What Is a WKL Keyboard? {A Detailed Guide}

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Mechanical Keyboards are widely popular among hardcore gamers, professional typists, and day-to-day users.

Do you know the reason why they are popular?

The reason is their full-customization functionality that allows changing keycaps, switches, and custom DIY layout that not only make your keyboard exceptional in performance but beautify its appearance.

The very common layout for the mechanical keyboards are tenkeyless, 75%, 65%, and 60%, these layout has their own utility so users opt for them based on their needs.

WKL keyboards are gaining popularity due to their compact layout that has fewer keys that are not frequently used.

As WKL keyboards are not as popular as other mechanical keyboards that’s why finding in-depth details are challenging for a user who wants to buy a WKL keyboard.

So we have come up with a detailed article on WKL keyboards which will give all the answers regarding this keyboard.

Let’s get dive into the details!

What is a WKL Keyboard?

wkl keyboard-1-TKL

Source: kbdfans.com


A WKL Keyboard is referred to as the Wenkeyless keyboard that doesn’t have the windows keys and application key, Windows key is mounted between the left side of the Alt and Ctrl key whereas the application key is mounted between the right side of the Alt and Ctrl key.

WINKEYLESS simply means Windowskeyless.

The concept of building a WKL (Winkeyless) keyboard is not from recent times as it is very old from the era when Windows was not even a thing for a Computer system and keyboards evolution is being evolved.

That’s why these keyboards have empty space in place of Windows and Application keys.

WKL keyboard impacts only on the bottom row of the standard keyboards that’s why it is more ideal to produce with the 60% keyboards, that’s called WKL Tenkeyless keyboards.s

After the gaming evolution, the development of the keyboard has been rapidly changing, especially for mechanical keyboards.

Due to the era from which these keyboards were origin, they fall into Vintage keyboards like the Bloomberg Terminal keyboards, Bloomberg Maxi Sound, and IBM Model M.

For a better perspective, take a look at the vintage keyboard that is called the Bloomberg Terminal keyboard.

wkl keyboard-vintage keyboard

Bloomberg Terminal Vinatge Keyboard


Why Do People Use WKL Keyboard Layout?

You would be curious to know, Why do people use WKL Keyboards?

Just because of their compact layout with no windows and application keys, I’d say no there are some other essential utilities that can give slight advantages to this keyboard.

Although, they didn’t make any major differences between the standard mechanical keyboard and the WKL (Winkeyless) keyboard it totally comes down to user-specific preferences.

Some truly keyboard enthusiasts pay higher for having the special feeling of having a Vintage keyboard on their desk.

Here are all the significant reasons for considering WKL keyboards:

1. No use for Windows key

As we have seen above, the origin of the WKL keyboard from that era when the Windows operating system was not a vital thing for the computer.

If I ask how frequently you use the Windows key on the keyboard, the answer would be very less or may be not at all. Right!

This is the reason some people don’t like the window key on their keyboard as there is no use for it.

Although, the Windows key can be disabled with the help of software or commands, but for permanent removal, WKL Keyboards can be a very good option to go with.

The people who prefer a compact keyboard, the WKL keyboard with a 60% layout is the best alternative to their current keyboards.

2. Vintage Profile

Having a special edition product definitely gives you a unique and special feeling.

This same scenario with the WKL keyboards too because of their vintage look and design which attract many keyboards enthusiasts.

The IDM M model and Bloomberg Terminal Keyboards are the best examples of vintage keyboards, there are many no. of people in a queue for grabbing these keyboards.

The major downside associated with the WKL keyboards is to get them in real hands as they are not easily available on the market.

Getting them is the real challenge for its lover, as they need to be consistent on the popular platforms to regularly check for their availability.

3. Easier to Find Ctrl Key

This is the most prominent and most practical reason to consider WKL Keyboard.

In standard layout keyboards, a user sometimes may face difficulties finding Control keys due to the mess of Windows and application keys but when you use the WKL keyboard layout finding the Cntrl keys are much easier and more convenient.

In a practical scenario, this factor is highly considered by the user before picking the WKL layout keyboard.

Believe me, you gonna enjoy it if you need to press the Ctrl keys very frequently.

4. Avoiding Errors during Games

Being a hard-core gamer I can understand the importance of the keyboard to dominate the games.

