What Do Horses Eat In Minecraft?

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Minecraft is loved by millions of people and You and I are one of them.

While playing Minecraft, you have seen many creatures were roaming around the park, some of them are tamable.

If you encountered the horses during gameplay you can ride them or when you acquired them, You have to take care of their health by feeding them to maintain the horse’s energy for long.

To dominate the game, horses’ health and maintaining their energy are the most important thing for a gamer.

Horses can eat various foods and every food have its own effects.

Foods are very significant for horses as it maintains their energy, heal them, and help horses to grow faster.

But the question is ‘What do horses eat in Minecraft?’

In this article, I will completely guide you on What do horses eat in Minecraft, How to feed horses in Minecraft, and How to maintain their health?

Let’s break this article into details!

What Horses Eat in Minecraft

What Do Horses Eat In Minecraft-1

Horses can eat a variety of foods in Minecraft which helps them to grow faster as well as provide the energy for their rapid heal and recovery.

Below is the perfect answer to your question about what do Horses eat in Minecraft.

In Minecraft, horses can eat 6 various foods: Sugar, Wheat, Apples, Golden Apples, Golden Carrots, and Hay Bales.

Each food provides a different level of energy to the horses and impacts their health accordingly, as Hay Bale has a maximum of 20 health points among all foods and can boost speeds growth by 3 minutes.

Here is the breakdown of all eatable foods and how they can impact the health of horses :

  • Sugar
  • Wheat
  • Apples
  • Golden Apples
  • Golden Carrots
  • Hay Bales

Take a Look at the food table along with how these foods impact horses by providing different energies and health points during the game.


Health Restored

Growth Progresses

Temper Increases

1. Sugar

1 Health Point (half Heart)

30 seconds


2. Wheat

2 Health Point (1 Heart)

20 seconds


3. Apple

3 Health Point (1.5 Hearts)

1 minute


4. Golden Carrot

4 Health Point (2 Heart)

1 minute


5. Golden Apple

10 Health Point (5 Heart)

4 minute


6. Hay Bale

20 Health Point (10 Heart)

3 minute

It Can't be fed to wild Horses

1. Sugar

what do horses eat in minecraft-Sugar

Sugar is the very essential food that horses usually eat or you feed them that sounds better, right.

Sugar gives 1.5 health points which are similar to half heart it means sugar has the property to heal half heart as well as can speed a baby’s growth by 30 seconds.

Sugar is also helpful to make it easier for tame horses which were earlier somewhat tough to tame.

So whenever you find sugar riding a horse in Minecraft, don’t forget to eat them.

2. Wheat

what do horses eat in minecraft-wheat

Wheat is another essential food you can feed to horses, wheat can be found in many places throughout the Minecraft game.

As far as the wheat’s properties are concerned, wheat can cure a heart completely if it is damaged during the survival of the game.

Wheat gives you 2 health points when it is consumed by a horse.

Wheat also encourages baby growth by 20 seconds along with it makes the feasible process of an untamed horse easier to tame.

3. Apples

what do horses eat in minecraft-Apples

Apples are kind of foods that can easily be found during the gameplay as well as is consumed by the horse.

Apples can cure one and a half hearts of the player and boost speeds growth by one minute of baby horses.

3 health points are achieved if it is fed by the horse.

With the small amount of energy that is acquired, Apples are significant eatable fruits in Minecraft and make an untamed horse easier to tame.

4. Golden Carrots

what do horses eat in minecraft-Golden Carrots

As the name suggested this eatable food is quite special to boost and maintain the energy of the horses by providing 4 health points.

you will be surprised to know that golden food items like Golden carrots are well enough to force horses to enter love mode when they are consumed. As a result,  adult tamed horses reproducing.

Golden carrots have the property to cure two hearts and accelerate the speed growth of a new baby horse by 1 min like apples.

It can make simpler tame to untamed horses with a small amount.

With a great amount of healing value and curing hearts, golden carrots become exceptional food for the creatures in Minecraft.

5. Golden Apples

What Do Horses Eat In Minecraft-Golden Apples or Enchanted golden Apples

Golden Apples and Enchanted Golden Apples both eatable fruits have the same properties to heal, maintain and provide energy.

As they are able to cure five hearts along with the healing value of 10 HP which is similar to 10 health points.

These Golden Apples and Enchanted Golden Apples speed the growth of the baby’s development by 4 minutes which is definitely excellent for dominating the game.

