mechanical keyboard, you should be well aware of the component from which it is constructed.

Good Construction material is widely responsible in a mechanical keyboard for a good typing experience, deep and rich sound as well as durability.

Some keyboards are made with high-quality plastic material with an aluminum frame whereas some keyboards are compromised with cheap quality material to get advantages in terms of price.

I’m not saying go with a very premium keyboard with expensive prices but at least you should check out a low-profile mechanical keyboard that is constructed with an ideal build at an affordable price.

That’s the reason I have shorted a low-profile keyboard having affordable to high price with exceptional performance.


Keycaps play a vital role to make your typing experience more seamless, and enjoyable. They also give a magnificent appearance to the keyboard with their unique color sets.

Generally, keycaps are constructed with two plastic materials ABS and PBT.

ABS keycaps are good quality plastic materials majorly used to make keycaps. ABS is prone to wear and can develop a shiny texture with time but the fact is they are economical keycaps too.

However, PBT keycaps are premium and high-quality quality plastic materials that are also used to make keyboard keycaps. These keycaps feature more durability, are less likely to wear, and do not develop a shiny texture compared to ABS keycaps.

I would say both keycaps are excellent in terms of performance and applications but PBT keycaps are slight ahead so go with PBT keycaps if you can afford them.

These are all major technical factors that should not be ignored by the user before buying low profile mechanical keyboard.

List of Best Low Profile Mechnanial Keyboard Switches: Our Top 4 Picks

After analyzing and studying many Low profile keyboards, I have shorted the best 4 Low profile mechanical keyboards for you.

This list is completely based on the keyboard’s performance on essential technical benchmarks, their price, and most important user experience.

Here is the list of the best Low profile mechanical keyboards:

Keyboard Name

Best for Segment

1. Corsair K70 MK.2 Keyboard

Best Gaming Keyboard

2. Cooler Master SK630

Best Premium Keyboard

3. Keychron K1 and K3

Best Compact Keyboard

4. Logitech G915 Lightspeed

Best Fast Wireless Keyboard

This was the brief list, now get dive into depth for every Low profile keyboard with its pros and cons.

1. CORSAIR K70 MK.2 Low Profile Keyboard

low profile mechanical keyboard- Corsair K70 Low Profile keyboard

The best low profile mechanical keyboard that comes on top of our list is CORSAIR K70 MK.2 low profile keyboard due to very specific reasons.

First of all, this Corsair K70 keyboard is equipped with a stunning modern design that attracts many keyboard professionals. The Aircraft-grade anodized aluminum frame ensures its high durability and overall build quality.

The gaming experience gonna more enjoyable with this keyboard, the impressive set of keycaps, Cherry Mx mechanical switches, and detachable wristband perfectly suited for all kinds of gaming, especially battle-royale games.

Coming to its specifications, Corsair K70 low profile keyboard offers multi-color RGB per-key backlighting that beautifies your keyboard setup and desk as well.

You can adjust RGB backlighting brightness with the dedicated button mounted on the right side of the keyboard.

Control keys are also there that can be easily reachable with your right hand making it easily accessible.

The keyboard features CORSAIR iCUE software that enables macro programming, RGB lighting control, and full-system lighting synchronization compatible with CORSAIR components.

Having all these functionalities and specifications, this CORSAIR K70 low profile keyboard become must buy for every low profile mechanical keyboard lover.



Stunning Design with all essential features.

Slightly Expensive

Cherry Switches with High-quality keycaps.

It is best For gaming purposes due to its fast response time.

Endless Customization for RGB Light.

Bestseller No. 1

Corsair K70 MK.2-amazon
  • ✅Experience all-day comfort with low-profile…
  • ✅Aircraft-grade anodized aluminum frame…
  • ✅Multi-color RGB per-key backlighting
  • ✅powerful CORSAIR iCUE software

2. Cooler Master SK630 Low Profile Keyboard

low profile mechanical keyboard-Cooler master SK630

The Cooler Master SK 630 keyboard is the best Tenkeyless layout keyboard on our list. Minimalistic design with a compact layout is the signature of Cooler Master keyboards.