For that reason gaming community always preferred linear switches for their mechanical keyboard especially when gaming is their priority. 

People are always confused between Tactile vs Linear vs Clicky switches while considering them for gaming.

You were thinking what’s the role of WKL keyboards here. Right!

Well, accidental Windows key presses create a huge problem for the gamers when they try to press Ctrl and Alt keys, it directly opened the Windows tab on the wider screen and the gamer loses control of the game.

These issues can be encountered during professional typing as well.

To avoid these errors, some people prefer to buy WKL Keyboard to get a permanent solution.

What is a WKL TKL (Winkeyless Tenkeyless) Keyboard?

Squid 60 WKL TKL Keyboard


To know What the WKL TKL keyboard is?

First of all, we have to know What is a standard TKL keyboard so it’ll become easy to understand WKL TKL keyboards.

TKL keyboard is also known as a Tenkeyless keyboard that doesn’t have a separate Numpad (located on the right side with numbers and rows).

WKL TKL keyboard is the combination of TKL (tenkeyless) and WKL (Winkeyless) keyboard layout which simply means WKL TKL keyboards come without Numpad, Windows keys, and application keys.

WKL TKL usually works on the same mechanism on which TKL Keyboards work but WKL TKL gives a vintage feel whereas Standard TKL offers the latest designs and build.

How Many Keys Does a WKL TKL Keyboard Have?

WKL TKL usually has 86 keys on the keyboard layout.

To understand better, look A standard keyboard has 105 keys, however, a Standard TKL (Tenkeyless) keyboard doesn’t have Numpad which means it has 17 keys less compared to a standard keyboard.

Now, WKL TKL neither has Numpad nor has Windows and Application keys means a lack of 19 keys.

So after calculating, the answer is that WKL TKL keyboards have 86 keys.

Where to Buy WKL Keyboard?

As I said Getting a WKL keyboard in real hands is quite challenging as they are not easily available and very hard to get.

Even if you will not get them on some popular platforms and E-commerce stores but there are some seller who sells WKL Keyboards.

I’m sharing a platform to get WKL Keyboard in your preferred location, it is well reliable and delivered fast too.

Check Out WKL Keyboards on these online Platforms:

  1. Amazon
  2. KBDFans

I request you to check the price on both platforms to get the best deals on WKL Layout keyboards.

Bestseller No. 1

wkl keyboard-Amzon-KBDfans
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Difference Between WKL vs WK Layout

WKL vs WK Layout

Apart from keyboard professionals, there are hardly any people who know about the WK Keyboard.

Whereas WKL Keyboards have the popularity among the keyboards lovers and beyond them.

So you don’t need to be confused between these keyboards. Take a look at the main difference between WKL vs WK keyboard.

WKL and WK keyboards look similar by name but they are different from each other.

As you know, WKL keyboards are known as Winkeyless means Keyboards without Windows keys and Application keys whereas the WK Keyboard layout is very similar to the standard keyboard layout that has both windows and application keys.

You can refer WK keyboard as Winkey(ed).


Now it’s time to wrap up this post on the WKL Keyboard layout.

As we have seen all the detailed information about the WKL keyboard, its utility, and how it is different from other custom keyboards.

WKL Keyboard Layout is certainly a very different concept for custom keyboard lovers especially those who often do experiments with their keyboards by replacing their switches, and keycaps and making their own DIY Keyboard.

WKL keyboard’s vintage look and feel make this keyboard stand out from the conventional keyboards.

You’d be agreed that having less utility and applications of Windows key justified WKL keyboards and their existence.

In the end, It completely comes down to a user’s preference as some likes vintages keyboards without Windows keys whereas there are some enthusiasts who love to have special edition keyboard having Windows 98 logo.

You should decide now on which category you belong to.

I hope this post was helpful to you.

Thanks for reading.


WKL Keyboard FAQs

Why are Wkl keyboards popular?

WKL keyboards are quite popular because of their easy compact layout without windows keys and application keys that provide a user to use Ctrl keys in a more convenient and easy way as well as their vintage profile.

What is Winkeyless?

Winkeyless keyboards are best known as the WKL Keyboard that comes without windows keys and application keys, Winkeyless means Windows keys lacks in this kind of keyboard.

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