It can make an untamed horse easier to tame by a large amount with all the properties these Golden apples have and also cause adult tamed horses to breed means reproduction.

Overall, Golden apples are great foods to eat for the horses.

6. Hay Bales

what do horses eat in minecraft-Hay Bales

Hay Bales are the food that has significant properties to heal horses as Hay Bales has the healing value of 10 HP.

This simply means Hay Bales will cure 10 hearts as well as speed up the growth of newborns by 3 minutes.

Hay Bales has the highest healing properties among all other eatable foods which I listed above.

The most important thing associated with the Hay bales is, they can not be given to adult untamed horses as a result, it is difficult to tame them.

These all are the foods that Horses eat in Minecraft.

So this was the answer to your question ‘What do Horses Eat in Minecraft’?

If you still have some confusion in your mind about horses’ feed, you can watch this video for a better understanding.

Source: RajCraft

How to Feed a Horse in Minecraft

There are certain conditions associated with the horses to feed them in Minecraft because a horse is not always ready to eat if they are perfectly well and not hungry.

A horse is a very lovely animal in-game and it will not cause any harm to players.

These 3 things you should keep in mind before feeding a horse:

  • When you found eatable foods you have to look for a horse to feed them.
  • Horses are most often found in Plain Biomes.
  • When the horse consumed the given foods, the food will completely disappear from the hot bar.
  • You will see the horses’ health will be improved and if there were a baby horse they will be grown than usual by more speeds.

To feed a horse, first of all, you have to hold consumable food in your hand then press use by clicking the right button of your mouse on the horse. This is the best and most convenient way to fulfill the requirements of the food for the horses.

If horses are already in perfect condition during the game, there is no need to feed them instead you can give breeding things to them.

Feed them only when it is required.

But if you have a baby horse with you, you should always feed them which helps to grow and develop them as fast as it can.

What do Horses like to eat the most?

Each and every food has its own significance and properties, they are best suited for horses according to their situations.

Well, Horses most prefer to eat foods based on their situations and circumstances such as how much energy and the healing power they need, Hay Bales have the highest power to heal horses whereas sugar and wheat have less energy to offer them.

Baby Horses’ favorite food is Golden Apples, by consuming them they grow more quickly than usual.

Golden Apples and Golden Carrots should be given to reproduce them as these foods are only capable of reproduction.

What do Horses mainly eat?

As I have already elaborated above about what do horses eat in Minecraft, as far as their main food is concerned, horses mostly eat wheat due to its ease of availability during the entire game.

But somehow, users also preferred Hay Bales to feed to their horses because of its excellent healing property along with the highest growing point which is most helpful in baby’s development.

While sugar and Apples have the least impact on the horses.

Some other foods like Golden Apples and Golden Carrots are not that easy to find you have to explore more to find them.

So yeah, Horses mainly eat Wheat and Hay Bales in the game.

Can you breed tamed Horses?

What Do Horses Eat In Minecraft-baby horse

Yes, tamed horses can breed just like other creatures in Minecraft.

You can breed tamed horses just by giving them Golden Apples and Golden Carrots as these foods are responsible for the reproduction of horses.

As a result, by being given these foods, tamed horses will breed like any other animal in the game.

Some other foods which horses can eat will not lead to the breed while the food which will not be consumed by horses helps you to mount the horse.

So breeding of tamed horses is possible in Minecraft.


Let’s conclude this post on what do horses eat in Minecraft!

A portion of food is very essential to maintain horses’ energy and a good way to heal their damages encountered during survival in the game.

If you want to help to breed tamed horses you just need to give Golden Apples or Golden Carrots, these are the foods that force horses to turn on their love.

So giving the right food to the horses based on the right situation is really significant and challenging too. If you do it perfectly you can more dominate the game by occupying a driving seat.

Minecraft is definitely a great way to have fun as well as riding and feeding horses are more exciting too.

I hope I was able to help you with this post on ‘What do Horses eat in Minecraft’

Thanks for reading.


FAQs On What do horses eat in Minecraft

How do you feed a horse in Minecraft?

There is a simple way to feed a horse, first, you need to hold eatable foods in your hand and then press right-click button of the mouse used on the horse if foods were successfully consumed by the horse they will disappear from the hot bar.

What do Minecraft horses eat to grow?

Golden Apples eat by horses to speeds growth by 4 min which is the fastest among all foods If you want to heal the horses, Hay bales are the best food because they can boost their health point significantly as well as cure very fast.

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