How to Put a Saddle on a Horse in Minecraft? 3 Best Steps

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Playing Minecraft with friends and closing one is always been joyful and thrilling.

You will be encountered various types of creatures roaming around during the game, some are passive mobs whereas some are very human-friendly.

There are many actions you can perform on lovely creatures such as breeding a fish or taming a horse. But among them riding a horse is always a gamer’s hot favorite task which makes you engage more in Minecraft.

While riding a horse, a question is asked most of the time by the gamer is How to put a Saddle on a horse in Minecraft?

That’s why I have prepared a well-researched article for you which gonna tell you whether you can put a saddle on a horse in Minecraft or not.

Let’s get dive into the details to know the answer!

How to Put a Saddle on a Horse in Minecraft

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The horse is considered a perfect creature in Minecraft for taming and riding as they are very human-friendly.

You can also put a saddle on them, you just need to follow some certain steps. 

To put a saddle on a Horse in Minecraft, first, you need to find the horse, and then you need to tame them by offering food and fruits and after trying to mount them. At this point, open chest option at where a player needs to put a saddle on a Horse with the right-clicking on the horse and holding the saddle in the hand at the same time. Now the horse can be ridden and you can simply control it.

If you are in hurry and want brief answer then take a look at the overview on how to put a saddle on a horse in Minecraft with significant bullet points:

  • Find a Horse
  • Tamming your Horse
  • Put a Saddle on your Horse
  • Mount a Horse 
  • Dismount a Horse

To know more about these steps, let’s explore these points one by one in depth to get the proper answer.

1. Find a Horse

Before taming and riding a horse, you should first find a horse in Minecraft.

Finding a horse in Minecraft is not going to concern you as a Horse is a very common animal and you can find one easily.

There are some specific biomes in Minecraft where you can find a Horse, especially since horses loved roaming in plain biomes, this is their most prominent place.

Here is the list of all common places to spot horses:

Plain Biomes

There is a very large area occupied in Minecraft with lots of lushes green grasses and plains, this area is generally called Plain Biomes in Minecraft.

Plain Biomes are the hot favorite place for many wild and passive animals as they can get easily food to survive as well as it is considered the perfect place to spawn.

While playing Minecraft, the horses can easily be spotted in Plain Biomes whether roaming in the jungle or looking for food for their survival.

So next time when you play Minecraft, don’t forget to roam in the Plain Biomes to find a Horse easily.

Minecraft villages

Villages in Minecraft are also considered perfect places for the horses because the environment is well suited to their natures.

Horses with stables can be commonly found in the Minecraft villages.

If you want to tame a horse, and put a saddle on it, you can simply do that by finding horses in villages of Minecraft.

Apart from this way, there are also some other ways to find horses in Minecraft but those ways are tricky and not will help you to easily locate horses except the ways which we have discussed above.

2. Taming the Horse

After finding the horse, you will need to tame it before taking a further step for riding and putting a saddle on the Horse.

Keep in mind that taming a horse is not always easy as some horses especially wild horses will try to buck you off and run away, but you don’t need to stop, just repeat the mounting every time when the horse kicked you.

In your Hotbar, select the empty slot and try to tame the horse with your hand, when the horse lets you sit on it and started to see a red heart it means you successfully tame the Horse.

At this point, you can only sit on horses but can’t control their movement. To get complete control over the horse you need to put a saddle on the Horse in Minecraft.

Now it’s time to finally take a look at how to put a saddle on a horse in Minecraft.

3. Finding a Saddle

how to put a saddle on a horse in minecraft-saddle image

Having a saddle in your hand makes this step very straight because you can directly put a saddle on the horse as it is way easy and required no skills but a perfect step.

If you don’t have a saddle in your inventory, there are certain ways to grab the saddle in your inventory.

Here are some steps by following you can get the saddle:

Trading with Villagers: Yes, you heard it right, trading with the Minrcaft villagers is one of the best ways to get the saddle in your inventory. You need to spend some emeralds in exchange.

Fishing: Fishing is also a good method to obtain the saddle but it has slightly less probability compared to trading and other specific methods.

Mining: There are some specific places in Minecraft where you can get saddle by mining in the Minecraft world. These popular places are Nether fortress chests, Desert temples buried treasure and dungeons chests.

Apart from these methods Killing a Ravager is a way to get the saddle in Minecraft.

4. Put a Saddle on the Horse

How to put a saddle on a Horse in Minecraft? well, it’s quite easy and straight you need to open Hotbar and select the saddle from the inventory, hold a saddle in your hand, and right-click on the Horse, this will put a saddle on your horse automatically.

For every different version of Minecraft, the operation for opening inventory and taming a horse is different, so you need to take care according to your device and version.

Take a look at the video I’m embedding for you to get a better understanding of how to put a saddle on a Horse in Minecraft.

Source: YourSixGaming


Here is the guide to accessing the inventory during the game and how mounting can be done for different Minecraft Editions:

How to Put a Saddle on a Horse in Different Minecraft Editions

For Windows 10 and 11 editions, actuating a right-click button on the horse will mount your horse, and then pressing the E button will open inventory as a result.