Cooler Master SK 630 comes with a brushed aluminum design which enhances its build and provides an elegant look. While 2 keycaps sets (Slightly contoured and flat set) offer the familiar look and premium touch.

This SK630 also features a slim top plate providing a stylish appearance as well as floating keycaps that gives more control of the keyboard while typing but sometimes can make it difficult to type on.

If we consider switches, it comes with Cherry Mx Low profile switches that feature light actuation for effortless typing and a short travel distance enhances the overall typing experience.

The gaming experience with this keyboard is slightly good and optimized, thanks to the linear switch profile with a short height that offers faster reaction time with a quiet sound profile.

The show of RGB lighting comes out to be stunning due to the per-key backlighting feature, as well as surrounding lightbars, improving more luminous functionality. Easy RGB customization can be achieved via the software.

Overall, Cooler Master SK 630 is certainly the best tenkeyless keyboard out there on the market.



Comes with variety of sizes

Lack of media controls keys and USB passthrough.

Sleek and Compact design layout.

Flat Typing angle.

Both Wired and Wireless Functionality

Per-key backlighting Feature.

Bestseller No. 1

Cooler Master SK630 keyboard- amazon
  • ✅2 Keycap Sets
  • ✅Cherry MX Low Profile Switches
  • ✅Brushed Aluminum Design
  • ✅On-the-Fly Controls

3. Keychron K1 and K3

low profile mechanical keyboard- Keychron K3 Low Profile

Keychron established itself as one of the best mechanical keyboard manufacturers in the keyboard industry due to its quality, and many successful keyboards and popular accessories.

In Keychron family, We have selected the K1 and K3 low profile mechanical keyboards on our list because both keyboards deliver excellent performance while typing.

K1 low profile keyboard is based on a tenkeyless (TKL) design layout and has an aluminum frame, 3 Bluetooth connectivity as well as all the specifications and functionality that should be in a power low profile mechanical keyboard.

Where K3 Keyboard is a 75% keyboard that fits best for a small desk. Keychron K3 comes with many splendid specifications and performs really great.

Talking about their specification, Both K1 and K3 supports wireless connectivity along with a hot-swappable functionality that works flawlessly without any issues.

When choosing wireless keyboards, Latency and Battery backup is the most priority factor a user give attention to. Well, Keychron K3 has a decent battery backup that can last up to 99 hours with RGB backlit off.

In terms of latency, these keyboards provide very low latency compared to some other popular wireless mechanical keyboards.

These Keychron Keyboards are powered with Gateron switches that have a total travel distance of 2.5mm and actuation distance of 1.5mm and 50g actuation force. It has a lifespan of up to 50 million keystrokes providing great durability.

Having all those specs with N-Key rollover and hot-swappable are the essential features that make Keychron K1 and K3 keyboards stand out from the crowd.



Price varies according to functions.

ABS keycaps can be considered a con.

The very attractive color layout

Lack of adjustable feet.

Multiple Connectivity

Excellent battery life up to 99 hrs for a week.

Bestseller No. 1

Keychron K3 keyboard-amazon
  • ✅Keychron K3, a compact 75% layout
  • ✅connecting the K3 with up to 3 devices via the Bluetooth 5.1
  • ✅With a unique Mac layout
  • ✅can easily hot-swap every low-profile optical switch

4. Logitech G915 Lightspeed TKL/Full Sized Keyboard

low profile mechanical keyboard-Logitech G915 Low Profile

It will be very unfair if we won’t include Logitech G915 TKL Keyboard on our low-profile mechanical keyboard list due to its sensational performance, low latency, and impressive specifications.

Being a wireless keyboard, Logitech G915 features ultra-low latency during typing and gaming which is significantly a stand-out feature compared to other wireless mechanical keyboards.

The price is slightly expensive for this keyboard but believes me, it’s totally payoff.

Let’s talk about Logitech G915 features, it comes with the aircraft-grade aluminum alloy frame that makes it slim, rigid, beautiful, and enhances durability.

This keyboard consists low profile switches with the option to pick among Linear, tactile and Clicky switches. that’s a big advantage for a user as they can pick and switch profiles according to their needs.

