Zealios v2 Switches: Review and {The Expert Guide}

(Last Updated On: February 2, 2022)

Today I am going to cover a detailed guide along with a review of a switch which is often called competitors of Holy Pandas Switches.

The switch I am talking about is ‘Zealios V2 switches’.

If you love to type on tactile switches due to their tactile bump with slightly less noise, then you’ll fall in love for sure with Zealios switches.

These switches have much-advanced functionality as well as have reduced wobble which helps users to type with more comfortability.

According to zealpc.net, Here ae what keyboard professionals think about Zealios Switches:

“I can assure you that Zealios are the way to your feelios.” – ChucklingKumquat

Voted Best modern keyboard or company – Deskthority Awards 2016

So all the hype about these switches on the market is really justified or it is being circulated only for grabbing attention.

Let’s clear all the queries by providing you with an in-depth article about Zealios V2 switches based on their review, specifications, and How Zealios switches work.

Let’s get dive into the details!

What are Zealios v2 switches?

Zealios v2 Switches-1

Zealios V2 switches are upgraded versions of Zealios switches that are a tactile type of switch constructed by Zeal PC and come with a slightly lower wobble and smoother tactile bump.

Here are the four main specifications of the Zealios V2 switches:

  • It supports PCB Mounted mechanism.
  • It has Reduced Wobble
  • Transparent Housing 
  • Tactile Bump is Rounded and Snappy.

These switches come in 4 variants and each variant has different bottom-out forces for various kinds of usage as 62g, 65g, 67g, and 78g bottom-out forces make these switches slightly heavy.

Due to heavy switches, Zealios switches are able to provide error-free typing with a precise and accurate click.

However tactile bumps are there to ensure successful keystrokes, you can move forward as soon as it is pressed during typing.

These switches can be easily mounted on the PCB as they support a PCB-mounted mechanism.

A mechanical keyboard in which these Zealios V2 switches are used appears to be more beautiful and attractive because of its transparent housing that allows RGB lights to enhance their beauty across the keyboard.

Zealio V2 Variants


62g Zealio v2

65g Zealio v2

67g Zealio v2

78g Zealio v2

Switch Type





Housing Colour





Bottom Out Force





Typing Experience

Lightest switches among Zealios family, Smooth and easy to press.

Slightly higher bottom out force with smooth, long and drawn tactile bump from the top.

Feel smooth,crisp and nicer cushion with strong tactile bump during typing.

Haviest switches among Zealios family and smooth and error-free during typing on it.

Mount Type

PCB Mount

PCB Mount

PCB Mount

PCB Mount

Pin Support

5 Pins

5 Pins

5 Pins

5 Pins

Zealios v2 Review

Zealios v2 switches can be completely reviewed based on the following four technical benchmarks which are-

  • Design and Feel
  • Sound
  • Tactility
  • Bottom-Out force
  • Price

These switches are often compared to Holy Panda switches due to their many similarities, do they perform excellently like Panda switches in every benchmark or they are overhyped.

you should read this review till the end for clear perception like the sky.

I’m covering an in-depth review of Zealios V2 switches at every possible technical benchmark to get the conclusion.

1. Zealios v2 Sound Test

Among Linear and Clicky switches, the sound of Tactile mechanical switches is not as specific as the other switches because their sound is neither that loud nor silent.

It is somehow more silent than clicky switches.

Talking about the Zealios V2 sound profile, These switches produce a crispier and more unique sound that is deeper and more clear to hear.

Zealios switches offer some pre-lubing switches and because of these users get a smoother typing experience with a deep and rich sound.

This type of sound is surely quite satisfying to your ears and it is not going to irritate you like clicky switches while typing on it.

So if you don’t like the loud and clicky sound from a switch, you definitely check out these Zealios V2 switches from Zeal PC.

Overall, being a tactile switch sound profile is well managed on these Zealios V2 switches.

Here is the video I’m embedding for you to get the real feel of its sound:

Source: Click and Thock


2. Design and Feel

The design of these switches is sturdy and due to having transparent housing, Zealios enhances the keyboard’s beauty by offering RGB lighting to come out to be more magnificent appearance.

The colors option associated with these switches is Purple which looks great with the transparent housing.

As far as the feel of Zealios V2 is concerned, they offer an excellent, snappy, and smooth feel while typing on it. Thanks to their ideal build.