In Nintendo Switch, you need to press the ZL button on the controller to mount the horse, and then pressing X will open inventory immediately.

If you are playing Minecraft on Xbox One and want to mount the horse, you should press the LT button on the Xone Controller and the Y button to open the inventory.

After opening inventory, on the left side of the horse, you will see all the items your horse is wearing, take a look at the below image to understand it better.

Drag your item from the inventory to the above box close to the horse will put the saddle on the horse including some other items as well.

how to put a saddle on a horse in minecraft-saddle with horses

A horse without a saddle on the left side and with a saddle on the right side.


4. Mount the Horse

When taming and saddling are done on the Horse, it’s time to control the horse’s movement. For that, we need to mount the horse by performing some actions.

Press right-click for mounting the horse and get the overall control of the horse’s movement, it is the same as your movement of yourself which means your character controlling and the horse controlling become the same.

Synching the horse controlling is very easy, you can do it easily without having broad experience in Minecraft.

5. Dismount the Horse

When mounting the horse it’s very important to dismount the horse again due to some specific reasons such as when you are returning home or want to explore more gameplay. 

To dismount the horse, a user needs to press the left shift key which is settled for the dismutation process.

The message on the screen is’ Tap sneak to dismount’ and when you actuate the key, the horse will be dismounted immediately.

You should make sure that the dismount of the horse is done with different keys on different platforms as we have seen above on the mount methods.

How to Put a Saddle on a Horse in Minecraft PE (Pocket Edition)

To put a saddle on a Horse in Minecraft PE (Pocket Edition) you need to hover the pointer on your horse and then press the Mount button, it will mount the horse, now tap on the 3 dots to open inventory and tap on a button having a picture of a Saddle.

By doing this process you successfully put a saddle on a horse in Minecraft in Pocket Edition.

Although, you need to access inventory to use items in all different gaming platforms but the methods for mounting and riding a horse are slightly different due to different key mechanisms.

You should check your gaming platform for Minecraft and then act accordingly to put a saddle on a Horse in Minecraft.

How to Put a Saddle on a Horse in Minecraft Xbox One

To Put a Saddle on a Horse in Minecraft Xbox One or Xbox 360, a user needs to press the LT button on the Xbox controller to Mount the horse, then after need to press the Y button on the controller to open the inventory and drag the saddle toward the horse picture.

In gaming controllers like Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, the process of putting a saddle on the horse is completely different as it has a controller to control the overall game.

The allotment for the keys to doing this process is quite different, although it’s easy to do and required very less time in all Minecraft editions.

How To Put a Saddle on a Horse in Minecraft PS4

how to put a saddle on a horse in minecraft on ps4

In PlayStation control including PS3 and PS4, you need to press the L2 button on your PS controller to mount the horse, and for opening inventory press the Triangle button on the controller.

When the horse wearing a saddle, not only a saddle but other wearable things as well, you can see in your inventory where Horse’s box is located on the left-hand side

If you follow the given instructions, taming, riding, and putting a saddle on a Horse is very easy and required very less amount of time.

Why Can’t I Put a Saddle on My Horse?

The process to put a saddle on a horse is simple, easy, and seamless as it doesn’t require any specific skill or mastery.

A beginner can easily tame a horse, ride a horse, and control the horse’s movement with the mouse and controller.

If you are unable to put a saddle on a Horse then there might be a broad reason that your desired horse is not been fully tamed that’s why you can’t be able to put a saddle on it as taming is mandatory before going ahead.

When a horse starts to give hearts it indicates the horse is tamed and ready to mount and ride.

So you don’t need to concern as long as you will spend some time on the game, all the tasks become easy for you.


Lets conclude this post on How to put a saddle on a horse in Minecraft.

Putting a saddle on a horse required must do challenges like tamming a horse and mounting them, so you can put a saddle on them or even ride on the horses.

Look, every platform required different combination of keys to get all the process done so you need to take care according to your gaming platforms.

Minecraft is differently a very challenging game at certain places as well as it offers tremendous real time gaming experience to user which cant be experienced with other games.

If you face some significant challenges while playing games, you can also check out our Minecraft guides.

I hope I was able to solve your queries and you got your answer and able to put a saddle on the horse now.

Thanks for reading.


FAQs on How to Put a Saddle on a Horse in Minecraft

How to ride a horse in Minecraft?

To ride a horse, you need to do the following actions during the game: 1. Find the Horse 2. Tame the Horse by offering them apples, Wheat, Fruits, and essential foods. 3. After successfully taming, Put a saddle on the Horse by opening the inventory and dragging the saddle from the inventory to Horse's block. 4. Now you are able to ride a horse.

How do you attach a saddle to a horse?

First of all, you need to find a saddle in Minecraft, and if you already have a saddle in your inventory, then open inventory by pressing the E button in Windows and drag the saddle from inventory to Horse's occupying block, now the saddle is attached to a horse.

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