The actuation is light with 50g force, the total travel distance is ideal at 2.7mm for all switch profiles, and the actuation distance is 1.5mm making this keyboard a perfect low profile switch keyboard. 

Talking of the most impressive features of this keyboard is ultra-low latency with 1ms performance for gaming and typing. I would say being a wireless keyboard this 1ms low latency feature is absolutly amazing.

Some other features include Quick charge technology, Five dedicated G-keys which can be programmed with macros and commands, and Logitech G HUB software for any customization can be enough to consider this keyboard.



Brushed Aluminium frame and Sleek Design.

Most Expensive on our list.

Logitech Low-profile Switches with a variety of selections.

Ultra Low latency even being a Wireless Keyboard.

Lots of RGB Customization.

Bestseller No. 1

Logitech G915 Keyboard-amazon
  • ✅Worlds NO. 1 Best Selling Wireless Gaming Gear Brand
  • ✅LIGHTSPEED wireless delivers pro-grade performance
  • ✅Beautifully crafted, the G915 uses aircraft-grade aluminum alloy
  • ✅LIGHTSYNC technology provides next-gen RGB lighting

When Swithing to a Low-Profile Mechanical Keyboard

A user always has a very vital question in his mind while switching to a low-profile mechanical keyboard.

Should I switch the normal keyboard to a low-profile keyboard?

Yes, you can switch from a normal to low profile mechanical keyboard as a low profile keyboard offers some significant advantages which a normal keyboard can’t like you will have better control on the keyboard along with a better wrist position.

Being a short profile and all its short components, it occupied less space compared to a regular mechanical keyboard.

Low-profile keyboards are considered excellent for gaming as well as casual typing and professional work, being a silent keyboard this is best suited for offices, home, and gamers.

One downside we can’t ignore is that some people may feel uncomfortable and strange at the beginning due to their short travel distance and flat angled layout.

But with the time of using, they will get used to it.

But keeping this one thing aside, switching from a regular to a low profile mechanical keyboard is considered a good decision.

Whar are Low Profile Mechanical Keyboard Switches?

Low-profile mechanical keyboard switches are specially designed to make the keyboard short heightened, slim edges as well as have a short travel distance to obtain a fast response and excellent typing experience with a feel of complete mechanical keyboards.

This short structure of low-profile mechanical switches separates them from conventional mechanical keyboard switches.

With the short height switches and travel distance along with light actuation and their entire components mounted inside that have very less space to bounce, their spring working mechanism is developed to produce silent sound during typing.

There is various reliable manufacturer like Gateron and Cherry who construct Low profile switches.

You can find the complete Guide about Gateron switches here.


Low Profile Mechanical keyboard certainly is a good option for the people who need slim, elegant, and premium-looking keyboards with light actuation and short travel distance.

Overall, A Compact keyboard with a spectacular performance.

As we’ve seen all different low profile mechanical keyboards range from affordable to slightly expensive. Diversifying from the wired to wireless, full-sized to TKL

We’ve included four low profile mechanical keyboards Corsair K70 MK.2, Cooler Master SK 630, Keychron K1 and K3, and Logitech G915 lightspeed.

All these keyboards are exceptionally best in their segment.

Well, you can buy any keyboard from our shortlist, I make sure you will love the keyboard and have a pleasing experience using them.

I hope this post was helpful and pleasant to read.

Thanks for reading.


Low Profile Mechanical Keyboard FAQs

What are the pros of low profile mechanical keyboard?

There are lots of advantages of low profile mechanical keyboards but the most important advantages are Short Height which is responsible for the less elevated wrist, as a result, no strain and pain, Short Travel Distance, and Easy portability due to their lightweight and compact layout.

What are the cons of low profile mechanical keyboard?

Having a low profile mechanical keyboard will not cause any major cons but lack of choices can be a disadvantage because they are not high in demand compared to normal mechanical keyboards, some people may feel strange to type on low profile keyboards due to their short profile components.

Are low-profile switches any good?

Low-profile switches are designed for mainly gaming purposes due to their short height which gives fast movement on an entire keyboard, short travel distance and light actuation provides fast actuation and response time that gives a broad edge while playing games, although they are also good for casual typing.

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