You feel more connected to a keyboard and feel sturdier during typing on them, as a result, you are love to type constantly without hand fatigue and pain. 

If you want a more clear vision of their feel you should watch a video that I have embedded in this post.

3. Performance

Performance is the significant factor for any switch to become successful in the mechanical keyboard market.

Zealios V2 switches perform exceptionally well in all benchmarks.

All Zealios switches come with a reduced wobble along with sharp and rounded tactile bumps which allow an excellent grip over the switches as well as provide a snappy and smooth typing experience to the users.

In Holy Padna switches, this wobble is slightly more compared to Zealios V2 switches. So comparatively Zealios switches have an edge and positive factor to consider it.

These switches have a Tactile bumpy feel that can be responsible to indicate successful keystrokes.

As you don’t need to wait for the confirmation for keystrokes, as long as you pressed a key you can move forward. So a sharp and rounded tactile bump plays an important role here.

Sounds are crisper, deeper, and well satisfying to your ears as I have already elaborated about Zealios V2 switches sound above.

If I talk about their compatibility, Zealios switches are compatible with most of the mechanical keyboards as they can be mounted easily on the circuit board.

Even though I request you to verify your existing keyboards compatibility if it will support it or not because some keyboards don’t allow full customization.

You can also lube these switches if you feel or hear some ratling sound after some months of usage.

Overall, Zealios V2 switches perform beyond your expectation and can be an excellent tactile switch choice according to their price.

4. Bottom-Out Force

Zealios v2 Switches-variants

In Zealios V2 switches actuation forces are rated as Bottom-out forces that come in 4 variants and each variant has its own functionality and purpose.

The rounded tactile bump was not that bigger n the previous version of Zealios switches, but in that V2 switches, this tactile bump is a more sharp, rounded, and bigger tactile bump.

These 4 variants of these switches are 62g, 65g, 67g, and 78g Zealio v2 switches.

How these various switch variants are useful for a different purpose, now take a dive into more details.

62g Zealio

These switches from Zealios are the lightest variants among all Zealios switches due to having a light bottom-out force which is 62g.

And due to having a light bottom-out force, these variants are very easy to press which required a little bit of pressure.

They are super smooth to type and produce richer and crisper sounds when they are pressed.

These 62g Zealio switches are a bit heavy when compared to some other tactile switches like MX Brown and when compared to Holy Panda switches they offer a smoother typing experience with big tactile bump feedback.

You can consider 62g Zealio switches if you want a light tactile switch with a smooth typing experience.

65g Zealio

65g Zealio switches are the second variant switch of these Zealios family that has a slightly higher bottom-out force with long and drawn tactile bump feedback from the top.

The main important and unique specification of this variant is their Nice cushion during bottom out.

These switches also provide a smooth typing experience to the users with a crisper and richer sound profile which is gonna loved by the users.

This 65g switch can be your pick if you want switches with a moderate weight.

67g Zealio

Like the above two variants of Zealios switches, these 67g Zealio switches come with 67g bottom-out force along with fall in quite a heavy switch category.

You can feel more and nicer cushion as well as strong tactile bump feedback during typing on it.

You can type on these switches expecting good responsive feedback and a crisp sound profile.

67g Zealio is not as easy as to press like other switches from the Zealios family because of their higher bottom-out force, in fact, some users love heavy switches for their keyboard.

So it depends on your choice what do you prefer a light, moderate or heavy switch for your keyboard.

78g Zealio

This 78g Zealio switch from the Zeal family is the heaviest switch among all Zealios V2 switches consisting of 78g bottom-out force.

These switches required a little bit more pressure compared to other variants during keypresses that’s why they are slightly heavy to press.

Although these 78g Zealio switches have a sharp, rounded, and snappy tactile bump from the top that avoids error while typing on it.

if you compare to all other Zealios variants, the spring is heavy which is led inside the switch.

So if you kind of switch lover who likes Holy Panda and MX Clear switches still wants a heavy switch with a large and snappy tactile bump, you can check out these 78g Zealios switches, you will gonna love it too.

5. Price

Price is the most significant factor for a user because it will decide for them whether they should buy it or not.

So a switch should offer value for money for getting success in the competitive market.

Zealios V2 switches are sold in packs of 10 which means

Quantity 1 = 10 switches

And you can buy 1 quantity for $11 price, which means 1 switch will cost you for around $1.

Comparing these switches to some same category switches like Holy Pandas and Mx clears, Zealios switches are much better and a little bit expensive side but they are absolutely worth their price.

Are Zealios v2 good for gaming and programming?

Zealios v2 Switches-Gaming

A switch needs to be super-fast, accurate, and consistent throughout the keypresses for achieving a better gaming experience.

So you may be able to respond as fast as to your enemy and get an edge over them.

Professional gamers mostly like Clicky switches for their keyboard but one downside associated with clicky switches is their Loud Noise.

These Zealios V2 switches are a tactile type of switch having a smooth and snappy tactile bump that performs excellently and provides a magnificent typing experience to the user with a moderate and richer sound profile.

I can say Zealios switches are a very good option for gaming.

For programing, You can go with 78g Zealios switches due to their heavy switch profile along with error-free typing experience.

Where to buy Zealios V2 Switches?

These switches are very popular among keyboard enthusiasts that’s why it is always high in demand, to get these switches in real hands is quite challenging.

You have to be updated regularly on all platforms to get these switches.

You can buy all Zealios switches variants from the following authentic platforms:

  1. Amazon
  2. zealpc.net

I request you to check for the best deals so probably you will get these switches at a very good price.

Bestseller No. 1

Zealios V2 switches-amazon
  • ✅Brand: KPREPUBLIC
  • ✅Material: Plastic
  • ✅ 110 pcs
  • ✅Usuage: Gaming, Multimedia, Personal…

Are Zealios V2 switches good?

All Zealios V2 switches are a tactile type of switch that means you will get a tactile bump at top of it as well as a moderate sound profile.

Being a tactile switch I would say these Zealios switches are definitely good switches in terms of performance and overall typing experience.

”As Zealios V2 switches are snappy, smooth, and have rounded tactile bumpy feedback with a rich and deeper sound, with equipping all these specs and functionality, you will get an excellent typing experience with a satisfying sound.”

So I can conclude Zealios V2 switches are absolutely good switches.

Are Zealios V2 lubed?

Yes, Zealios V2 comes pre-lubed from the manufacturer company and you don’t need to lube it initially.

But when you start to hear rattling and some scratchy sound from the switches then you should lube them.

Because lubing a switch is the best way to make mechanical switches smoother and it also helps switch to produce a richer and deeper sound, overall lubing makes the entire keyboard’s switch more optimized.

How do you lube a Zealios V2 switch?

You can lube any switches by yourself with some easy and feasible process. Just read this complete article of ‘How to Lube Switches: A Complete Guide’

I am embedding a video for you, so you may get a better understanding of How to lube a Zealios V2 Switch.


Source: Brandon Taylor

How many pins do Zealios V2 have?

All Zealios V2 switches support a PCB mount mechanism which simply means these switches can be easily mounted on a circuit board (PCB) and works smoothly with most mechanical keyboards.

Zealios V2 switches have 5 pin support instead of 3 pins.

Well, If your keyboard’s PCB has 2 extra holes, it will support most of the PCB Mounted switches, you can find this hole next to the center point which is attached with PCB underneath.

This will give more stability and sturdiness to your keyboard’s build.

These switches from Zealios can be used in many plates mounted keyboards.


From bottom out forces to their snappy and stunning performance, Zealios V2 switches come out to be perfect at every technical aspect.

These switches have a variety of options available in their lineup like if you are habitual to type on light tactile switches, you can opt for 62g Zealios switches.

Or if you are an existing user of a heavy tactile brown switch like MX Clear, there are 78g Zealios switches for you which have a smoother and bigger tactile bump and heaviest switches among the Zeal family.

There is a variety of four switches for you, you can choose them wisely as well as according to your needs and purpose.

You can use Zealios V2 switches on your keyboard as your current brown tactile switches substitute too.

It will take your typing experience to the next level!!

I hope this post was helpful to you.

Thanks for reading.


Zealios V2 Switches FAQs

Is Zealios V2 tactile?

Yes, All Zealios variants including V2 switches are tactile types of mechanical switches.

Are zeal switches worth it?

Zeal switches are equipped with many significant properties along they have reduced wobble with a smoother and bigger tactile bump to get error-free typing as well as offering awesome typing experience under a very good price, so zeal switches are absolutely worth it.

Is Zealios 3 a pin?

Zealios switches are 5 pins instead of 3.

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